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Before Midnight

June 19th, 2013

Note from Jose: Earlier this year, The Pan American’s then-sports editor Norma Gonzalez dragged me to see the sports movie 42. It resulted in one of my most entertaining blogs where we both reviewed the movie.

We had so much fun that we decided to do it again. This time, however, I picked the movie.

Jose: In a summer full of sci-fi action flicks and countless sequels, isn’t it nice that there’s one sequel that relies not on explosions, but on intimate drama?

Norma: Nope. Give me an action movie any time of the day. Not to mention that I’ve been waiting for Man of Steel for two years!

Before Midnight is the third in the (hopefully) ongoing film series that started 18 years ago with Before Sunrise, and continued with a sequel nine years later in Before Sunset.

I had not realized they had been going on this long. Jose warned me that it was the third installment of the series, but I had never heard of the movies, much less seen them.

The series chronicles the relationship between Jesse, an American, and Celine, a Frenchwoman. They both met on a train in Vienna, Austria. Afterward they spent the entire night walking and talking around the city, eventually falling in love with each other before saying goodbye.

The sequel found them in Paris, France and followed them as they caught up with each other over what they’ve done since they last saw each other. Now, Celine and Jesse are now officially together.

 Before Midnight

Both of them are living together in Paris and have twin girls. This second sequel finds them on a summer vacation in  Greece, in the Southern Peloponnese. Everything looks bright and happy for this couple, but  not everything is perfect.

Jesse has a struggling relationship with his teenage son from his first marriage and wants to move to Chicago to be closer to him. Celine is considering a job with the government, but is unsure as to whether or not to take it.

Going into this without knowing anything about the previous movies did throw me off a little. This movie has no room to catch up new viewers on what has happened, it just kicks off in the middle of Jesse dropping off his kid at the airport.

If Sunrise was about the magic of the first encounter, Sunset about rekindling the spark that attracted the two, then Midnight is the film that dares to examine the struggle of being in a long-term relationship.

Now this I loved. Whereas most movies build up an almost unrealistic relationship, this couple feels real. I caught myself wishing to be their friend, laughing to their jokes as if I was walking down the streets of Greece next to them.

Like the previous films in the franchise, Midnight is filmed with several long, uninterrupted takes. The long shots make the movie look like it’s a documentary and the characters are real people, improvising all the time.

I was undoubtedly impressed.

 Before Midnight

Credit, of course, must go to the film’s screenplay and the performances of the two leads. Somehow, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, despite being so much older and wearier than when we last saw them, are able to make the dialogue feel so real and improvised.

Watching the characters talk about several subjects, ranging from love in the digital age and attending each other’s funerals, to small stuff like how to teach your child the golden rule of “You snooze, you lose,”  leaves the viewer feeling that we’re witnessing something intimate, yet strangely universal.

Watching these two together is like being reunited with old friends.

See! This is exactly what I mean!

It’s in the film’s dark second half of the movie that the dialogue really shines though.

In the second half, a small conversation between the two escalates into a full-blown argument where the future of their relationship is at stake. As a couple who’ve been together for nearly a decade, both Celine and Jesse know what to say to make the other hurt as everything they’ve been holding in is laid bare (both physically and emotionally.)

This really helped to make the relationship believable. This is how people fight in their house all the time and finally sometime captured the true essence of it on the big screen.

Here is the Happily Ever After you’re never told about in its horrifying glory. It’s raw. It’s sad. It’s ugly. It’s also beautiful, touching, hilarious and hopeful for a new day.

I can’t think of any other film series that captures the life of a relationship onscreen, decade after decade. It’s funny, romantic and mesmerizing.

This is easily the best film I’ve seen this year. I cannot wait until 2022.

I only went to this movie because of Jose, but, I must say, it’s one of the best films I’ve seen. Although I now want to watch the other two movies, I feel as if it’s not necessary. This movie can stand on it’s own.

Have you seen Before Midnight? If you haven’t, check it now playing at Carmike 20 in Edinburg and  Hollywood USA in McAllen!

Comment below with your thoughts on the movie, or check out the trailer below. And don’t forget to to follow me, Jose and Norma on Twitter!

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The joys of binging

January 25th, 2013

Way back in December, Cinemark showed all three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back, and your’s truly participated in it.





