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Platform Shoes

July 24th, 2013

Let’s be honest, high heels are not the most comfortable shoes to wear. Although they are not comfortable, it is hard to resist a beautiful pair of shoes. If high heels intimidate you, I recommend you wear a pair that has platform. Platform shoes have thick soles that are used to add height. These shoes are the best high heels to walk in because the platform puts your foot in a better position. I’ve included some of my favorite, and I also managed to find almost identical ones for a better price.

 Platform Shoes


  1. Mary Janes are a classic pair of shoe that have been around for a long time now.  These come in many types of styles, from a smaller heel and platform, to a more chunky heel. I love this pair because it can look great for a very formal event, and they can also be worn with a simple pair of jeans and a white tee.


  1. Jeffrey Campbell Litas first came out three years ago and, although they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are very popular in the blogger world. These come in a lot of different colors, patterns and textures. Just because they are a pair of boots does not mean that you have to wear them in the fall, winter seasons. You can rock these in bright colors with some cute shorts. It’s not everyday that you see someone wearing a pair of these. That being said, do not be surprised if you catch people staring.


  1. What more can you ask for in a sandal? I am absolutely in love with these. The chunkiness is perfect, and the white color gives them a sleek look. You won’t be able to find a huge selection of these in stores, but the online shopping world is full of them. If you are not comfortable with how high the platform is, there are a lot of other different heights available.


  1. The classic pointed heel with a twist. The platform on these is not fully connected and it gives them a special look. This shoe is going to get a lot more popular this summer because they are so versatile. They can be worn out in town with casual boyfriend jeans, or you can wear them professionally with slacks.


Tall or short, never be afraid of wearing heels. Always remember that platform heels are the way to go if you want to last alot longer in them.




(Credits: 1. Louboutin- Mary Jane Platform PumpsMary Jane Black Platform 2.Jeffrey Campbell LitaHot pink platform booties 3. Ego and Greed 200 Cross Over -White Flatforms 4.Jeffrey Campbell Solitare - Pointed Toe Stiletto Sandal)

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Leather in the Summer

July 17th, 2013

When I speak to friends about leather, they usually imagine it being worn in the fall/winter seasons because of how heavy looking the material is. The truth is that not all of the pieces come in dark shades. This season there is a lot of pretty leather pieces that come in different colors. Since it’s summer, outfits need to look clean and fresh. Pastels and neon colors are my personal favorite  because they instantly stand out in an outfit. If you need some ideas on how to style, I’ve provided two outfit examples that can help you out.

 Leather in the Summer

(Credits: DailyLook - Forever 21American Apparel)

It does not necessarily have to be leather skirts! I love the pastel shorts from Forever 21 and, although I have not seen many leather shorts in nice colors, I think they are a great essential. If you look hard enough, you can find them!



Untitled 6 300x300 Leather in the Summer


These skirts are from American Apparel and are on the pricey side, but it would be a nice investment. Treat yourself! A neon colored skirt is not hard to style, it would look great during the day and night. Don’t be afraid of choosing your favorite color!

dayoutfit leather 300x291 Leather in the Summer

Pastel colors are the best colors for summer. Nothing screams cute, and elegant like this palette. It is very easy to incorporate a colored leather skirt into a day outfit. Style it with pieces that are in the same color range for a fresh clean look. This is a perfect outfit for school, work or any errands you might have to run.

(Credits: MissselfridgeMadepepper - Forever 21 -Forever 21ShopTarteAsos)

 Leather in the Summer

(Credits: American ApparelEtsyAsosMark JacobsMistressrocks)

Neon colored skirts can be paired with contrasting colors, making the neon pop a lot more. Pair it with white heels, a black top and keep all accessories simple! If you are making the skirt the centerpiece, make sure that all of the other pieces coordinate. It is a lot more fun to dress for the night because of the endless possibilities! Work around the color of your skirt.

Although leather skirts are not cheap, there are many alternative fabrics, like Faux-Leather which seems to be the most common one. If you feel like you cannot make the commitment of buying an expensive piece, opt for the cheaper-priced ones. Never forget that you don’t have to buy expensive pieces to look your best!



