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July 11th, 2014

Surprisingly, it seems as if movie audiences sort of have a tolerance toward long movies.


For the past two weekends the latest Transformers sequel Age of Extinction, which clocks in at 165 minutes (or two hours and 45 minutes) has been the number one movie in the world despite being a joyless and forgettable blockbuster. Films like Gone with the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King are nearly four hours long, but are considered among the best movies of all time and have also made a ton of money.


The success of these long films reveals that audiences are willing to spend a lot of their time if they believe they’ll like the movie. However, is there a limit to a movie’s running time?


The Film Stage broke the news July 7 that Swedish filmmaker Anders Weberg is currently shooting the documentary Ambiencé. The catch? The film will not be released until December 2020, but the first teaser trailer has been released. The trailer is 72 minutes long.




Ambiancé – the 720 hour long film [short 72 min teaser] by Anders Weberg from Anders Weberg on Vimeo.


Oh yeah, did I mention that the movie is 720 hours long?


emma TL;DW

Once the movie is released it will become the longest movie of all time, breaking the record held by the 2011 Danish documentary Modern Times Forever, which clocked in at a measly 240 hours.


The film, which according to Weberg’s blog is dedicated to his son, has currently shot about 280 hours worth of footage. Admittedly, Weberg’s release plan is intriguing. According to The Film Stage, this trailer is only available until July 20 but a 7-hour and 20-minute trailer will be released in 2016. A second trailer, clocking in at 72 hours, will be released in 2018. Ambiancé will then be screened once, and only once, on all seven continents at the same time in 2020. Afterwards, it will be destroyed, followed by Weberg’s retirement from filmmaking.


The trailer, which is composed of several abstract images (rainy car rides, dancing ballerinas, flying birds, etc.) as music plays in the background, hints that the movie will be either an emotional experience that viewers will get or the epitome of pretentious art house movies.


So, what I want to know is, are you as viewers willing to watch a 30-day long movie? How would you go about it? Would you call your boss or your professors to tell them “Hey, sorry but I’m going to be gone for a month watching a movie. Is that OK with you?”


Obviously, too much of a good thing can be bad, so not everyone will be willing to watch a movie as long as Ambiancé. So if you’re not willing to spend 30 days watching one movie,then what’s the longest running time for a movie you can think of that you wouldn’t mind spending?


Just for fun, let’s also include film series.


For example, would you spend 9 hours on a movie? AKA the amount of time you’d spend by watching The Godfather trilogy in one sitting? Twelve hours, the approximate length of watching the extended cuts of The Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back? Or 20 hours, the amount of time you’d spent in bingeing on all eight Harry Potter movies?
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Culture meets art

July 2nd, 2014

Life can sometimes be controlled by responsibilities individuals face, but for two local artists they share a talent that helps them have freedom where they most want it: art.

Cultures collide at the Beyond Arts Gallery in Harlingen with an exhibit by Charles Wissinger and his wife Fulden Sara called North to South, East to West, the 2 of Us.

Wissinger and Sara revealed their gallery June 12, which will be open to the public until July 31, and holds more than 50 pieces of the pair’s art. Sara said she and her husband of 12 years have held shows together before, once at Coastal Bend College in Beeville and at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen.

Wissinger is a professor and director of Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s art program while Sara is a lecturer in TAMUK’s art department.

Wissinger, a former UTPA art professor, explained how featured mediums such as graphite drawings, sculptures and clay molds are used to portray the couple’s cultural background and reflect inspiration gained from traveling to Canada, Turkey and the Middle East.

“The extraordinary difference between my wife and I, is she’s from Istanbul (Turkey), which is one of the most magical, cosmopolitan cities of the world, and she’s Muslim,” the 67-year-old explained. “I’m from Pennsylvania Hills, Pennsylvania, so I come from a very rural, Christian background. That’s about as different from Istanbul as you can get.”

Sara, born and raised in Istanbul, said her art was inspired by her own European heritage mixed with the ancient Byzantine and Seljuk-Ottoman cultures.

The Byzantine Empire capital was Constantinople, now modern day Istanbul and the city was captured by the Palaiologos in 1261 CE until the Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople in 1453 CE, marking the end of the Byzantine Empire. The Ottoman Empire was one of the longest standing empires until its demise in 1922.