Yes, I love the series so much that I devoted to spending nearly 13 hours in one theater to catch the extended editions on the big screen (something that I would kill to experience again)

 The joys of binging

photo courtesy:

Now, I could spend hours talking about what a glorious experience viewing the Battle of the Pelennor Fields on the big screen, or how Gollum’s hideousness was magnified on the big screen, but instead I want to discuss pop culture binging.

While most people think of “binging” as something food related, the sort of binge I’m referring to is when you lock yourself in your room to continuously watch something in one sitting.

I’m pretty sure some of you guys have done something more extreme than I did with Lord of the Rings, so I’m curious as to what your personal record for a pop culture marathon is.

I remember a few other pop culture binges I’ve indulged included: three days devoted to watching all four seasons of Breaking Bad, entire weekends devoted to Arrested Development, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Homeland, Girls and Kim Possible.

 The joys of binging

photo courtesy:

Not all pop culture binging has to be about movies and TV shows though. I remember how for the midnight release of the novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , I read the previous six books in a matter of days. Once I received Hallows, I locked myself up in my room until I finished reading it (it lasted about six hours).

A pop culture binge has even gotten worldwide attention. Look at how in 2010, a theater in London, showed all 6 seasons of Lost, back-to-back. That’s 80 hours!

And in the Guinness Book of World Records, you’ll see that the record for longest continuous TV watching belongs to Jeremiah Franco and Carin  Shreve, who participated in a marathon of The Simpsons on February 2012. The record? Over 86 hours.

A pop culture binge is so easy to do in this day and age with so many things streaming online, without Netflix, I wouldn’t have been able to see Firefly (a show I only discovered last summer and binged on the entire series in a day, followed by its film adaptation Serenity, which is nowhere near as awesome as the show based on it. )

 The joys of binging

photo courtesy:

I’m curious though, what has been your most memorable pop culture binge? Was it a show that you obsessively Hulu’d or Netflixed? A novel finished in a few hours? Days spent listening to every song written by your favorite artist? And how long did they last? And don’t forget, follow me on Twitter!

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What to watch this Winter: Part 1

January 11th, 2013

Some of you are probably thinking, “Hey Jose, I love your blog and you’re so awesome, but isn’t this supposed to be a Film AND TV blog? So far all you’ve done is written some really awesome movie reviews.”

Well, not to worry dear readers! I present to you a list of six returning TV shows that I’m highly anticipating.

These TV shows are either having season premiers, or midseason premieres within the next few weeks. They’re all presented in alphabetical order so that they all get an equal amount of love.

And I promise you, there will be more TV related stuff coming up!

And now, without further ado:

The Americans: FX’s Cold War drama stars Brothers & Sisters’ Matthew Rhys and the always criminally underrated Keri Russell (Felicity, Waitress)  as KGB sleeper agents posing as a normal American family.

I’m mainly excited for the show because it stars Keri Russell, the poor girl hasn’t had a hit since her Felicity days, despite being a pleasure to watch onscreen. So seeing her have her own show (and play against type) is exciting.

Oh, and the show is created by Joe Weisberg, a former CIA officer. At least according to Wikipedia.

Cool right?

The Americans premieres on Wednesday, January 30 at 10/9 central on FX

Archer: Season three hit some spectacular highs (guest spots from Bryan Cranston and Burt Reynolds! ISIS in space!) so what will the fourth season of FX’s spectacular animated espionage comedy do next? Well, aside from more irreverent humor that the show serves best, how does a crossover episode with FOX’s Bob’s Burgers sound like?

Archer returns on Thursday, January 17, 10:30/9:30 central on FX

Here’s the latest TV spot for Season 4:

Community: After what feels like decades, NBC is finally premiering the fourth (and presumably final) season of it’s cult comedy. What sort of wackiness can we expect this time around? Well, the season four premiere, titled “History 101”, spoofs The Hunger Games. We’ll also meet Jeff’s father later in the season. Oh, and since series regular Chevy Chase left the show, expect him to be missing from at least two out of the thirteen episodes.

Season four premieres on Thursday, February 7,  @ 8/7 central on NBC

 What to watch this Winter: Part 1

photo courtesy:

Cougar Town: For three years, Cougar Town was ABC’s answer to NBC’s Community. Jammed with enough wit and wackiness, yet also packed with a pleasant dosage of heart to balance its humor, Cougar Town never really had much of a chance to survive. And why is that?

