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Movie minority

UTPA students discuss rise in Hispanic moviegoers

| 17th July 2014

Hannah Jones, an accounting major at UTPA, loves attending the movie theater. The Harlingen native religiously watches a new movie at least twice a week, a habit she picked up from her family which is Hispanic on her mother’s side. “My family always sees going to the movies as a family affair. My aunt takes […]

Nursing abroad

Foreign exchange students discuss their time at UTPA

| 17th July 2014

Being 8,848 miles away from home while immersed in a foreign culture can be scary, but UTPA foreign exchange students Prattana Aroonrattanateawan and Kanyarat Pratrairach are doing it this summer and getting the chance to study nursing in a new light. The pair of 23-year-olds graduated in February with bachelor’s degrees in faculty of nursing […]

45 years after ‘one giant leap’

Community remembers moon landing

| 17th July 2014

As 38-year-old astronaut Neil Armstrong emerged from the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the moon and declared the mission a “giant leap for mankind,” 600 million people watched from Earth more than 238,000 miles away. One viewer of the July 20, 1969 event was retired UTPA speech communication professor George McLemore, who was in his mid-20s […]

Culture meets art

Artists discuss meaning behind latest works

| 2nd July 2014

Life can sometimes be controlled by responsibilities individuals face, but for two local artists they share a talent that helps them have freedom where they most want it: art. Cultures collide at the Beyond Arts Gallery in Harlingen with an exhibit by Charles Wissinger and his wife Fulden Sara called North to South, East to […]

A place to be proud

McAllen’s Cordoba Cafe holds PRIDE event

| 28th June 2014

After a brief hesitation, UTPA student Samantha Herrera takes a quick breath to compose herself, then begins telling the audience at the patio of McAllen’s Cordoba Cafe of her coming out experience.   This was the scene at the LGBT Pride Speak-Out event, which took place at 1303 N. 10th St. The function was hosted […]

PS4 vs. Xbox One

The battle for your living room

| 19th June 2014

When the Xbox One and Playstation 4 launched last November, it had been seven years since a video game console had been released with the PS3 debuting in November 2006. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, an annual video game convention held June 9-12, Microsoft and Sony tried to convince gamers why their respective system […]

Brothers and sisters

Meet UTPA's first coed fraternity

| 19th June 2014

While fraternities have brothers and sororities have sisters, UTPA has a different type of fraternity. Delta Psi Alpha is a coed Greek organization consisting of 17 male and female students. Delta Psi Alpha was founded Nov. 24, 1998 at Northern Illinois University. The founders wanted to be a part of an organization that embraced culture, […]

Making a movement

Upcoming McAllen Mini Maker Faire

| 19th June 2014

A choir is traditionally composed of several people singing in sweet harmony. The second annual McAllen Mini Maker Faire will feature a choir, but with a cast of musical fish and lobsters performing all over a parked car. The McAllen Creative Incubator on 601 N. Main Street will house dozens of projects for guests to […]

Lowering literacy rates

South Texas Literacy Coalition donates books

| 2nd June 2014

Live country music, cold brews and local authors will come together at Edinburg City Hall’s Courtyard Saturday, June 7 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. as part of the South Texas Literacy Coalition’s Books, Boots and Brew: A Literary Roundup.   Established in 2008, STLC is comprised of 35 organizations working together to provide literacy […]