In addition to her deeply historical roots, Sara has a Hispanic background as well.

“The color of my pieces definitely come from the Latino and Hispanic culture,” the 2003 UTPA alumna said. “I’ve never been that much into color, but now I am because I’ve been here in this culture 17 years. I’ve learned a lot, I blended. I never feel like I am one thing. I am many things.”


The 44-year-old’s clay series, or what she calls Turkish Tortillas, is scattered throughout the gallery. At seven inches in diameter, about 40 clay molds hang at eye level for viewers to enjoy, each decorated with different vibrant colors, flowers, and mosaic surfaces.

The Kingsville resident said the meaning behind her Turkish Tortillas series is rather simple. She explained that tortillas are not only common in Latino history but in Indian, Turkish and Italian cultures as well.

“I find the tortilla subject in many cultures so that’s what I try to show…like we’re not really different from each other,” Sara said. “I think it’s very important to learn about each other’s culture; not just to focus on our own ethnicity, but learn other cultures because once you start learning, all your prejudices disappear and you realize that we all are very similar.”

Sara believes society is not only alike through food, but in the technological sense as well.

“(The world) is more connected and we’re more aware of what other people do and I think we’re living in a more global environment,” she said. “We can’t just focus on our own culture or our own ethnicity, because with all the technical changes in the world we know more about each other and I want to reflect all those things.”


Wissinger’s graphite drawing of Hangen with the Fishes is fixed across from Sara’s Turkish Tortillas. His piece depicts a profile of a man surrounded by crabs, fish, stingrays and skulls. He said he was influenced by his passion for fishing as well as his Christian upbringing.

“(The fish) represent abundance on one hand, on the other hand they represent the wild. People might think the wild is wonderful, but everything that’s in the wild is pretty much there to be eaten by something else,” he said. “If you look at it from that point of view, it’s kind of scary.”

Wissinger also highlighted that what he liked most about being both a professor and an artist is feeling much freer to create what he wants.

“If I was making work where I had to make a living off of it, I would have to pay more attention to audience responses and I really dislike doing that because every other aspect of my life is manipulated and controlled by something; eating, responsibilities and school,” he explained. “But with art it’s totally up to me. If I make it, fine. If I don’t make it, fine. If I don’t sell it, it’s fine. I like that freedom. It’s kind of the only place in my life where I have it.”

Wissinger and Sara create individually, but with the North to South, East to West, the 2 of Us exhibit, they found a way to show both of their cultural backgrounds along with other ways of life.

The couple is preparing for Corpus Christi’s 2015 Festival of the Arts, where Wissinger’s and Sara’s pieces will be on display along with that of many other artists. The event will be held the last weekend of March at the Corpus Christi Art Center.

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Academic and Performing Arts Center Beam Signing

January 22nd, 2014

(left to right) District 40 State Representative Terry Canales, District 20 Representatvie Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Dahlia Guerra, District 41 Representative Bobby Guerra and UTPA President Robert Nelsen prepare to autograph a steel beam that will be permanently placed at UTPA’s new Academic and Performing Arts Center Oct. 13. The beam is available for signing on Jan 13. from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Jan. 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All students and staff are encouraged to leave their autograph.

Beam signing marked 300x200 Academic and Performing Arts Center Beam Signing

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College Fashionista

April 27th, 2013

Si es que no te has dado cuento, tenemos nuevas bloguers.

Lento pero seguro los amantes de la moda y sus seguidores excéntricos están conquistando los pasillos de tu propia universidad y permitiendo que diferentes estilos de vestir llenen el internet.

 Sara Castillo, Debora Dueñas, Alicia Holt y Tere Cortes ahora están en la búsqueda de los mejores vestidos alrededor de la escuela.

Estas cuatro fashionistas toman parte de un internado national, “College Fahionista”, en donde todos los días se toman fotos de personas con estilo y se publican en el internet con comentarios y concejos para vestir.

Asique si estas buscando inspiración local o nacional para vestir “College Fashionista” vale la pena.

Abre los ojos y estate en la búsqueda de estas chicas. Y si es que se te acercan y te preguntan por una foto sienten absolutamente honrada/o.