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Thrift Store Tips

July 10th, 2013

Thrift Stores have never been so popular. Almost everyone is an active thrifter now a days. Why? It’s because a lot of retail stores are re-making the same types of styles at a more expensive price. I hope the following tips help you out!

 Thrift Store Tips
  1. Wear comfortable clothes. A lot of thrift stores I’ve been to have no mirrors inside the fitting room, and are usually located outside. It is always best to dress in a tank top and shorts. It’ll be easier to slip on dresses, shirts or any other type of clothing.

  2. Go with an open mind. You never know what you’ll step into. Some thrift stores are dirty, while others are organized and clean.

  3. Do not give up if you find nothing on your first day of going to the thrift store. They are always taking things out, so never stop going, and never give up!

  4. Go when you are completely free. Thrifting is not fun when you are rushing. You might skip really awesome pieces.

  5. Take someone with you! It might be a lot more fun, and you can get second opinions about your items. Thrift Store Tips

  6. Sizes have changed, so it is best to try everything on.

  7. It is important that you go through every rack. You never know what you will find. Like I said earlier, sizes have changed, so something that is a children sizes might fit you.

  8. A thrift store is not like a normal retail store. You are not able to return things. Make sure you really love all your pieces before buying them.

  9. Always check for stains, rips, or any other little thing that your item might have.

  10. Don’t be afraid to add something to your cart. Sure it might look ugly on the hanger, but it might look great on you!

  11. Avoid carrying your handbag. Carry a cross-body bag to make your trip to the thrift store easier. You will have free hands to explore!

  12. Always keep in mind that a lot of pieces can be fixed to fit you. A great example is a dress that is too big. You can always belt it to accentuate your waist. You can also always reconstruct the piece of clothing. Cut it and sew it to fit you perfectly.

  13. Never skip the purse and shoes section. A lot of thrift stores carry designer bags and shoes. Just give them a good clean and you are good to go!

  14. If you are buying clothes, always check the tag. I personally hate pieces that you have to be dry cleaned.

 Thrift Store Tips

I found three amazing pieces when I visited the Texas Thrift store. A sky blue tank top with embroidered details, high waist shorts and a wide brimmed hat! My total was $11 for the whole outfit!




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Summer Essentials – 2013

July 5th, 2013

Summer is officially here! Although it has been months since we have been burning up, Texas heat can really take a toll on someone’s attitude towards the day. Your mood can easily lighten up by dressing comfortably, but cute this summer. I put together the following image, which includes trendy pieces that are going to be great summer essentials for your wardrobe.  Summer Essentials   2013


Wide Brimmed Hat: Keep your face away from the sun this summer! This cute hat is a better version of the (oh so used to be popular) Fedora. Get it in a neutral color and it can be easily matched with any outfit you decide for the day, or go wild and get it in a bright bold color, for that statement piece. This hat is a bit hard to find in stores, but can easily be found online!

Middy Rings: Simplicity might be the key for this summer. They can easily be stacked and mixed with different tones of rings. These rings are placed on top of your knuckles, and can be worn heavily or just minimalistically. Places where you can buy them are Forever 21, Asos, Etsy, Urban Outfitters and more.

Bun floral Wrap: We all are aware that hair buns is the easy way-to-go hairstyle. The most popular hair bun is messy hair bun, and it would be greatly accessorized with a bun floral wrap! These can be easily made (because a summer is not one without at least one DIY) or you can buy them at Claires, Etsy, Forever 21, and more.

Round Sunglasses: What is not to love about them? Super chic sunglasses that come in many colors! Forget your knock-off Wayfarers! These come in all sorts of sizes, rim colors, patterns and more. You can grab them all over the internet, or just head to any store.

Clear Handbags: These have a child-like vibe, but are totally a summer essential this year. It does not necessarily have to be a handbag, as clear clutch is also a necessity. A handbag is just a bit easier to carry because you really don’t have to worry about stuffing and forcing things in. Grab a neon multicolored one for the statement piece!

White Shoes: White shoes are a must this summer! They do not have to be a sneaker, as you can grab platforms, sandals, pointy heels or any other possible option. These are gonna be the eye catcher! White shoes are not so common because always see the basic black and brown. Get your hands on at least one pair, and you are set!

