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Five short shows ready for binge-watching

| 17th July 2014

Summer gives us an opportunity to do what the spring semester prevented us from enjoying: watching television. Since binging television shows is becoming much more popular in our current age of Netflix streaming, I thought it’d be fun to recommend a few shows that you’ve probably never heard of to binge on.   To make […]


Too long, didn’t watch

| 11th July 2014

Surprisingly, it seems as if movie audiences sort of have a tolerance toward long movies.   For the past two weekends the latest Transformers sequel Age of Extinction, which clocks in at 165 minutes (or two hours and 45 minutes) has been the number one movie in the world despite being a joyless and forgettable […]

Nicolas Cage

A-list overactor and a national treasure

| 19th June 2014

We live in a world where, were the Rapture to occur, Nicolas Cage would not be amongst God’s chosen people.   Isn’t that sad?   I am, of course, talking about Nicolas Cage’s upcoming masterpiece, Left Behind, a remake of the 2000 religious apocalyptic drama based on the best selling book series. The film has […]

Why James Wan is the man

| 5th June 2014

Creaking doors during the clapping game, a heavy, ominous bass gain and the sudden score of a shrieking violin ensemble, all of these are audial ingredients in director James Wan’s technique. Vibrant, yet dark settings are also a big part of Wan’s work. He is not only responsible for giving spectators a reason to look […]

Summer movie preview – Part 1

| 20th May 2014

Well readers, the summer break is here and you know what that means: The summer movie season is upon us! Hollywood will release more than 100 movies between May and August, leaving us moviegoers with a plethora of options to choose from. You may have already started by going to the multiplexes and watching Neighbors, […]

Ten years of ‘Mean’

| 24th April 2014

Note: This is Jose S. De Leon III, the guy you love who usually writes these blog posts. As much as I love Mean Girls, I was not able to write something about it. However, my so-so friend/news editor Andy was up to the task! Enjoy what he has to say about this classic. He […]

Please don’t cancel this!

| 17th April 2014

EDIT: Earlier today, May 7, Entertainment Weekly reported that FOX has cancelled Enlisted. So while this post may not have been enough to save that little gem of a series, there’s still hope for NBC’s The Neighbors and NBC’s Hannibal. The axe is coming as many television networks start producing new shows for the fall […]

How I Met Your Mother

Or how Ted’s romantic optimism almost ruined the series

| 3rd April 2014

Admittedly, I wasn’t planning on writing something on the How I Met Your Mother finale. Due to an increase in schoolwork and personal stuff, I only managed to watch half of its final season. Heck, I was actually thinking of NOT watching the final episode.   Ultimately, the reason why I decided to watch the […]

TV’s most shocking deaths

| 27th March 2014

It was a horrible weekend to be Beverly Katz and Will Gardner. The former, a crime scene investigator on NBC’s Hannibal, bit the dust on the show’s latest episode. This happened as she broke into Hannibal’s house and (presumably) found evidence against him, only to be caught by the titular cannibal. While we didn’t see […]

Oscars 2014- The predicted winners: Part 2

| 27th February 2014

Welcome back readers! Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the first half of my Oscar predictions, and are now ready for the rest of these predictions. These remaining categories are in prestigious picture, acting, directing and screenwriting fields, AKA the major categories that most viewers will want to see. Just for fun, not only will I be listing […]