Tuve la oportunidad de charlar con ellas y obtuve un poco de información de quienes son.

Aquí te va un pequeña biografía en de ellas.

Asegúrate de darle un vistazo a sus blogs en


SairaTrev College Fashionista

In case you haven’t seen them around campus, we have new bloggers.

Slowly but surely fashion lovers and eccentric followers are conquering the hallways of your very own university and letting styles around you fill the internet.

Sara Castillo, Debora Dueñas, Alicia Holt and Tere Cortes are now in search of the best dressed around school.

These four fashionistas take part in a national internship, “College Fashionista,” where every day pictures of stylish individuals get taken, uploaded and commented and advised on.

So, if you’re looking for local or national style and outfit inspiration “College Fashionista” is worth looking at.

Be on the lookout for these girls and if you’re approached by them and asked for a picture, feel absolutely honored.

I had the opportunity to chat with them and got a bit of info.

Here’s all a small bio of them.

Make sure to check out their blogs at


 SairaTrev College Fashionista

Déjame te las presento,/ Let me introduce them to you,

IMG 5834 College Fashionista

Sara Castillo
“Style Advice of the Week”
Carrera/Major: Public Relations and Advertising, Minor: Art, Spanish
Estilo/Style: Girly-chic
Tienda favorite/ Favorite store: H&M, Zara

IMG 5907 College Fashionista

Debora Dueñas
Carrera/Major: Public Relations and Advertising, Minor: Honors
Estilo/Style: Glam
Tienda Favorita/ Favorite store: No tengo una tienda favorita en especial/ I don’t specifically have a favorite store

IMG 5795 College Fashionista

Alicia Holt
“Fashionista/Fashionisto Spotlight”
Carrera/Major: Marketing, Minor: French
Estilo/Style: Minimalist with a strong inspiring models-off duty
Tienda favorite/ Favorite store: Zara

IMG 5867 College Fashionista

Tere Cortes
“What to Wear”
Carrera/Major: Marketing, Minor: Art and French
Estilo/Sytle: Edgy. Girly with an edge.
Tienda Favorite/Favorite Store: NastyGal

IMG 5962 1 College Fashionista

“Fashion Gurus at CollegeFashionista”

Juan/John 6:35

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Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

March 28th, 2013

IMG 20130315 235706 Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

(Via Instagram: @Sairatrev)

Así que con eso en mente busque las mejores y más lindas opciones especialmente para ti. Abajo esta un pequeño collage que hice de mis armazónes y diseños favoritos de sunnies, y obviamente a los mejores precios.¡La primavera esta oficialmente aquí! Hermosas flores  nos rodean, pajarillos cantan por las mañanas y el sol.  Y como la primavera esta para quedarse y el verano pronto llegara, pensé que debería de darte un pequeño reportaje en las tendencias mas solicitadas de la temporada, gafas redondas o “round sunnies”. Y como el sol aquí en el Valle parece estar más brillante que de lo normal, ¿por qué no proteger tus ojos con estilo, verdad?

Reportaje: Los sunnies mas lindos los encontrarás en Asos y Polyvore, sin embargo los precios están un poco altos. Si buscas algo más económico los podrías encontrar en Forever 21 y en un sitio mega padre que me enseño una amiga, Zerouv. Me decepcioné un poco, H&M no tenía una variedad tan grandiosa que digamos. Ah, en Ebay también es una muy buena opción. Solo busca “Round sunnies” o “round sunglasses” y encontrarás una gran variedad.

Como usarlos: Como estas gafas de sol están de moda realmente te las puedes poner con lo que sea. Ya sea que uses unos simples skinnies una blusa simple o pantalones de mezclilla. Al usar estos lentes podrás darle un look más elegante a tu conjunto simple. Vestiditos de verano, pantalones cortos o arremangados con Peplums también lucirán bellos con ellos. ! Básicamente con todo!

¿Duda?: Si dudas que tipo de armazón irán mejor con tu estructura fácil puedes leer este artículo muy interesante que encontré para información, “The Sun Authority”. Pero, si me preguntas a mi yo optaría por los “Round cat-eye (4)”, porque creo que este estilo podría lucir favorablemente con la mayoría de los rostros.

