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Flower Crowns, DIY

June 1st, 2013

floralcrown zps068520de  Flower Crowns, DIY


pic 2296 1342679535  Flower Crowns, DIY

One of my favorite accessories for the spring summer 2013 has to be flower crowns.  Whether you wear them with bold exotic colors to make a statement or for a more romantic look, either can be perfect for the warmer weather that is hitting the Valley. Soft, messy braids or beach-wave hair also looks great with flower crowns and could be a perfect accessory for a lazy day.

As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago during Coachella many of our favorite celebrities and bloggers sported flower crowns as accessories, which captivated all the attention. Now, it is your turn to be bold and beautiful.

But if you are asking yourself what exactly is a flower crown, well let me introduce you to the history of the cutest accessory you can make or buy this season.

Flowers are usually popular during the spring seasons, but this time around they are definitely making more news and will even be big during the summer. Here’s their quick history: the tradition of making garland of flowers eventually turned into the making of flower crowns, which has been practiced by many cultures across time.

According to “eHow,”Flowers represent celebration, while crowns usually symbolize honor, so combining flowers and crowns is almost as natural as breathing. Does this spark any ideas?

Flower crowns have been used in the Catholic religion, which traditionally is celebrated by the coronation of flowers to the statue of Mary, the mother or Christ.

In weddings, brides have worn flower crowns since ancient times. Now however, they are worn by flower girls.

In the Greek culture lilies are used to represent maidenhood, prosperity, marriage and happiness.

As for the Romans, flower crowns were used for several reasons, some of which include the celebration of weddings, for social gatherings to offset the drinking of liquor and as a reward to estimable behaviors.

And finally here in the United States they are known as “Lei” in Hawaii. These flower accessories are not only worn across the neck but on the heads of dancers and brides. Leis are worn for celebrations, ceremonies and beauty. And in other cultures it is linked to ancient fertility rituals.

So now that you got a quick history lesson on flower crowns, are you ready to make one of your own?

Below is a DIY video I had the opportunity of working on with Daniella Diaz, one of the reporters for The Pan American.

I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, show us your beautiful creations by uploading your pictures on Instagram and tagging The PanAmerican, “@thepanamerican.”


tumblr mfnn4naw9i1r4a1uoo1 500  Flower Crowns, DIY

Colosenses/Colossians 3:12

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Reward Yourself

May 28th, 2013

It is finally over.  Summer is in full swing. I hope you did awesome in all your classes, and for all who are graduating this semester or in the summer, my best wishes!

After all the brain power that was used and the lack of sleep due to the millions of hours spent studying, I think now is the time to reward yourself. Rest from this stressful week and reward yourself for all your hard work.

Usually I would suggest a cute manicure or pedi, but that is something you could get any other day. So this time around I am suggesting other types of goodies. Below is a little collage I made of all my favorite items this season that I think would be a great way to repay yourself for the numerous hours spent in school.

I mean, getting a cute manicure could really do wonders, but I think it is a lot more thrilling to add new items to your closet and be able to reuse them over and over again. Plus, who doesn’t like new shoes?

So for this term of after-finals-rewards I am suggesting a couple of items that could be of great help during this time of the year. If you notice, there is a similar color scheme that is followed within all the items, and that is because “nude,” “beige” and “coral” are colors that are rather popular this spring and summer season.

Below the collage I have add a brief description of why you should consider getting them or how you could wear them.

I hope you enjoy it.



Reward1 Reward Yourself


1. Machine Leopard Combat Boots

- I am a big fan of this particular animal print, I am crazy in love with leopard. Boots are no longer just for the winter. This time around combat boots are conquering the sunny days, please notice “combat boots” not Uggs. So why not invest in lovely cheetah ones? You can practically wear them with anything, high-waisted denim shorts, black skinnies, or flowy summer dresses. However, I do suggest you keep the same color scheme and that you don’t mix prints.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer: “Dulce de leche”

- OPI is one of the best nail lacquers you could purchase. They might be a bit on the pricey side but the color definition and the strength of the nail polish itself is worth paying. Natural or light colors are best for your nails since the chemicals don’t damage them as much as the darker colors.

3. Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccion

- I am an avid cold coffee drinker and usually get pretty excited when new flavors are added to the Starbucks menu. The “Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frapp” is the newest cold beverage to kick start the summer. I think it’s time for a quick try!

4. Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” moisturizing lip blam

- I actually own this lip balm in this particular color and I love it. If you want to have a natural makeup look or a simple light, splash of color, Maybelline’s Baby Lips is the ideal lip balm. It is light, doesn’t leave weird dry color around the lips, moisturizes and is not expensive, around three to four dollars.

5. BCBG’s Zoey Platform Wedge Sandal

- If you’re not a great high-heels walker, wedges are the easiest heels to wear. They are easy to walk in and friendly on the feet because the wedge and platform help balance the foot. For colors, nude is the new black – elegant and wearable with anything. As a matter of fact if you’re on the petite side nude shoes help your legs appear longer.

6. Asos Nude Round Sunglasses

- Round sunnies are “thee thang” this summer. Whether they are a small frame or a larger one, this season you cannot go wrong with cat-eyed or round sunglasses. Want more? Check out my blog on “Round Sunnies and Eyewear.”

1 Corintios/ 1 Corinthians 15:58

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Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

March 28th, 2013

IMG 20130315 235706 Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

(Via Instagram: @Sairatrev)

Así que con eso en mente busque las mejores y más lindas opciones especialmente para ti. Abajo esta un pequeño collage que hice de mis armazónes y diseños favoritos de sunnies, y obviamente a los mejores precios.¡La primavera esta oficialmente aquí! Hermosas flores  nos rodean, pajarillos cantan por las mañanas y el sol.  Y como la primavera esta para quedarse y el verano pronto llegara, pensé que debería de darte un pequeño reportaje en las tendencias mas solicitadas de la temporada, gafas redondas o “round sunnies”. Y como el sol aquí en el Valle parece estar más brillante que de lo normal, ¿por qué no proteger tus ojos con estilo, verdad?

Reportaje: Los sunnies mas lindos los encontrarás en Asos y Polyvore, sin embargo los precios están un poco altos. Si buscas algo más económico los podrías encontrar en Forever 21 y en un sitio mega padre que me enseño una amiga, Zerouv. Me decepcioné un poco, H&M no tenía una variedad tan grandiosa que digamos. Ah, en Ebay también es una muy buena opción. Solo busca “Round sunnies” o “round sunglasses” y encontrarás una gran variedad.

Como usarlos: Como estas gafas de sol están de moda realmente te las puedes poner con lo que sea. Ya sea que uses unos simples skinnies una blusa simple o pantalones de mezclilla. Al usar estos lentes podrás darle un look más elegante a tu conjunto simple. Vestiditos de verano, pantalones cortos o arremangados con Peplums también lucirán bellos con ellos. ! Básicamente con todo!

¿Duda?: Si dudas que tipo de armazón irán mejor con tu estructura fácil puedes leer este artículo muy interesante que encontré para información, “The Sun Authority”. Pero, si me preguntas a mi yo optaría por los “Round cat-eye (4)”, porque creo que este estilo podría lucir favorablemente con la mayoría de los rostros.

En conclusión, démosle la bienvenida al sol de primavera/verano con estilo.




SairaTrev Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Spring/Summer Eyewear, featuring Round Sunnies, by Saira Trev.

Spring is officially here! Beautiful flowers all around us, birds chirping in the mornings, and of course, the sun.  And since spring is here to stay and the summer is right around the corner, I thought I should give you a trend report on the season’s hottest eyewear trend, round sunnies. And since the sun here in the Valley seems to be extra bright, why not protect your eyes fashionably, right?

So with that in mind I’ve looked all around for the best and cutest choices especially for you. Below is a small collage I’ve made with my favorite frames and designs, and of course the best prices.

Report: The cutest sunnies were found in Asos and Polyvore, however the prices were a bit high. If you’re looking for lower prices you could check out Forever 21 and a mega awesome site a friend introduced me to, Zerouv. I was a bit disappointed, H&M didn’t have such great options. Oh, and Ebay is also a really good option. Just search for “round sunnies” or “round sunglasses” and you’ll find a great variety!

