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Flower Crowns, DIY

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One of my favorite accessories for the spring summer 2013 has to be flower crowns.  Whether you wear them with bold exotic colors to make a statement or for a more romantic look, either can be perfect for the warmer weather that is hitting the Valley. Soft, messy braids or beach-wave hair also looks great with flower crowns and could be a perfect accessory for a lazy day.

As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago during Coachella many of our favorite celebrities and bloggers sported flower crowns as accessories, which captivated all the attention. Now, it is your turn to be bold and beautiful.

But if you are asking yourself what exactly is a flower crown, well let me introduce you to the history of the cutest accessory you can make or buy this season.

Flowers are usually popular during the spring seasons, but this time around they are definitely making more news and will even be big during the summer. Here’s their quick history: the tradition of making garland of flowers eventually turned into the making of flower crowns, which has been practiced by many cultures across time.

According to “eHow,”Flowers represent celebration, while crowns usually symbolize honor, so combining flowers and crowns is almost as natural as breathing. Does this spark any ideas?

Flower crowns have been used in the Catholic religion, which traditionally is celebrated by the coronation of flowers to the statue of Mary, the mother or Christ.

In weddings, brides have worn flower crowns since ancient times. Now however, they are worn by flower girls.

In the Greek culture lilies are used to represent maidenhood, prosperity, marriage and happiness.

As for the Romans, flower crowns were used for several reasons, some of which include the celebration of weddings, for social gatherings to offset the drinking of liquor and as a reward to estimable behaviors.

And finally here in the United States they are known as “Lei” in Hawaii. These flower accessories are not only worn across the neck but on the heads of dancers and brides. Leis are worn for celebrations, ceremonies and beauty. And in other cultures it is linked to ancient fertility rituals.

So now that you got a quick history lesson on flower crowns, are you ready to make one of your own?

Below is a DIY video I had the opportunity of working on with Daniella Diaz, one of the reporters for The Pan American.

I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, show us your beautiful creations by uploading your pictures on Instagram and tagging The PanAmerican, “@thepanamerican.”


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Colosenses/Colossians 3:12

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