It’s because of that Godawful title! Seriously people, don’t be scared of that title! It’s not about cougars, it’s about middle-aged friends drinking wine and being bitchy, how is that not fun? And you can also play drinking games with the cul-de-sac crew by drinking along with the characters whenever they drink, and you’ll end up smashed by the end of the episode!*

Not that you need to be drunk to enjoy this show though; it’s a blast without it. Anyway, Cougar Town returns, with a twist! It moves from ABC, to TBS in cable land!

Season four premieres Tuesday, January 8 , @ 10/9 central, on TBS

Here’s a list of the ten essential episodes as provided by The A.V. Club

 What to watch this Winter: Part 1

photo courtesy:

Downton Abbey: After a subtle first season, the historical soap opera let its freak flag fly, unleashing a stunning, over the top second season that resulted in broken hearts, deaths, the Spanish Influenza, and a fan favorite in jail. But hey, at least there’s a wedding to look forward to this season!

Season three premieres on Sunday, January 6 at 9/8 central on PBS

Here’s a five-minute recap of the show’s first two seasons if you don’t have time to catch up:

Happy Endings/Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23: I’m putting these two shows as one because ABC made the brilliant decision to pair these two up, making for an epic one hour comedy block on Tuesdays.

Sadly, that’s about the only smart decision ABC has made has made regarding these shows. They’ve gotten little promotions and have been ratings starved despite some great ratings last year. And now, ABC is just going to burn of these shows by airing them Sundays AND Tuesdays. WTF!

Happy Endings is a jaw-droppingly hilarious comedy sitcom about six friends in Chicago that gets unfairly compared to Friends (mainly by haters and some of my friends who still can’t accept that that show ended a decade ago and that it hasn’t aged well. You know who you are.)

Happy Endings also features what is arguably the best TV ensemble currently on the air and can juggle multiple storylines in one episode in ways that no other show on TV can.

Apt. 23  is a raunchy comedy about a small town girl who moves to a New York apartment with an out-of-control con artist/party girl who’s also besties with Dawson’s Creek alum, James Van Der Beek.

Despite having a lead character who should be despicable, Apt. 23’s eponymous bitch is surprisingly likeable. Whether she’s adopting children so that she can have an indentured servant, or tricking her roommate to sleep with her dad to make her mom jealous, the show has also shown it has an insane amount of heart (see it’s season two Thanksgiving episode “It’s a Miracle…” for proof).

The midseason premiere of Apt. 23 and Happy Endings is Sunday, January 6 @ 11/10 central and Tuesday, January 8 @ 9/8 central on ABC.

Oh, and if someone can explain to me why the heads at ABC think that showing two episodes of Happy Endings and Apt. 23 twice a week is a good idea, I’ll give you something. I don’t know, $5 or something.

Which of these shows are you excited about the most? Any that I didn’t mention that you’re excited about? Sound off below! And don’t forget, follow me on twitter!

*Editor’s Note: The Pan American does not condone the idea of a Cougar Town drinking game or anything involving heavy consumptions of alcohol.

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¡Felices fiestas patrias!

September 16th, 2012

¡Muchas, muchas, pero muchas felicidades a mi hermoso México por haber cumplido 202 años de independencia!

Este famoso 16 de septiembre me toco pasármela en Reynosa y con mi familia. ¿Y tú, como celebraste el día de independencia?

Espero que te la hayas pasado de lo mejor y que te hayas portado bien, ¡ehh!

Bueno, aquí te va mi conjuntito patrio, espero que te guste y ¡que viva México señores!


IMAG1675 300x169 ¡Felices fiestas patrias! IMAG1634 300x169 ¡Felices fiestas patrias!
(En mi visita a la ciudad de México./ When I visited Mexico city.)

IMAG2141 176x300 ¡Felices fiestas patrias! IMAG2136 1 1 168x300 ¡Felices fiestas patrias! IMAG2122 164x300 ¡Felices fiestas patrias!
(En lugar de partir mi cabeza y mi bolsillo en dos, puedo decir que ¡ahora sí que fue un recobro de prendas!/Instead of cracking my head and my purse in two, I can say that this time it truly was an inexpensive outfit recovery!)

(Mas fotos/More pics)


Congratulations to my beautiful Mexico for its 202 years of independence!

On this famous 16 of September I had the opportunity to spend it at Reynosa and with my family. And how did you celebrate this Independence Day?