How to wear them: Since these sunglasses are in style right now you could wear them with just about anything. They could be worn with simple skinnies and a top or denim pants. When wearing the sunnies you could give your simple outfit a more elegant look. Summer dresses, shorts or cropped pants with Peplums also look lovely with them. Basically with everything!

Doubt? : If you wonder what type of frame would look better with your facial structure you could read this very interesting article that I found for more information, “The Sun Authority.” But, if you ask me I would opt for the “Round cat-eye (4),” because I think that this style tends to be rather favorable with most faces.

In conclusion, welcome the spring/summer sun in style.

Good luck!



sunglasses and eyewear Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

(De izquierda a derecha)/ (Going from Left to Right)



  1. Oversized (Forever 21/ Zerouv)
  2. Extravagant (Zerouv)
  3. Bold (Asos)
  4. Round cat-eye (Forever 21/Zerouv)
  5. Decorative Frame (Asos/Polyvore)
  6. Mirrored (Polyvore)
  7. Vintage-Inspired (Polyvore)
  8. Rita Round (Asos)

Inspiración/ Inspiration:

Nicole Richie Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Nicole Richie | (Imágenes / Images: WhoWhatWear)

Anja Rubik Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Anja Rubik | (Imágenes / Images: WhoWhatWear)


Elena Perminova Trending: Sunnies and Eyewear

Elena Perminova | (Imágenes / Images: WhoWhatWear)




Juan/John 14:23

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Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

January 22nd, 2013


IMG 20130110 205022 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20130104 165150 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121230 021728 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121223 195304 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121223 013641 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121226 174010 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121220 152608 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121217 171530 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121126 104836 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121118 202049 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

Te invito a que le des un vistazo a mi vida.

Sígueme en mis nuevas adicciones,

Instagram y Twitter: @Sairatrev

P.D.  Si buscas inspiración e ideas para vestir puedes seguir estos sitios en Instagram, a mi me gustan mucho:







SairaTrev Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

I invite you to take a sneak peek into my life.

Follow me on my new addictions,

Instagram and Twitter: @Sairatrev

P.S. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for dressing you could follow these sites on Instagram, I like them very much:







Jeremías /Jeremiah 17: 7-8

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Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

December 24th, 2012

Si tu eres como yo que deja todo al último y la presión navideña ya se está sintiendo y aun no tienes regalos, pues tranqui aquí te van algunas ideas para él y ella.

Y como vivimos en un mundo cibernético todo puede ser encontrado por internet. Lo único que tendrás que hacer es demostrarles la foto de su obsequio y ellos lo recibirán en cuanto llegue.


If you are like me who leaves everything for the last minute and the Christmas pressure is piling up and you have yet to buy gifts, well no worries here are some gift ideas for him and her.

And since we live in a cybernetic world everything could be found online. All you would have to do is show them a pic of their gift and then they’ll receive it as soon as it arrives.




i dont know how to cook1 225x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

Creo que todos los universitarios necesitamos esto, bueno, si es que no saben cocinar y sobreviven de lonches y cereal. (Cómpralo aquí)/ I think every college student should have this, well, if they don’t know how to cook and are surviving on sandwiches and cereal. (Buy it here)


homealone 243x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

¡Un clásico navideño! Dime, ¿a quién no le gusta esta película? Estoy segura que a él o ella le encantaría agregarla a su colección de películas. (Cómpralo aquí)/ A holiday classic! Tell me, who doesn’t like this movie? I’m sure that he or she would loved to add it to their movie collection. (Buy it here)


kindle 300x269 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

Esto es para seguir con el buen hábito de la lectura—pero ahora mas modero. No tan solo podrás leer libros si no revistas también. Muy padre si me preguntas a mí. (Cómpralo aquí)/ This is to keep the good habit of reading—but now a lot more modernized! Not only can you read books, but magazines as well! Very cool if you ask me. (Buy it here)



Para Ella/ For Her

518x518 300x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her 40494900 02 246x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

