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SGA Inauguration Ceremony

Newly elected Alberto Adame and Carla Fernanda Peña officially began their duties as president and vice president of the Student Government Association April 14. The UTPA Visitors Center lobby hosted the SGA’s 2014-2015 Inauguration Ceremony April 11, where Adame and Peña gave executive addresses.
Adame and Peña will be the last executive team to serve a full year under the name UTPA. After mergin UTPA and the University of Texas at Brownsville and creating the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley, the 2015-2016 elected officials will divide their terms between both entities.
Adame, a finance major, said he is thankful to the students for giving him and Peña this opportunity and would like them to be involved with upcoming UTPA events.
“I’m very excited, but there’s also a kind of melancholy because UTPA is going away, but still very exciting nonetheless,” said Adame, a Monterrey, Mexico native. “I’m also very grateful to the students because we couldn’t have done it without the support of the student body.”
The inauguration began with Elections Committee Chair Yadira Mejia introducing Vice President for Student Affairs Martha Cantu for opening remarks. Following Cantu was the oath of office for every college, including senators for the College of Business Administration, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and senators at large, which then led to the president and vice president’s oaths.
“I’m very excited and a little bit nervous,” Peña said. “We definitely want to make changes for the better of the University and we’re hoping to get this done, but also (we don’t want to) forget about UTPA because we’re still here so we want to keep our Bronc spirit and just transition to UT-RGV together.”
Adame and Peña replaced SGA incumbents President Aaron Barreiro and Vice President Erik Sanchez.
“More than anything, I want to thank every single person in the University for giving us this opportunity and just to stick with us. Also to come out to all the events we’ll have,” Adame said.
Their platform centered on healthier food options around the University, longer library hours and larger parking lots.
“Our door is always open for (the students),” Peña said. “If they ever need anything, we’re always here for them. We’re here for the students, not for us, so just stick with us. We want to make changes to the University and hopefully they’ll support us and if they need anything, they’ll come to us as well and we’ll help them together.”

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