Dungaree Shorts: Try not to laugh, but these are gonna be a hit this summer. You might get some stares, but do not worry, you’ll just be ahead of everyone because they are not so common right now. Don’t be afraid to wear them, stand out! Everyone associates these with their childhood. Don’t you? They are barely hitting the stores, and are a bit pricy. You might want to go to your local thrift store and grab some for a few dollars. These look great in patterns or just solid denim.

Ruffle Socks: We were just talking about our childhood right? Remember when your mother used to force you to wear these, with your tennis or shiny shoes? Well, they are back, but this time they are totally cute! Spice up your summer wardrobe and wear these with your white sneakers or your big platform shoes. These are adorable in pastel colors! You can find these on Ebay, Etsy, Forever 21 or you can just do a DIY. Psstt… do not be embarrassed to love them, because I do! Plus a peek of the ruffle will make your outfit even better.

High-Waist Shorts: Studded, shredded, tye-dyed and whatever your heart desires these high waist shorts are back this summer! These made their appearance just a few years ago, and now they are more popular than ever. Stores finally started carrying them and they are definitely easier to find. If you want to have fun and create your own pair, I encourage you to head to your thrift store and make a pair. You can easily pay $30 or more for a pair of shorts or you can make a unique pair for just a few dollars. These are great with crop tops, chiffon shirts (with the 90’s knot) and any other light weight shirts that will keep cool this hot summer.

Crop tops: These come in anything you can possibly imagine. Colors, patterns, different cuts, there is one for everyone. I recommend stocking up on these. If you see one you like, grab it, because it will most likely not be there on your next visit. These are great paired with jeans, shorts, skirts and are generally not pricey at all!


What are you waiting for? Go build your Summer Essentials Wardrobe!



(credits: 1.Urbanoutfitters 2.Topshop 3.Forever 21 4.Miu Miu 5.Fredflare 6.Converse 7.Boohoo 8.Karmaloop 9.Ebay 10.Aliexpress)

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Cannes Film Festival

May 30th, 2013

The Cannes Film Festival kicked off Wednesday May 15 at the French Riviera in Palais des Festivals et des Congrès and, with it, so did the studded parade of international glamorous celebrities.

 Cannes, as it is better known, is an annual festival that showcases new films and documentaries from all around the world.  It started in 1946 and is one of the most important and reported event.

 It is usually held during the month of May, and this time around Cannes will run from May 15 to May 26, 2013.

 Because it is an international event, year after year Cannes always manages to create an endless, stunning red carpet event.

 Below is a small parade of my favorite looks from the week’s fashion-filled film event. It is quite interesting to see how different celebrities from different parts of the world express their sense of dressing, each are so unique in their own way.

 I hope you enjoy them.




P.s. Take a note on the colors worn by these stunning celebrities, these colors will most likely (cough cough, already are) be highly used during the seasons to come.

(Pictures are from Fashionista

 Cannes Film Festival

) Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival


 Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has always been my favorite, her dress is different from all the dress and was custom made, she fit in perfectly well it the opening of the The Great Gatsby premier. Maybe a pop of color on her lips could have helped, perhaps a color like Cara or Solange could have given a hint of light to her face, but she still looks beautiful.


 Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes Film Festival

This lady right here wore about three or four different outfits but this one was my favorite. In my opinion she looks like an ice princess, the off silve, light electric baby blue in very interesting. I really liked how the the dark nail polish pops up when compared to the rest of her dress.

 Cannes Film Festival  Cannes Film Festival

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Reward Yourself

May 28th, 2013

It is finally over.  Summer is in full swing. I hope you did awesome in all your classes, and for all who are graduating this semester or in the summer, my best wishes!

After all the brain power that was used and the lack of sleep due to the millions of hours spent studying, I think now is the time to reward yourself. Rest from this stressful week and reward yourself for all your hard work.

Usually I would suggest a cute manicure or pedi, but that is something you could get any other day. So this time around I am suggesting other types of goodies. Below is a little collage I made of all my favorite items this season that I think would be a great way to repay yourself for the numerous hours spent in school.

I mean, getting a cute manicure could really do wonders, but I think it is a lot more thrilling to add new items to your closet and be able to reuse them over and over again. Plus, who doesn’t like new shoes?

