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Please don’t cancel this!

| 17th April 2014

The axe is coming as many television networks start producing new shows for the fall pilot season. As a result of those new shows, many others will perish, possibly some that you love.   This blog is my plea to the television gods to please save all the shows I love that are on the Continue Reading

How I Met Your Mother

Or how Ted’s romantic optimism almost ruined the series

| 3rd April 2014

Admittedly, I wasn’t planning on writing something on the How I Met Your Mother finale. Due to an increase in schoolwork and personal stuff, I only managed to watch half of its final season. Heck, I was actually thinking of NOT watching the final episode.   Ultimately, the reason why I decided to watch the Continue Reading

TV’s most shocking deaths

| 27th March 2014

It was a horrible weekend to be Beverly Katz and Will Gardner. The former, a crime scene investigator on NBC’s Hannibal, bit the dust on the show’s latest episode. This happened as she broke into Hannibal’s house and (presumably) found evidence against him, only to be caught by the titular cannibal. While we didn’t see Continue Reading

Oscars 2014- The predicted winners: Part 2

| 27th February 2014

Welcome back readers! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the first half of my Oscar predictions, and are now ready for the rest of these predictions. These remaining categories are in prestigious picture, acting, directing and screenwriting fields, AKA the major categories that most viewers will want to see. Just for fun, not only will I be listing Continue Reading

Life after cancellation

Your favorite shows are coming back

| 24th February 2014

In 2010 they saved the cheerleader, and now they have to save the network. Or something. During the Olympics this past Saturday, a commercial aired that probably made you gasp with excitement, or horror. That’s right. Heroes, NBC’s 2006-2010 superhero series about a group of individuals with superpowers, is coming back next year. Not much Continue Reading

Oscar 2014 – The predicted winners: part 1

| 20th February 2014

Update: Read Part 2 of these predictions here. Well gang, Oscar season is almost over. With the 86th Annual Academy Awards set to air live Sunday, March 2 I figured it’d be a good time as any to start predicting the winners in the categories. This first part consists of the documentary, shorts and craft/technical Continue Reading

The Lego Movie

| 13th February 2014

We’ve officially reached the pinnacle of cinema, ladies and gentlemen. That’s all. Go home. No need to see any other movie ever, for nothing else you see will surpass the quality The Lego™ Movie provides. As the film’s theme song says, everything is awesome! Am I overselling it? Yes. However, heed my advice when I Continue Reading

Things to get excited about in February

| 1st February 2014

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be short on options on things to entertain us! Starting today, you will see me doing a new monthly column in which I bring to your attention several awesome pop culture-y stuff coming out the following month. Check out Continue Reading

Sleepy Hollow and other great TV cliffhangers

| 23rd January 2014

HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT HOLY FUCKING SHIT — Jose Salvador III (@JoseSalvadorIII) January 21, 2014   Above is the tweet I sent out whilst watching Jan. 20’s Sleepy Hollow finale. I apologize for the language, but if you’d have seen the Continue Reading

2014 Oscar Nominations: Part 2

| 15th January 2014

Editor’s Note: the post has been updated with the actual nominations in red and the wrong predictions crossed out. To see the full list of nominees, go here. Read Part 1 of the predictions here. Greeting all. I hope that, like me, you too are looking forward to this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, which will air Continue Reading