Créeme, serás la sensación si regalas este tipo de collar. El “Peter Pan Collar” o cualquier tipo de collar ancho están muy de moda y son muy accesible. De cualquier tipo de metal, ya sea cobre, plateado o dorado, ¡le encantará! (Cómpralo aquí)/ Trust me, you’ll be a total sensation if you buy her this kind of necklace. The “Peter Pan Collar” is very in and rather accessible. Any type of metal, whether it is copper, silver or gold, she’ll love it! (Buy it there)


beachwaves wand 295x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

¿Alguna vez te han preguntado si crees en la magia? Si es que aun no crees, con este obsequio veras como por obra de magia un look cambia en menos de 10 minutos. Y dime, ¿a que mujer no le gusta verse bien? (Cómpralo aquí)/ Have they ever asked you if you believe in magic? In case you still don’t believe, with this gift you’ll see that by magic a look will change in less than 10 minutes. And tell me, what woman doesn’t like to look beautiful? (Buy it here)


OPI Line up1 300x163 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and heryoo 0 300x245 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

Una mujer con  manos bellas dice mucho de ella. Consiéntela y obséquiale varios esmaltes de O.P.I. y has que sus manos luzcan bellas y luminosas. También regálale unos parchecitos con estampados diferentes— ¡se ven súper reto! (Cómpralo aquí)/ A woman with pretty hands says a lot about her. Spoil her gift her with various nail polishes from O.P.I. and make her hands look beautiful and radient. You can also give her nail stick ons with different prints—they look super retro! (Buy it here)


Para El/ For Him

317HWW3xKXL 300x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

Si conoces a un chico que no le gusta le música, entonces esto no es para él. Sin embargo, para los activos y adictos a la música este será el obsequio perfecto. (Cómpralo aquí)/ If you know a guy who doesn’t like music, then this is not for him. However, for the active and music addict this would be the perfect gift. (Buy it here)


kiehls 300x221 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

Me encantan los hombres que se cuidan. Recuerda, tu cara habla por ti, cuidala y tratala con cariño. (Cómpralo aquí)/ I love men who take care of themselves. Remember, your face speaks for you, take care of it and treat it kindly. (Buy it here)


41vRqLpWQKL. SL500 AA300  300x300 Gift procrastinator? Here are some last second ideas for him and her

No sé mucho de esto, en realidad no sé nada, pero mi hermano está completamente obsesionado con esto. Creo que sería un buen regalo ya que la mayoría de los hombres parecen estar muy interesados en ello. (Cómpralo aquí)/ I don’t know much about this, actually I don’t know anything about it, but my brother is completely obsessed with it. I think this would be a good gift since most men seem to be very interested in it. (Buy it here)


2 Corintios/ 2 Corinthians 9:7

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It’s over…officially.

December 20th, 2012

¡Estamos oficialmente libres!

Este semestre ha llegado a su conclusión, y créeme que estoy realmente agradecía. ¡Gracia Dios, eres maravilloso! No se tu,  pero para mí este semestre estuvo muy pesado. Pase por muchas experiencias nuevas en lo académico, mi carrera, personal y hasta emocional.

Sin embargo, me halago en contarte que gracias a Dios terminé el semestre con honores. ¡Vaya que valió la pena el esfuerzo! Ahora me toca recuperar las miles de horas que me faltan por dormir (y algunas otras cositas más).

Y aun si este semestre no fue tu mejor, ¡ya termino! ¡Así que a celebrar sea dicho!

¿Y tú, Cómo te premiarás?

Si te faltan ideítas, déjame te regalo algunas de las mías.


(*Ojo, estas fotitos son de cómo YO me premié por mi gran esfuerzo y mis buenas calificaciónes. Todas los fotos son de mi Instagram: @sairatrev./ Note, these pics are how I rewarded myself for my great effort and my good grades. All of the pictures are from my Instagram: @sairatrev.)

2012 12 18 01 11 59 11 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Un manicure siempre es necesario/ A manicure is always necessary
(A mi gusta ir a un salón que se llama “D Nails & Spa” porque aparte de hacer un muy buen trabajo, tienen buen servicio./I like to go to a salon named “D Nails & Spa” because aside from doing a really good job, they also provide a great service.)


IMG 20121201 154515 300x300 It’s over…officially.IMG 20121012 004258 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Un Cafecito-date (una cita de café ) o una visitadita para un tapioca/ A coffee-date or a visit for a tapioca
(¡Uff! Si no has probado el “Caramel Macchiato” no sabes de lo que te pierdes. Lo tienes que comprar YA./ Uff! If you haven’t tried the “Caramel Macchiato” you have no idea what you’re missing on! You have to buy one NOW.)