So for this term of after-finals-rewards I am suggesting a couple of items that could be of great help during this time of the year. If you notice, there is a similar color scheme that is followed within all the items, and that is because “nude,” “beige” and “coral” are colors that are rather popular this spring and summer season.

Below the collage I have add a brief description of why you should consider getting them or how you could wear them.

I hope you enjoy it.



Reward1 Reward Yourself


1. Machine Leopard Combat Boots

- I am a big fan of this particular animal print, I am crazy in love with leopard. Boots are no longer just for the winter. This time around combat boots are conquering the sunny days, please notice “combat boots” not Uggs. So why not invest in lovely cheetah ones? You can practically wear them with anything, high-waisted denim shorts, black skinnies, or flowy summer dresses. However, I do suggest you keep the same color scheme and that you don’t mix prints.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer: “Dulce de leche”

- OPI is one of the best nail lacquers you could purchase. They might be a bit on the pricey side but the color definition and the strength of the nail polish itself is worth paying. Natural or light colors are best for your nails since the chemicals don’t damage them as much as the darker colors.

3. Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccion

- I am an avid cold coffee drinker and usually get pretty excited when new flavors are added to the Starbucks menu. The “Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frapp” is the newest cold beverage to kick start the summer. I think it’s time for a quick try!

4. Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” moisturizing lip blam

- I actually own this lip balm in this particular color and I love it. If you want to have a natural makeup look or a simple light, splash of color, Maybelline’s Baby Lips is the ideal lip balm. It is light, doesn’t leave weird dry color around the lips, moisturizes and is not expensive, around three to four dollars.

5. BCBG’s Zoey Platform Wedge Sandal

- If you’re not a great high-heels walker, wedges are the easiest heels to wear. They are easy to walk in and friendly on the feet because the wedge and platform help balance the foot. For colors, nude is the new black – elegant and wearable with anything. As a matter of fact if you’re on the petite side nude shoes help your legs appear longer.

6. Asos Nude Round Sunglasses

- Round sunnies are “thee thang” this summer. Whether they are a small frame or a larger one, this season you cannot go wrong with cat-eyed or round sunglasses. Want more? Check out my blog on “Round Sunnies and Eyewear.”

1 Corintios/ 1 Corinthians 15:58

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College Fashionista

April 27th, 2013

Si es que no te has dado cuento, tenemos nuevas bloguers.

Lento pero seguro los amantes de la moda y sus seguidores excéntricos están conquistando los pasillos de tu propia universidad y permitiendo que diferentes estilos de vestir llenen el internet.

 Sara Castillo, Debora Dueñas, Alicia Holt y Tere Cortes ahora están en la búsqueda de los mejores vestidos alrededor de la escuela.

Estas cuatro fashionistas toman parte de un internado national, “College Fahionista”, en donde todos los días se toman fotos de personas con estilo y se publican en el internet con comentarios y concejos para vestir.

Asique si estas buscando inspiración local o nacional para vestir “College Fashionista” vale la pena.

Abre los ojos y estate en la búsqueda de estas chicas. Y si es que se te acercan y te preguntan por una foto sienten absolutamente honrada/o.

Tuve la oportunidad de charlar con ellas y obtuve un poco de información de quienes son.

Aquí te va un pequeña biografía en de ellas.

Asegúrate de darle un vistazo a sus blogs en


SairaTrev College Fashionista

In case you haven’t seen them around campus, we have new bloggers.

Slowly but surely fashion lovers and eccentric followers are conquering the hallways of your very own university and letting styles around you fill the internet.

Sara Castillo, Debora Dueñas, Alicia Holt and Tere Cortes are now in search of the best dressed around school.

These four fashionistas take part in a national internship, “College Fashionista,” where every day pictures of stylish individuals get taken, uploaded and commented and advised on.

So, if you’re looking for local or national style and outfit inspiration “College Fashionista” is worth looking at.

Be on the lookout for these girls and if you’re approached by them and asked for a picture, feel absolutely honored.

I had the opportunity to chat with them and got a bit of info.

Here’s all a small bio of them.

