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Arts & Life

Going green, not with envy

UTPA celebrates Earth Week

| 24th April 2014

More than 80 percent of the Earth’s natural forests have been destroyed, according to the World Resources Institute, a global research organization concerned with maintaining a healthy environment. Researchers at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies have found that average temperatures around the world have risen by 1.4 degrees since 1880, two-thirds of which has […]

Planting ideas

UTPA’s lil’ Broncs sprout good habits

| 24th April 2014

With their hands ready and eager, the children at the UTPA Child Development Center dug into the Earth to plant seedlings Monday as part of the University’s Earth Week, taking place April 21-25. The UTPA CDC, which is available for student-parents at UTPA who need child care while they attend their classes, held its first […]

Chivalry isn’t dead

RGV speaks up against violence

| 17th April 2014

UTPA alumnus Robert De Leon said his father used to abuse his mother. Once he grew up, De Leon found that he was becoming abusive himself, not physically, but mentally and emotionally. According to The National Domestic Violence Hotline, between 1994 and 2010, approximately four in five victims in violent relationships in the U.S. were […]

Changing lives with books

UTPA holds third annual library celebration

| 13th April 2014

Next week, University students will get an opportunity to use their library for more than reading and studying.   The UTPA Library will be celebrating its third annual library week April 13-19. According to the American Library Association, National Library Week began in 1958 following a decline in reading due to the rise of television […]

Campus mixtape

UTPA student bands discuss accomplishments

| 3rd April 2014

Some students zip up their backpacks after a day of classes and head to work or their homes. But for UTPA students Matthew Castillo and Sarah Walker, who perform in local bands, the day doesn’t end until the crowd applauds. Texas country band Matt & The Herdsmen and alternative punk group Pinky Swear bring their […]

Less money, more problems

Saving and spending as a college student

| 3rd April 2014

On average, most college students accumulate $25,000 in debt after completing a four-year undergraduate degree, according to debt consolidation website Consolidated Credit. And for the first time ever, loan debt has outpaced credit card debt. College Board stated that in 2013, the average in-state tuition at a four-year public university was $8,522 per semester. At […]

Cesar Chavez Weekend

Local organization celebrates civil rights activist

| 27th March 2014

The city of San Juan will be the home of the 11th Annual Cesar Chavez March, in honor of what would be the labor leader’s 87th birthday. Chavez, a Mexican-American icon who died in April 1993, is best known for promoting organized labor and co-founding what became the United Farm Workers, a worker’s rights organization […]

Character, courage and commitment

UTPA celebrates Women's History Month

| 27th March 2014

Mabel Cortina-Matos, UTPA program coordinator, made it her mission earlier in the semester to contact all University colleges to find out if any faculty or students were doing anything to promote Women’s History Month. When multiple ideas came trickling in, Matos thought to bring them all together to create one week to celebrate the month, […]