IMG 20121217 171530 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Cómprate tus bebidas favoritas/ Buy yourself your favorite beverage
(Soy una abuelita total y el café me hace feliz.  ¡Si soy adicta a la cafeína y que!/ I am a total grandma and coffee makes me happy. Yes I’m a caffeine addict, so what!)


IMG 20121217 171353 300x300 It’s over…officially.IMG 20121214 155713 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Y lo más importante: ¡ZAPATOS NUEVOS!/ And the most important: NEW SHOES!
(Y obviamente que esto no faltaría, déjame  recordarte que no hay tal cosa como “ya tienes muchos zapatos.”/And obviously these couldn’t  be forgotten, and let me remind you that there’s no such thing as “you have too many shoes.”)

We are officially free!

This semester has come to a conclusion, and believe me I am truly thankful for it. Thank you Lord, you are marvelous! I don’t know about you, but this semester was very challenging for me. I went through many new experiences in my academics, career, personal and even emotional.

However, it makes me proud to share with you that I was able to end the semester with honors, thank God. All of my effort paid off! Now, it is time to recover the millions of hours I lack of sleep (and a few other things).

And even if this semester was not your best, it’s over! So it’s time to celebrate!

How will you reward yourself?

If you need ideas, let me give you some of mine.


Galatians/Gálatas 5: 22- 23

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A final advice

December 6th, 2012

Han llegados los famosos días de las rectas finales. Mientras morimos lentamente entre libros, ensayos, guías de estudio y sobredosis de cafeína, pensé que sería una buena idea que algunos de los fashionistas de UTPA nos dieran unos consejitos de cómo pasar y sobrevivir los exámenes finales.

Espero que sean de gran ayuda.

Recuerda, lo que vale la pena en la vida nunca llegará fácilmente.

¡A estudiarle cariño!


The famous finals days are here. And while we slowly die between books, essays, study guides and caffeine overdoses, I thought it would be a good idea to ask some of the UTPA’s fashionistas to gives us some tips on how to survive and pass our final exams.

I hope they are of great help.

Remember, what is worth it in life never comes easy.

Get studying darling!

IMAG2611 146x300 A final adviceIMAG2612 140x300 A final advice

Daniella Diaz/Senior/Major: Print Journalism, Minor: Graphic Design
“Finals are just finals. They’re a step that takes us towards graduation, and yes they’re important. But if we worked hard all the semester and made sure to keep our grades up all semester, you shouldn’t really worry about it. There are so many services UTPA offers to help you get caught up. The tutoring services here are great. And when it’s all over, you’ll feel happy with yourself.”

(*Collar de Peter Pan= ¡compratelo YA!/ Peter Pan collar= buy it NOW!)



IMAG2902 154x300 A final adviceIMAG2904 300x160 A final advice

Valerie Garate /Senior/Major: Public Relations (PanAmerican’s Greek Life Blogger)
“Time management, honestly you just have to prioritize. Manage the most important things first and so on. Keeping track of your time is most important.”

(*Bolsos de colores vivos ayudan a darle un toque alegre y especial a cualquier conjunto, usalo con colores oscuros (a mí me gusta cuando el color de la bolsa no tiene nada que ver con lo que traes pues, se ve retro)/Bright colored purses helps give a vivid and special touch to any outfit, use it with dark colors (I like it when the color of the purse has nothing to do with what you have on, it looks retro))


IMAG2281 146x300 A final adviceIMAG2282 146x300 A final advice

Jose Patino/Junior/ Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Spanish
“I study a lot, a lot. Literally we make study groups with friends. We just stay there studying, sometimes all the way to midnight or later. Practice makes perfect.”

(*Chavos con pantalones de color= ¡Uff! ¡Me matan!/ Guys in colored denim= Uff! Kills me!)


IMAG2059 146x300 A final advice

Violeta Alejandra Garza/Junior/Major: Public Relations, Minor: Spanish
“Well, before I start I review little by little. For certain classes I make note cards and that’s how I study definitions. The day before the exam is the heaviest; go to a place where you can study. I go to Moonbeans to study and take breaks. I try not to stay up late.”