En conclusión, démosle la bienvenida al sol de primavera/verano con estilo.




SairaTrev Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Spring/Summer Eyewear, featuring Round Sunnies, by Saira Trev.

Spring is officially here! Beautiful flowers all around us, birds chirping in the mornings, and of course, the sun.  And since spring is here to stay and the summer is right around the corner, I thought I should give you a trend report on the season’s hottest eyewear trend, round sunnies. And since the sun here in the Valley seems to be extra bright, why not protect your eyes fashionably, right?

So with that in mind I’ve looked all around for the best and cutest choices especially for you. Below is a small collage I’ve made with my favorite frames and designs, and of course the best prices.

Report: The cutest sunnies were found in Asos and Polyvore, however the prices were a bit high. If you’re looking for lower prices you could check out Forever 21 and a mega awesome site a friend introduced me to, Zerouv. I was a bit disappointed, H&M didn’t have such great options. Oh, and Ebay is also a really good option. Just search for “round sunnies” or “round sunglasses” and you’ll find a great variety!

How to wear them: Since these sunglasses are in style right now you could wear them with just about anything. They could be worn with simple skinnies and a top or denim pants. When wearing the sunnies you could give your simple outfit a more elegant look. Summer dresses, shorts or cropped pants with Peplums also look lovely with them. Basically with everything!

Doubt? : If you wonder what type of frame would look better with your facial structure you could read this very interesting article that I found for more information, “The Sun Authority.” But, if you ask me I would opt for the “Round cat-eye (4),” because I think that this style tends to be rather favorable with most faces.

In conclusion, welcome the spring/summer sun in style.

Good luck!



sunglasses and eyewear Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

(De izquierda a derecha)/ (Going from Left to Right)



  1. Oversized (Forever 21/ Zerouv)
  2. Extravagant (Zerouv)
  3. Bold (Asos)
  4. Round cat-eye (Forever 21/Zerouv)
  5. Decorative Frame (Asos/Polyvore)
  6. Mirrored (Polyvore)
  7. Vintage-Inspired (Polyvore)
  8. Rita Round (Asos)

Inspiración/ Inspiration:

Nicole Richie Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Nicole Richie | (Imágenes / Images: WhoWhatWear)

Anja Rubik Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Anja Rubik | (Imágenes / Images: WhoWhatWear)


Elena Perminova Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Elena Perminova | (Imágenes / Images: WhoWhatWear)




Juan/John 14:23

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College Fashionistas at UTPA

March 7th, 2013

Senior Tere Cortes said her style is edgy by day and sexy by night. The 22-year-old marketing major mixes jean vests with flowy dresses and has been a Style Guru with website College Fashionista since fall 2012.

The fashion site was launched August 2009, featuring students’ style from universities around the world. Students from those universities intern as bloggers or Style Gurus for the site.

“We use the students on campus as an example. We talk about what they’re wearing for each article depending on the category,” Cortes, a Rio Bravo native, explained. “I think it’s awesome because you get to participate with the whole country. It’s special how in each campus they have their own style.”

Cortes found out about the site through Twitter, and used the internship for credit hours. After interning for a semester, she was able to recommend her own UTPA Style Gurus who signed up on the website and started their unpaid internships at the start of the spring 2013 semester.

The UTPA interns can be seen on campus, taking photos of students between classes or on posters they created throughout the buildings.

Four 22-year-old girls sat in a half circle, talking of fashion and finishing each other’s sentences in a blend of Spanish and English.
Sara Castillo, a Reynosa native, said she plays the role of girly chic, donning embellished garments such as voluminous skirts and sleeves. Castillo explained she has had a love for styling since she was a little girl.

“Over the years you start seeing things differently and I think this is like my first chance to talk about how my perspective of fashion is,” said the senior public relations and advertising major. “Fashion is about personality and uniqueness.”
Amelia Holt has “off-duty model” style, according to the other three Gurus. The senior Rio Bravo native dresses for simplicity and comfort with Doc Marten boots as an everyday piece and usually only a pair of earrings to accessorize.

As an artist and aspiring model, Holt saw art and fashion as one and the same.

“It takes a lot of skill to make a whole (clothing) collection and inspiration,” Holt said. “The art concept is the same because it’s all based on inspiration and creativity.”