Make sure to check out their blogs at


 SairaTrev College Fashionista

Déjame te las presento,/ Let me introduce them to you,

IMG 5834 College Fashionista

Sara Castillo
“Style Advice of the Week”
Carrera/Major: Public Relations and Advertising, Minor: Art, Spanish
Estilo/Style: Girly-chic
Tienda favorite/ Favorite store: H&M, Zara

IMG 5907 College Fashionista

Debora Dueñas
Carrera/Major: Public Relations and Advertising, Minor: Honors
Estilo/Style: Glam
Tienda Favorita/ Favorite store: No tengo una tienda favorita en especial/ I don’t specifically have a favorite store

IMG 5795 College Fashionista

Alicia Holt
“Fashionista/Fashionisto Spotlight”
Carrera/Major: Marketing, Minor: French
Estilo/Style: Minimalist with a strong inspiring models-off duty
Tienda favorite/ Favorite store: Zara

IMG 5867 College Fashionista

Tere Cortes
“What to Wear”
Carrera/Major: Marketing, Minor: Art and French
Estilo/Sytle: Edgy. Girly with an edge.
Tienda Favorite/Favorite Store: NastyGal

IMG 5962 1 College Fashionista

“Fashion Gurus at CollegeFashionista”

Juan/John 6:35

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Coachella for Inspo

April 24th, 2013

This past weekend the Coachella music festival took place in California once again. In case you are not aware of what Coachella is here’s a quick summary:

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, better known as Coachella, is a music-filled event. It lasts three days for two consecutive weekends and showcases superstars and upcoming artists. This year Coachella was located in Indio, CA.  This event takes place once a year, usually during the month of April. There is a wide expression of love and peace that could be portrayed through the apparel of its attendees.

“The original festival frontiers women were all about freedom: expressing peace and love with flowing dresses and tresses, liberating their bodies and minds, bearing their bellies and weaving daisy-chain jewelry. These days, it’s a slightly different story. Don’t let the fringe fool you—Coachella is high fashion. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less authentic. After all, what could be more liberating than Katy Perry in chandelier earrings, Rita Ora in a chic crop top, or Alessandra Ambrosio in a pair of neon jean shorts? These women go afield in whatever they like. Talk about free spirits.”—Vogue

Coachella is an event that many look forward to. It is a showcase that sets trends for what is left of the spring and the summer.

See what most of the recognized celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing. I have searched all of my favorite fashion websites (WhoWhatWear, Fashionista, and Vogue) and picked my favorite outfits.

(Some are rather interesting!)

Hope you like them,



1. 53 55a0884 amber kekich zpsfe435ff3 Coachella for Inspo

2. hbz coachella street style 041213 07 lgn zps3f2d5596 Coachella for Inspo

3. hbz coachella street style 041213 15 lgn zpscbabeeb7 Coachella for Inspo

4. coachella street style 7 143405765521 zps5000af8e Coachella for Inspo

5.coachella street style 21 143357328408 zps1fe54273 Coachella for Inspo

6. main original 496x56444 Coachella for Inspo

7. kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 01 zps82cc108c Coachella for Inspo

8.hbz coachella street style 041213 09 lgn zps76f4fd38 Coachella for Inspo

9.coachella street style 14 143352305971 Coachella for Inspo 

10. coachella street style 22 143358595226 Coachella for Inspo

11.coachella street style 23 143359983859 Coachella for Inspo

main original 496x564 Coachella for Inspo 





Most of the looks could be found in local places, click each store name for similar finds.
Hope you like them!

1. Colorful Vest (Forever21), Black Booties (Call it Spring)

2. Hat (Forever21)

3. High-low Dress (BCBG), Booties (Forever21)

4. Sunglasses (Aldo)

5. Black shorts (Forever21)

6. Shorts (A’gaci), Tigh-high boots (Forever21)

7. Black Booties (Aldo)

8. Handbag (Aldo)

9. Crop Top (Wet Seal), Chunky Necklace (Call it Spring)

10. Hat (BCBG)

11. Sunglasses (Aldo)


Nehemías/Nehemiah 8:10

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College Fashionistas at UTPA

March 7th, 2013

Senior Tere Cortes said her style is edgy by day and sexy by night. The 22-year-old marketing major mixes jean vests with flowy dresses and has been a Style Guru with website College Fashionista since fall 2012.

The fashion site was launched August 2009, featuring students’ style from universities around the world. Students from those universities intern as bloggers or Style Gurus for the site.