(*Pantalones de Harem=!necesarios! / Harem Pants= must haves!)


IMAG2907 146x300 A final adviceIMAG2906 191x300 A final advice

Monica Carranco/Junior/ Major: Public Relations, Minor: Spanish
“Staying up late and reading. Just study a lot.”

(*Entre más simple mejor/ Simple is always better)


IMAG2613 146x300 A final adviceIMAG2615 300x220 A final advice

Sara Castillo/Senior/ Major: Public Relations, Minor: Art
“I try to study days in advanced so I don’t overwhelm myself and learn everything fully. I like to write my guides by hand and from there I continue to review them. The day before the exam I sleep early and have a light breakfast the next day so I can have energy but no feel bad during the test.”

(*Blusas con holanes= muy de moda horita/ Peplum shirts= very in right now)


IMAG2283 146x300 A final advice

Mario Antonio Lopez/Senior/Major: Graphic Design, Minor: Advertising
“I don’t have finals just projects. And well I do them and then I go to parties. But for finals you should study a bunch the day before and don’t sleep until after the test then go home and nap. And then you go out and party until you forget whatever you learned all semester.”


IMAG2303 146x300 A final adviceIMAG2302 146x300 A final advice

Estefania Nina Franklin/ Senior/ Major: Public Relations, Minor: Graphic Design
“With six classes it might be insane to think that I might survive. I think it really is all about giving that extra push to see the great results of my effort. In the end it makes it all worth it.”
Mateo/Matthew 11:28-30

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Scarf it up!

November 24th, 2012

¡Feliz día de acción de gracias (pasadas)!

¡Espero que hayas comido mucho, mucho y que hayas dado gracias por todas tus bendiciones!

2012 11 22 18 39 11 298x300 Scarf it up!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I hope you ate tons and that you gave thanks for all your blessings!


Tal parece que la Madre Naturaleza y el frio están jugando a las escondidas con nosotros. Lo siento  por  las personas, como yo, que todos los días oran por frio y no logramos encontrar su escondite.


Pero bueno, mientras el clima del Valle se trata de actualizar con el resto de Estados Unidos y decide regalarnos un poco de descanso del calor, yo te daré unas cuantas ideas para estar a doc a este clima bipolar.

También tuve la oportunidad de participar en un video de cómo hacer tu propia bufanda—¡y debo admitir que ha quedado muy padre! Muchas gracias a Elizabeth Marie Espinosa y a Dimitra Hernandez.

Recuerda, !al mal tiempo buena cara (y ropa jeje)!

P.D. Durante estos tiempos nunca te equivocarás con una bufando o pañoleta.

Do It Yourself: Scarf Edition


IMAG2650 146x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2651 146x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2652 149x300 Scarf it up!

Bridget Osuna

“I felt a little sick today and wanted to be warm and cozy. And the scarf, well, I wanted my dreadlocks out of my face. I like it because it’s a different style.”

IMAG2571 146x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2572 146x300 Scarf it up!

Mandy De la Fuente

“I am actually the model for my painting class right now and I really put thought into this. I wanted something different, so I pinned my skirt. The scarf, well, I just thought it was interesting to wear it that way.”

IMAG2568 140x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2569 1 245x300 Scarf it up!

Cindy Gomez

“I actually saw a girl here at the Annex wearing a scarf around her head and I thought it looked interesting. I tried it, but I didn’t dare to wear it like that, so I tried different ways and like how it looked around my shoulders, so I wore it that way.”


It seems like Mother Nature and the cold weather are playing hide-and-seek with us. I really am sorry for all the individuals, like myself, who pray every day for cold days and can never seem to find its hiding place.


And while the Valley weather tries to actualize itself with the rest of the US and gifts us with a break from hot temperatures, I will give you a few ideas on how to be ready for this bipolar climate.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a do-it-yourself video on how to make your own scarf. And if I must admit it, it came out really cool! I’d like to thank to Elizabeth Marie Espinosa and Dimitra Hernandez.

Remember, at bad times put your best face forward (and outfits hehe)!

P.S. During these times you can never go wrong with a scarf.


