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A new era with an old tradition

Will football ever return to UTPA?

| 17th July 2014

In 1927 when UTPA was known as Edinburg College, the school had a college football program. The first game of the season ended in a 6-6 tie against the Texas State team that was formerly known as San Marcos Teachers College. During that season the team went 4-2-3 and would only win five more games […]

So, I’m one of the bosses now?

| 19th June 2014

Like so many before me, I began my 16th year of life with a job application. I began my trek into the workforce at a franchised ice cream store and spent the last two years of high school running the show. At age 16, I was managing a business. At age 21, I took on […]

What is the problem here?

Gays in sports

| 27th March 2014

Former National Football League Head Coach and player Herm Edwards once said, “Players play to win the game.” If that saying rings true, then what is the problem with a teammate who is gay? If they show the work ethic that is necessary to win, would you treat them any differently? Speaking as an athlete […]

Going digital

The electronic alternative to smoking

| 21st February 2014

The world today is jam packed with electrical devices. Nearly every person carries a smartphone, owns a computer and watches their favorite programs on television. In such a world, it is no surprise that even small things,such as cigarettes, are being replaced with a digital counterpart. A counterpart that is safer and cheaper than the […]

Letter to the Editor – 2/6/13

| 6th February 2014

The Pan American  accepts letters of 300 words or less from students, staff and faculty regarding recent newspaper content, campus concerns or current events. We cannot publish anonymous letters or submissions containing hate speech or gratuitous personal attacks. Please send all letters to: Hi! I have a habit of strolling into the UTPA bookstore […]

Movie dumps

Hollywood needs a better system for releasing films

| 30th January 2014

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s still awards season. The Grammys aired this past weekend (Lorde was victorious, obviously) and we still have the Oscars to face when they air on March 2. When the nominations for this year’s Academy Awards were announced, there was a trend among the Best Picture nominees: they […]

A message to the scared and undeclared

| 23rd January 2014

Fumbling through the threshold of teenage life into adult life can be scary and overwhelming, especially when trying to declare a major in college. At that point in your life, the question remains: are you old enough to know what you want to do with the rest of your life? A former employee of The […]

Steering the ship

Changes ahead for UTPA, The Pan American

| 13th January 2014

Taking over a print newspaper in this day and age is pretty much like taking over a sinking ship, which is exactly what has happened this spring as I take over for last semester’s editors-in-chief. In a digital age where every person seems to have three or more social media accounts, somehow everyone becomes a […]

Athletic’s photographer passes

| 12th December 2013

The University Athletic Department and Rio Grande Valley Viper photographer Dutch Cowgill passed away Dec. 10, due to a heart attack. Cowgill was 59 years old and is survived by his wife Dana, who resides in Edinburg. Cowgill joined the UTPA staff in November 2010 and with the Vipers since November 2007. He was always […]

…And so we say goodbye

| 9th December 2013

Lea Victoria Juarez Co-Editor-in-Chief Bidding farewell in posthumous fashion seemed to be best. (Imagine the song Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd playing as you read this.) Dear Bronc Country, I know I died and only got to know a few of you, but your best interest was always at heart. The UTPA community […]