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Campus group wins online photo contest

UTPA’s office of P-16 initiatives, which advocates for the advancement of Texas students in higher education, won Generation Texas’ (GenTX) online photo contest Wednesday.


GenTX, an organization that promotes achievement in higher education, hosted an online photo contest that held different photo categories. Some categories included sky high spirit, spirit wave and group spirit, the contest that UTPA entered. Photos entered were taken May 2, the official GenTX day in Texas. UTPA held a leadership conference that day and hosted more than 100 students.


After UTPA held their leadership conference, The City of Edinburg announced May 2 as the official GenTX day.


Voting for the contest began Tuesday via Twitter and lasted seven hours. Anyone interested in voting could tweet designated hashtags, #PicTourVote and the name of the photo, that would then cast their vote for the office of P-16 initiative’s photo.


Photo winners received GenTX goods, other prizes and statewide recognition from GenTX.


Toxicology report for dead UTPA student released


A fatal car accident that claimed the life of UTPA student Eric Davila and 20-year-old friend Joshua De Zenea March 7 was said to be caused by drunk driving. Toxicology reports released Wednesday confirmed this.


According to Valley Central News, the report showed that Davila had Xanax, a prescription anxiety medication, in his system and was nearly three times the legal blood alcohol limit.


The crash, which claimed the life of Davila at the scene, occurred at the intersection of South Sugar Road and Freddy Gonzalez Drive. De Zenea was rushed to McAllen Medical Center where he died the following week.


Both Davila and De Zenea were underage at the time of the accident, making the purchase and consumption of alcohol illegal. The young men were spotted hours before at the Thirsty Bronc on West University Drive but it is unclear to investigators if they consumed alcoholic beverages at this location.

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