Salmos/Psalms 100: 4-5


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Because we all need it sometimes

November 18th, 2012


Finals are right around the corner. The semester is about to end and Christmas is almost here. Take a break, relax, inhale and exhale…now get inspired.

0 199x300 Because we all need it sometimes
tumblr mdnbkuHH5w1qg0u5yo1 500 large 214x300 Because we all need it sometimes
2012 11 05 22 42 50 1 300x297 Because we all need it sometimes
tinyvictorian1 11 300x190 Because we all need it sometimes
6f5a61581cf031186084664460949dbd 300x225 Because we all need it sometimes
7a37e9ca1694d3d7294e1d435e0e698f 221x300 Because we all need it sometimes

9a7a56f3a37d667f60ceb86badcd6f52 211x300 Because we all need it sometimes
a5b8db9810214c946f2c2e4f6b3655c8 300x199 Because we all need it sometimes

2012 10 04 00 03 07 1 252x300 Because we all need it sometimes2012 11 18 11 52 37 1 246x300 Because we all need it sometimes
e283fcea4012bb443d31f59e2d9efb70 215x300 Because we all need it sometimes

2012 11 18 11 53 32 1 1 283x300 Because we all need it sometimes
134052526377929082 N7ozJ6OF c 225x300 Because we all need it sometimes
2012 11 18 11 54 39 1 1 300x297 Because we all need it sometimes
Fotos son de/ Pictures are from: Pintrest


Los examines finales están por llegar. El semestre pronto terminara  y la navidad casi, casi esta aquí. Tomate un descancito, relájate, inhala y exhala… ¡ahora inspírate!


Juan/John 16:33

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November 15th, 2012

Oh cuan hermoso es el mundo de la moda.

Oh cuan hermoso y repentino es el mundo de la moda—nunca es suficiente.

No fue hasta este hermoso mes de septiembre que cambio, nuevamente.

Hace seis meses nos moríamos por paletas neutrales de simpleza y nos apartábamos de los estampados, que eran amor por favor, no líneas o figuras.

Sin embargo, seis meses después estamos adictos a los estallos de colores y diseños.

Así que si te preguntas, que usaremos este invierno ’13?


Geeo-geoo-geometría amor.

Sip, piensa en David Hicks (decorador de interiores), arte pop y en los 1960.

Divierte con patrones descabellados  y colores voltéame-a-ver.

Se atrevido o vete a casa.

Aquí te va algo similar, disfrútalo.

IMAG2063 11 144x300 Gee gee geometrics IMAG2064 11 226x300 Gee gee geometrics
Estefanía Franklin
“Como jamás te metes a Facebook por eso te dije, verías la invitación muy tarde.”
Vestido/Dress: Material Girl (viejo/old)


IMAG2164 11 149x300 Gee gee geometrics IMAG2164 1 11 253x300 Gee gee geometrics
Claudia Rivas
“Here, put your e-mail and I’ll send you an invitation”
Mayones/Leggings: A’gaci

(*P.D. Si es que has quedado completa/o y totalmente enamorada/o de la geometría y buscas mas, haz clic aquí./P.S. If you were left totally and completely in love with geometrics and are searching for more, then click here.)


Oh beautiful world of fashion world.

Oh beautiful ever-changing world of fashion—I can never get enough.

It was until this wonderful month of September that it changed, once again.

Six months ago we were dying for neutral palettes of simplicity and straying away from print, which was please honey, no lines or shapes.

Six months later, however, we are now addicted to pops of colors and patterns.

What to expect for winter ’13?


Gee-gee-geometrics baby.

Yeah that’s right, think David Hicks (an interior designer), pop art and the 1960’s.

Have fun with trippy patterns and head-turning colors.

Go wild or home.

Here is something like it, enjoy.

2012 09 11 14 32 40 1 300x294 Gee gee geometrics
Via Instagram: jeffreycampbell

(Por cierto, si tienes una cuenta de Instagram asegúrate de seguir a “thepanamerican” porfis y gracias./By the way, if you have an Instagram  account be sure to follow “thepanamerican”please and thank you.)

Neo geos copy 2 300x212 Gee gee geometrics
Cape Town Fashion Council 


Romanos/Romans 12:19

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