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October is probably most known for scary movies, Oktoberfest and Halloween, but in the world of sports, it’s when the NBA and pro hockey begin, the NFL goes into full swing and Major League Baseball goes to the World Series.

With so many sports to watch on television do you wonder which game to watch and why you are glued to the game? The answer is simple: watch as much as you can of every game because you never know when you’re about to see greatness.

Some of the greatest games have taken place in the month of October. Oct. 13, 1960, Game Seven of the World Series between the Pittsburg Pirates and the New York Yankees. A game that recorded zero strikeouts, 19 runs and 24 hits. Second baseman Bill Mazeroski hit the game winning walk-off home run in the ninth inning as the Pirates defeated the Yankees.

In sports nothing is certain, no matter how big Goliath may be, there is a David just around the corner waiting to make history.
There is a saying in the sports world: “That’s why we play the game,” which speaks to the unpredictability of any game in any sport. You just never know.

One of the greatest games in NFL and New York Jets history happened on the stage that is Monday Night Football, Oct. 23, 2000.

The Miami Dolphins were dominating the Jets with a score of 30-7 entering the final quarter of regulation. Vinny Testaverde was the Jets quarterback and he led his team down the field over and over, scoring 30 points in the fourth quarter to come from behind and send the game into overtime.

To start overtime, Miami drove the ball until Dolphins quarterback Jay Fiedler threw a pass but was intercepted by the Jets. On came Testaverde, who threw three of five for 41 yards on the final drive to set up a 40-yard attempt for Jets’ kicker. The kick was good, ensuring the second biggest fourth-quarter comeback in NFL history, as well as the largest comeback in Jets’ history.

One of the wildest games in the last decade took place Oct. 12, 2009, when the Calgary Flames were playing in Chicago against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Flames jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead, until 2:15 was left in the first period. The Blackhawks managed to score their first goal of the game to begin a comeback. The tying shot for the Blackhawks came with 15:28 left in the third period.

The game went into overtime, where in the first 26 seconds of “sudden death,” the Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook made the game-winning shot.

Basketball in October is more about the hype. There are questions on fans’ minds. Will there be a three-peat for the Miami Heat? Is this the year Kevin Durant wins a title? How is Derrick Rose’s knee going to hold up? And why is New Orleans’ mascot the Pelicans?

October is when basketball fans get a glimpse of how their favorite athletes and teams are stacking up for the latest season, which starts Oct. 30.

On that day, two questions will be addressed: How good will the Brooklyn Nets look as they face the Cleveland Cavaliers? The second is, will we see Kobe Bryant in action for the Los Angeles Lakers? The Lakers make a trip, to face the up-and-coming Golden State Warriors.

One of the greatest stories in October is also part of one of the greatest rivalries of all time. It involves the 2004 Boston Red Sox and their victory over the New York Yankees.

Although a single game away from elimination, the Boston Red Sox clawed their way to victory by defeating their hated rival in four straight games. The Red Sox are the only team in MLB history to come back and win the league series after being down 3-0.

The Red Sox went on to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series where they swept the title and were crowned World Series champions.

“That’s why we play the game”-a saying made for the sports world, but it also applies in life. Sports in October remind us that anything is possible as long as you have the smarts, the will and the heart.

Although every day can’t be in the month of October, sports can inspire us to be great and accomplish tremendous things.

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