I hope you had a good time and that you behaved!

Well, enough talk, here’s my patriotic outfit, I hope you like it and viva Mexico!


IMG 20120916 210943 300x300 ¡Felices fiestas patrias!
Via Instagram: sairatrev

IMG 20120824 000444 300x300 ¡Felices fiestas patrias! IMG 20120820 080700 300x300 ¡Felices fiestas patrias!
(Por cierto, si te gustaría ver fotos de mi viaje misionero al DF y de mi fiesta de 21 las puedes ver aquí./By the way, if you would like to see pictures of my missionary trip to Mexico City and my 21st birthday party, you could see them here.)

Gálatas /Galatians 5:1

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Better (super) late than never

September 12th, 2012

Un poquito tarde, pero mejor tarde que nunca, ¿no?

Como todos estamos de locos ahorita, o tal vez solo yo porque soy una complicada por naturaleza; por el trabajo, la escuela, y miles de cosas mas, el tiempo se va a mil por hora.

¡Ahora sí, comenzamos!

Tristemente o afortunadamente el regreso a clases ya comenzó, por si no te has dado cuenta.

Y como las primeras semanas todos, o casi todos, se van súper arregladones a la escuela. Pensé que sería padre demostrarles unos conjuntos lindos que vi en el campus.

Espero que les guste.

Ah, y espero que tengas un grandioso semestre y que Dios te bendiga con un año maravilloso.

A little late, but better late than never, right?

Everybody is going crazy right now, or maybe just me because I am complex by nature with work, school and a million of blah blahs. Time is flying a million miles per hour.

But enough is enough, let’s get started!

Sadly, or fortunately, school is back.

And since on the first week of school everybody, or almost everybody, goes super dressed up, I thought it would be interesting to show a few cute outfits that I saw.

I hope you like them.

Oh and I hope you had a great semester and may the Lord bless you with a wonderful year!

IMAG1944 169x300 Better (super) late than never
“Aw, Doris you’re amongst the cool kids now!”
Chorts/ Shorts: Vintage

(Zapatitos con calcetas esta súper in, sin embargo no lucen bien con todos. En mi, por ejemplo, no lucen tan bien por mi estatura, pero todo depende conque y que color elijas. Trata de usarlo en todos los colores habidos y por haber—se creativo. Puedes encontrar unos aquí./Flats and socks are super in, yet they don’t look good on everybody. On me, for example, they don’t look as great because of my height; but it all depends with what you wear it with and the color that you choose. Try to use them in every existing color—get creative. You could find some here.)

*Mas ideas para que te inspires:/ More ideas for inspiration:

march2011voguechina 300x208 Better (super) late than never tumblr ma250rRMt81qfyjoto1 500 300x300 Better (super) late than never (TeenVogue)



IMAG1946 169x300 Better (super) late than never
“Ay, hola, hola,¿ como estas? Ay sí, sí, claro…”
Falda/ Skirt: A’gaci (old)


IMAG1950 169x300 Better (super) late than never IMAG1951 169x300 Better (super) late than never
“Mmm… okei. Si, ja, es Zoé”
Chaqueta de soldado/ Military jacket: Vintage
(Recuerda muy bien este look, bueno más que nada la chaqueta—pronto te diré porque. / Remember this look very good, well mostly the jacket—soon I’ll tell you why.)


IMAG1955 169x300 Better (super) late than never IMAG1956 169x300 Better (super) late than never

“Yeah, it’s today, Tuesdays are carrot-cake cupcake day.”
Chorts/ Shorts: Charlotte Russe


IMAG1962 169x300 Better (super) late than never
Sara Castillo
“Pff… Al rato marco y pregunto otra vez.”
Chorts/Shorts: American Apparel
(Chorts a la cintura están muy de moda. Los puedes usar horita en el tiempo de calor y hasta cuando empiece a hacer frio, luego te explico cómo. / High waisted shorts are very popular. You can use them right now when it’s hot. Once it starts getting cold, thats another story.)
Blusa/Blouse: Forever 21
Zapatos/ Shoes: Toms

Jeremías /Jeremiah 29:11


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Fashion Tip

February 18th, 2012








Yo (Saira Treviño)

El suéter gris es de A&F.

Fashion Tip.

Hay que aprovechar este tiempito de “frio” que ha llegado al Valle.