“We use the students on campus as an example. We talk about what they’re wearing for each article depending on the category,” Cortes, a Rio Bravo native, explained. “I think it’s awesome because you get to participate with the whole country. It’s special how in each campus they have their own style.”

Cortes found out about the site through Twitter, and used the internship for credit hours. After interning for a semester, she was able to recommend her own UTPA Style Gurus who signed up on the website and started their unpaid internships at the start of the spring 2013 semester.

The UTPA interns can be seen on campus, taking photos of students between classes or on posters they created throughout the buildings.

Four 22-year-old girls sat in a half circle, talking of fashion and finishing each other’s sentences in a blend of Spanish and English.
Sara Castillo, a Reynosa native, said she plays the role of girly chic, donning embellished garments such as voluminous skirts and sleeves. Castillo explained she has had a love for styling since she was a little girl.

“Over the years you start seeing things differently and I think this is like my first chance to talk about how my perspective of fashion is,” said the senior public relations and advertising major. “Fashion is about personality and uniqueness.”
Amelia Holt has “off-duty model” style, according to the other three Gurus. The senior Rio Bravo native dresses for simplicity and comfort with Doc Marten boots as an everyday piece and usually only a pair of earrings to accessorize.

As an artist and aspiring model, Holt saw art and fashion as one and the same.

“It takes a lot of skill to make a whole (clothing) collection and inspiration,” Holt said. “The art concept is the same because it’s all based on inspiration and creativity.”

Deborah Dueñas, a public relations major, is referred to as “glamorous” by her fellow UTPA fashionistas. The Reynosa native specializes in accessories and gravitates toward bold pieces such as full-sized bows and ornate jewelry.
Although she admitted she only discovered fashion recently, she said it has become a part of her.

“I haven’t looked at fashion as much as Sara has, but with this internship, now I love it,” she said. “I think fashion is a way of expressing ourselves.”

As interns for the site, each of the girls are required to produce a blog every week, with a specific day and fashion category assigned to each of them such as Accessories Report and Style Advice of the Week.

They find students on campus and write about their style while relating to trends in the worldly fashion industry such as designer’s seasonal collections.

The interns work as a team, taking on the responsibility of representing UTPA’s style. This is something that Cortes’ peers once thought to be an unlikely task.

“When I started, my friends were like, ‘Oh good luck about that, trying to get fashion students from campus. You’re probably going to get slippers and pants, flip-flops and caps,’” Cortes recalled as the other girls laughed. “But I think it’s also an opportunity to get to know us because UTPA is not very known in the United States…so it’s a good way to get exposure for students, like how the style is here.”

The girls explained that UTPA student style is based off the nearly year-around warm weather, and added that most of the students have a “subtle” fashion sense.

“Students here are not that outrageous…but it’s interesting to see every once and a while someone that dares to wear a statement piece,” the girly chic Castillo said. “It’s interesting to meet people because we have unique personalities in this university. That’s the interesting part of doing this, to get to know everybody.”

The interns have worked to gain familiarity in the UTPA community, sharing their articles through multiple social media outlets to spread the word about College Fashionista.

“By getting us known, we’re encouraging students to be more fashionable, trendier,” Holt said. “This is a time you can wear anything and it’s OK. Once you’re out in the real world working, you can’t really express too much, but in college, that’s your gateway. Like ‘Let me try this and if I fail, it’s okay. I can dress another way tomorrow.’”

While trying to promote “fashion in a student budget,” according to Cortes, the girls attempt to mix magazine trends given a reasonable financial limit. The fashionistas shop at places such as Shop 112 in McAllen, T.J. Maxx and online stores such as Lulu’s.

“We’re not high-class in fashion,” Dueñas said. “We can talk about what the students are wearing. Fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive and luxurious. We can find stuff like that, but around campus.”

Although they are only interns now, they have the chance to move up the College Fashionista ladder, depending on how well they do with the blogs. They participate in online seminars and have opportunities to communicate with fashion industry executives for meccas like Vogue and American Eagle Outfitters.

“It’s not paid but definitely you get experience because you get to get (your work) published,” Cortes said. “Because you’re on the College Fashionista internship, it gets you more attention so you can start creating your networks and start building your relationship in the fashion industry.”