Deborah Dueñas, a public relations major, is referred to as “glamorous” by her fellow UTPA fashionistas. The Reynosa native specializes in accessories and gravitates toward bold pieces such as full-sized bows and ornate jewelry.
Although she admitted she only discovered fashion recently, she said it has become a part of her.

“I haven’t looked at fashion as much as Sara has, but with this internship, now I love it,” she said. “I think fashion is a way of expressing ourselves.”

As interns for the site, each of the girls are required to produce a blog every week, with a specific day and fashion category assigned to each of them such as Accessories Report and Style Advice of the Week.

They find students on campus and write about their style while relating to trends in the worldly fashion industry such as designer’s seasonal collections.

The interns work as a team, taking on the responsibility of representing UTPA’s style. This is something that Cortes’ peers once thought to be an unlikely task.

“When I started, my friends were like, ‘Oh good luck about that, trying to get fashion students from campus. You’re probably going to get slippers and pants, flip-flops and caps,’” Cortes recalled as the other girls laughed. “But I think it’s also an opportunity to get to know us because UTPA is not very known in the United States…so it’s a good way to get exposure for students, like how the style is here.”

The girls explained that UTPA student style is based off the nearly year-around warm weather, and added that most of the students have a “subtle” fashion sense.

“Students here are not that outrageous…but it’s interesting to see every once and a while someone that dares to wear a statement piece,” the girly chic Castillo said. “It’s interesting to meet people because we have unique personalities in this university. That’s the interesting part of doing this, to get to know everybody.”

The interns have worked to gain familiarity in the UTPA community, sharing their articles through multiple social media outlets to spread the word about College Fashionista.

“By getting us known, we’re encouraging students to be more fashionable, trendier,” Holt said. “This is a time you can wear anything and it’s OK. Once you’re out in the real world working, you can’t really express too much, but in college, that’s your gateway. Like ‘Let me try this and if I fail, it’s okay. I can dress another way tomorrow.’”

While trying to promote “fashion in a student budget,” according to Cortes, the girls attempt to mix magazine trends given a reasonable financial limit. The fashionistas shop at places such as Shop 112 in McAllen, T.J. Maxx and online stores such as Lulu’s.

“We’re not high-class in fashion,” Dueñas said. “We can talk about what the students are wearing. Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive and luxurious. We can find stuff like that, but around campus.”

Although they are only interns now, they have the chance to move up the College Fashionista ladder, depending on how well they do with the blogs. They participate in online seminars and have opportunities to communicate with fashion industry executives for meccas like Vogue and American Eagle Outfitters.

“It’s not paid but definitely you get experience because you get to get (your work) published,” Cortes said. “Because you’re on the College Fashionista internship, it gets you more attention so you can start creating your networks and start building your relationship in the fashion industry.”

The four said they understood that fashion is a tough industry to get into, but are hoping the experience with College Fashionista is going to help give them the experience they need.

Each week, they take their own photos and fine-tune writing skills to produce a blog they hope to be helpful to the UTPA community.

“It’s one thing when your friends are reading, but with other people that you don’t expect, that’s when you’re satisfied with what you’re doing,” Castillo said. “Seeing that you’re doing something good that is not only for your personal benefit, but it’s actually benefiting other people, that’s the best part.”

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Never Say Never Music & Arts Festival 2013

February 13th, 2013

Over 25 artists will be featured at Las Palmas Race Park in Mission for the 5th annual Never Say Never Music & Arts Festival March 13. Artists consisting of electronic, hip-hop and various rock music will perform on multiple stages starting at noon.

Attack Attack

Capital Cities


Cisco Adler

Driver Friendly

Hands Like Houses


Jonny Craig

Master Shortie

The Medic Droid

Oh, Sleeper


The Ready Set


Upon A Burning Body

Juicy J

The Maine

Escape the Fate

Arsonists Get All The Girls

Fit For A King

Forever The Sickest Kids

Kurt Travis

Native Suns

Set It Off

Jesse Marco


Motionless in White

I the Mighty

The Seeking

Capture the Crown


Sworn In



Hail the Sun

Ice Nine Kills

The Requested

Myka Relocate

Even Cameras Lie

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Reenacting the past to seek inspiration

November 15th, 2012

Lorenzo Pace, design professor, will watch the slaying of the last Inca king from on stage through the eyes of a Congolese slave.