Si tienes un suerte o hasta una blusa guanga que tiene un escote medio revelador, entonces puedes seguir esta idea.

Lo único que necesitas hacer es utilizar una pañoleta o una bufanda y la puedes usar en lugar de una blusa abajo.

Personalmente me gusta más como se ve la bufanda que como se vería con la blusa porque es algo nuevo e innovador que no muchos traerán.

101 2635 200x300 Fashion Tip

Me (Saira Treviño)

The gray sweater is from A&F.

Fashion Tip.

Let’s take advantage of this time of “coldness” that has come to the Valley.

If you have a sweater or even an oversized shirt and it has a rather reveling cleavage, then you can follow this idea.

All you need is a shawl or scarf and use it instead of an undershirt.

Personally I like wearing the scarf better than an undershirt because I think it’s something new and innovative that not everybody uses.

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February 18th, 2012


Daniella Díaz

“I’m flattered.”

Daniella se compro su falda en American Apparel.

Se ve hermosa. Si buscas algo simple y cómodo esto es lo que debes de usar. Te das cuenta cómo es que uso blanco y negro, colores que van juntos por naturaleza, y agrego otro color, buena opción. Se ve genial. Ese tono de azul es una muy buena alternativa, es de mil usos.

Algo más que también le puedes sacar mucho provecho es la blusa. Ella se la compro en un bazar pero también puedes encontrar similares en Forever21.

Y los anillos, entre mas grandes mejor. Peeeero, si vas a usar uno tono de metal permanece con el mismo tono. Me choca combinar colores en es aspecto, tipo si usas dorado con plateada—nada que ver, muy mas gusto.


101 2614 151x300 Simple 101 2616 Simple 101 2615 Simple


Daniella bought her skirt at American Apparel.

She looks beautiful. If you are looking for something simple and comfortable this is what you should wear. Notice that she used the colors black and white, colors that good together naturally, and then added another color—very good option. She looks great. The tone of blue that she used was a very good alternative because it could be used with many things.

Something else that could be used with many things is her blouse. She bought it at a thrift store but you can also find similar ones at Forever21.

As for her rings, the bigger the better. Buuut, if you are going to use a type of metal then stay with that same tone. I really don’t like matching or clashing colors in this case, for example if you’re using gold with silver—not a good idea.

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Simply me

February 14th, 2012

Me llamo Saira Treviño.
Me gusta la moda. La verdad no se mucho de diseñadores y que es lo que vendrá y lo más novedoso, pero si se apreciar y reconocer un buen sentido de vestir.
Creo que en lugar de utilizar revistas de moda para inspirarnos cada día, deberíamos de inspirarnos con lo que nos rodea.
La moda es algo muy bella ya que defines quien eres.
Me encanta ver el toque de cada persona al vestir.
Es algo muy bello ver como cada individuo personifica a su propia identidad atreves de su vestuario, y de esa manera se individualiza de entre la multitud.
Como te vistes dice mucho de ti—de quien eres.

Mi estilo es simple.
Baso mi forma de vestir en la elegancia y la simpleza que cada día ofrece.

Simplemente soy una fashionista en búsqueda de la perfección y de la belleza.
Una simple joven con una pasión al vestirse cada día.
Yo soy Saira Treviño, estudiante de Relaciones Publicas.
El mundo es mi pasarela y lo que me rodea es mi inspiración.
Compartiré mi nuevo sito con otras personas que posen una magia al vestir.

Cliché phrase of the day: “Are you ready?”
My name is Saira Treviño.
I like fashion.
To be honest I don’t know much about designers or what is in or what the newest trends are, but I do know how to appreciate and recognize a good sense of style.
I think that instead of using fashion magazines for inspiration, we should be inspired with what’s surround us.

Fashion is a beautiful thing that defines who you are.

I think it’s beautiful how each individual personifies their own identity through their clothing, and with that they individualize themselves from the rest.
How you dress says so much about you—it is who you are.
My style is simple.
I base my way of dressing through the simplicity and elegance that each day offers.
I am simply a fashionista in search of perfection and beauty.
A simple person with a passion when dressing every day.
I am Saira Treviño, a public relations student.
The world is my runway and what surrounds me is my inspiration.
I will share my new site with individuals who have a magic when dressing.

Cliché phrase of the day: “Are you ready?”

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