The four said they understood that fashion is a tough industry to get into, but are hoping the experience with College Fashionista is going to help give them the experience they need.

Each week, they take their own photos and fine-tune writing skills to produce a blog they hope to be helpful to the UTPA community.

“It’s one thing when your friends are reading, but with other people that you don’t expect, that’s when you’re satisfied with what you’re doing,” Castillo said. “Seeing that you’re doing something good that is not only for your personal benefit, but it’s actually benefiting other people, that’s the best part.”

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Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

December 31st, 2012

El año nuevo está por venir y todos esperamos ansiosamente mejores oportunidades y aventuras nuevas. Y si es que atreves de los años no has logrado saber qué color de prenda es el adecuado o que usar Y su significado, pues aquí te van.

La verdad no soy una persona muy supersticiosa. Pero por si es que tu si, aquí te van los significados de cada color de ropa interior que supuestamente debes de usar para el resultado que buscas.

Así que atención y con lápiz en la mano.

¡El año nuevo está por llegar y hay que conquistarlo!

Te deseo lo mejor, mucha felicidad, amor, paz y prosperidad. Que Dios os bendiga con un hermoso año nuevo.

¡Mis mejores deseos!


*P.D. Para todas y todos los fashionista: Si es que en este año nuevo estás buscando tener un guarda ropa repleto de ropa nueva, entonces tienes que seguir esta recomendación. Lo que tienes que hacer es usar tu ropa interior al revés. Sip, leíste bien, lo que tienes que hacer es usar tu prenda interior de abajo al revés y arreglarla dentro de unos cuantos minutos en cuanto el reloj haya marcado las 12:00 en punto. Es tan simple.

(*Todos los puedes encontrar en Victoria Secret/ You can find them all at Victoria Secret)
AMARILLO: Es para los que están buscando prosperidad, riquezas y éxito para el 2013.

V290552 RC24Y1 300x186 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

YELLOW: Is for those who are looking for prosperity, wealth and success for 2013.


ROSA: Quiere decir un año lleno de suerte para encontrar el amor.

V290552 RCT82 300x191 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

PINK: Means a year full of luck to find love.


VERDE: Es para tener un año de mejor suerte.

V290552 RCAY9 300x190 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

GREEN: Is to have a year of better luck.


AZUL: Será para un año lleno de buena salud.

V290552 RCJ55 300x187 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

BLUE: Will be for a year full of good health.


BLANCO: Para tener una año lleno de paz, harmonía y felicidad.

V290552 092 300x190 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

WHITE: To have a year full of peace, harmony and happiness.


ROJO: Para los enamorados que buscan un año lleno de pación y romance.

V290552 RC2FR 300x183 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

RED: For the ones who are in love and searching for a year full of passion and romance.

The New Year is right around the corner and we are all anxiously waiting for better opportunities and new adventures. And if throughout the years you have yet to know what garment is the proper one to wear or what to even wear and the meaning of its color, well here ya go.

To be honest I’m not a very superstitious. But if you are, here are the meanings of the color of undergarment you should wear and their supposed meanings for the results you are looking for.

So pay attention and be ready to write.

The New Year is almost here and ready to get conquered!

I wish you the best, tons of happiness, love, peace, and prosperity. May the Lord bless you with a beautiful New Year.

My best wishes.


*P.S. For all the fashionistas: If this year you’re looking to have a closet full of new clothes, then you have to follow this recommendation. What you have to do is wear your underwear backwards. Yup, you read right. What you have to do is wear your bottom undergarment backwards and then fix it within a few minutes that the clock strikes 12:00. Is that simple.

Ya que sabes que usar abajo, ahora la pregunta es… ¿qué me pongo arriba?

Aquí te van mis Top Tres looks:

So now that you know what to wear on the bottom, the question now is…what do I wear on top?

Here are my Top Three looks:


Rojo/ Red

image4xxl 640x8161 235x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year


¡Metálicos!/ Metals

marcjacobs 183x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year nastygal 161x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year CamillaandMarc 157x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year



JCrew 172x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year Black Sequin LongSleeve Dress4 large 200x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

Encaje/ Lace

Chiara Ferragni 200x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year DolceVita 232x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

Hebreos/ Hebrews 4:12






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