Robert Bradley, assistant professor of art history, along with two other art faculty members, four graduate students and two undergraduates reenacted the first meeting of the Inca and the Spanish 480 years ago in Peru, when the Inca King Atahualpa unknowingly welcomed the visitors who would deceive him and destroy his civilization Nov. 15 in the University Ballroom at 10:45 a.m.

Bradley is interested in researching Chachapoya (an indigenous culture conquered by the Inca before the Spanish arrived in Peru) architecture and Inca road networks. He explained the story they reenacted Thursday for the public.

“The Inca King Atahualpa was taken prisoner by the Spanish,” Bradley said. “He is held captive in a house in the city of Cajamarca and offers gold – a room full of gold – in exchange for his life. They take the gold but kill him anyway.”

Pace said his African-American heritage makes him sympathetic to the Inca, whose culture was destroyed by foreigners the way his was centuries ago in Africa.

“The conquest, the slaying of a king, and the brutality of it – that’s the African-American story,” Pace said. “(African-Americans) were brought here as three-fourths of a human at the beginning of the Americas, so that’s where I come in.”

Pace hoped the reenactment will help him get inspired and emotionally connected to his entry for Cajamarca, Peru’s Second Bicentennial International Symposium of Sculpture, a wood-sculpting contest that commemorates the city’s independence from Spain.

The 10 participants of the Segundo Simposio Internacional de Escultura ‘Bicentenario’, as it’s called in Spanish, were selected from around the world by cultural association Arco Iris to work for eight days on their own eight-foot wooden log. The finished sculptures will be transported to and displayed in the Belen Plaza in the city.

Pace was previously commissioned to design a monument in New York City’s Foley Square to pay homage to the colonial-era slave burial ground which was unearthed at the site in 1991. He worked for 10 years on the design of the 50 foot tall, 300 ton black granite sculpture titled “Triumph of the Human Spirit.”

Bradley, who lived in North Peru for many years, will be accompanying Pace to record the event.

“They will be able to decorate the whole city with these totems,” he said, speculating that the city will continue to host this sculpture contest.

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Without profit, without limit

November 15th, 2012

Every semester, graphic designers enter ART 4393 Senior Exhibit as students and leave as professionals. Through time management, teamwork and hands-on experience, the course prepares graphic design students to develop an exhibition that reflects their creativity from idea to finished product. This fall’s exhibit is different that those in past semesters, since this is the first time students have had the unique opportunity to create for actual clients.

Sin Lucros, or “without profit” is the theme for this semester’s exhibit, reflecting the task that the graphic designers had of creating campaigns for local non-profit organizations. Some of these include the International Museum of Art and Science, the South Texas Literacy Coalition, and the Edinburg Public Library.

The public will be able to view their work at the opening reception Saturday, Nov. 17, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Art Annex located at 2412 S. Closner Blvd. in Edinburg.

These organizations cover the students’ printing costs and attend two or three meetings with students to give feedback on the design process, because the campaign materials will be used by the organizations in 2013. The clients also cover the application fee for students to enter their work in the Addy Awards, a major advertising competition coming up in January.

The instructor, Leila Hernandez, serves as a mediator between the non-profit clients and students. She guides the latter through the entire process from developing a concept to thoroughly executing the final work.

“The students have to create 10 to 15 pieces for the clients, like brochures, posters and invitations,” the associate professor of art said. “One student, for example, is designing materials for the annual College fundraiser at the IMAS. This entails putting together anything that they need to advertise.”

Creating promotional material for the organizations is only part of the major project these seniors have to complete for their concentration in graphic design. They also had to put together a portfolio that displays everything they’ve created during their time at the University and develop a professional process book, which is a compilation of the entire design experience.

Screen shot 2012 11 15 at 2.54.35 AM Without profit, without limit

The process book is made up of several steps. The mission statement for the organization they have done the design for should show the importance that the non-profit bears on society. The students’ creative strategy must be reflected in the design proposal, specifically detailing how and why they’re making certain materials. An elaborate design process needs to showcase all sketches, thumbnails and a clear evolution of not only the campaign, but of the process book itself. Finally, the students must prepare a 3-to-5 minute presentation that will be given on the night of the opening reception.

