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Platform Shoes

Let’s be honest, high heels are not the most comfortable shoes to wear. Although they are not comfortable, it is hard to resist a beautiful pair of shoes. If high heels intimidate you, I recommend you wear a pair that has platform. Platform shoes have thick soles that are used to add height. These shoes are the best high heels to walk in because the platform puts your foot in a better position. I’ve included some of my favorite, and I also managed to find almost identical ones for a better price.

 Platform Shoes


  1. Mary Janes are a classic pair of shoe that have been around for a long time now.  These come in many types of styles, from a smaller heel and platform, to a more chunky heel. I love this pair because it can look great for a very formal event, and they can also be worn with a simple pair of jeans and a white tee.


  1. Jeffrey Campbell Litas first came out three years ago and, although they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are very popular in the blogger world. These come in a lot of different colors, patterns and textures. Just because they are a pair of boots does not mean that you have to wear them in the fall, winter seasons. You can rock these in bright colors with some cute shorts. It’s not everyday that you see someone wearing a pair of these. That being said, do not be surprised if you catch people staring.


  1. What more can you ask for in a sandal? I am absolutely in love with these. The chunkiness is perfect, and the white color gives them a sleek look. You won’t be able to find a huge selection of these in stores, but the online shopping world is full of them. If you are not comfortable with how high the platform is, there are a lot of other different heights available.


  1. The classic pointed heel with a twist. The platform on these is not fully connected and it gives them a special look. This shoe is going to get a lot more popular this summer because they are so versatile. They can be worn out in town with casual boyfriend jeans, or you can wear them professionally with slacks.


Tall or short, never be afraid of wearing heels. Always remember that platform heels are the way to go if you want to last alot longer in them.




(Credits: 1. Louboutin- Mary Jane Platform PumpsMary Jane Black Platform 2.Jeffrey Campbell LitaHot pink platform booties 3. Ego and Greed 200 Cross Over -White Flatforms 4.Jeffrey Campbell Solitare - Pointed Toe Stiletto Sandal)

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