During the final stage of this senior project, designers had to actually put the exhibit together, which includes working with space and time management, preparing the gallery walls and properly installing the pieces in a way that allows for easy removal after the exhibit. The seniors were also in charge of publicizing the event, as well organizing the reception with music and food. Through all of this work, Hernandez has seen considerable growth in her students.

“Some of them I’ve had from the very beginning and I’ve seen their work develop over the years,” she said. “I feel very confident about this group because I’ve requested so much from them and they’ve been able to perform.”

One of these students is Kristopher Ryan Garcia, a senior graphic design major who is very excited to graduate. He has been drawing for years, and gathers much of his inspiration from music. A jack of many trades, he has worked as a cook, cashier, waiter and office assistant, and is currently interning at Blue Thing Media Group in McAllen, a company that provides consultation on design, marketing, advertising and IT (information technology) services.

“I can’t give away too much, but what I can say is that my partner Leah Lowman and I drew inspiration from Swiss design, which is very clean and overall gives our design a contemporary aesthetic,” the Brownsville native said.

As a part of the course, a requirement for the seniors was honoring 10 hours of work for the UTPA Galleries. The volunteer work could include doing graphic design for a gallery or helping prepare a gallery space by cleaning walls or painting.

Students were also able to help by taking part in mounting and dismounting a show, assisting during opening night and monitoring the gallery during hours of operation. Garcia and his classmates used this experience to set up the gallery this past weekend at the Annex for their upcoming presentation, careful to meet the required standards of quality, creativity and concept.

“We all have been working so hard for this and it’s going to be a spectacular exhibit that will be remembered,” Garcia promised.

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October 26th, 2012

En mi clase de joyería y metal tuvimos que diseñar nuestra propia bolsa. La profe, Donna Sweigart, nos dio bolsas viejas, usadas y maltratadas y nosotros las teníamos que “componer” a nuestro gusto.

Todos en la clase terminamos con grandes piezas maestras al final. Fue muy lindo ver la personalidad de cada quien atreves de su creación.

A lo que voy con este blog, es que si tienes una idea y te gustaría hacerla realidad todo se puede.

Pon manos a la obra y ¡que fluya la creatividad!

PhotoGrid 1350022358606 300x300 #DIY
Esta es mi creación, ¿te gusta?/ This is my creation, do you like it?

IMAG2359 1 300x174 #DIYIMAG2360 1 300x207 #DIY
Enfrente/ Infront
IMAG2361 1 300x204 #DIY
(Lo único que necesitas para crear esta bolsa es un cinto ponk (para los piquitos) y una camiseta negra (para las tiras del frente y la trenza de atrás)/ All you need to create this purse is a punk belt (for the studs) and a black t-shirt (for the strips on the front and the braid on the back))


*Aquí te van mis favoritas/ Here are my favorite

IMAG2042 11 300x274 #DIY  IMAG20431 169x300 #DIY
Hecha con amor por:/ Made with love by: Erica


IMAG2045 1 228x300 #DIY IMAG20461 169x300 #DIY
Hecha con amor por:/ Made with love by: Becca


IMAG2047 1 211x300 #DIY IMAG2048 169x300 #DIY
Hecha con amor por:/ Made with love by: Donna Winter


IMAG2049 1 256x300 #DIY IMAG2050 169x300 #DIY
Hecha con amor por:/ Made with love by: Daniel


IMAG2053 1 195x300 #DIY
Hecha con amor por:/ Made with love by: Christopher


IMAG2171 1 300x285 #DIY
Hecha con amor por:/ Made with love by: Sara Castillo (¿Se nota que somos amigas? jaja /Can you tell we’re friends? haha)

In my jewelry and metal class we had to design our own purse. The professor, Donna Sweigart, gave us old, used and damaged purses to “fix” to our liking.

Everyone in class finished with a great master piece in the end. It was nice to see each individual’s personality through their creation.

What I’m trying to get at with this blog is that if you have an idea and would like to make it real, everything is possible.

Get your hands working and the get the creativity flowing!


Apocalipsis/ Revelation 21:6

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