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Social media and the mascots

At the end of August a Twitter user who will not be identified tweeted at The Pan American “your logo promotes you as a Bronc, RT if you are willing to step up for Bucky.”


That tweet wasn’t the first nor will it be the last one where people have asked The Pan American to “tweet” support for the Bronc, or simply want to know where this newspaper stands on the UTRGV mascot options. As the social media editor, I think it’s nice that someone out there is interested in our opinion. Therefore, I’m publishing my own my two cents on this issue: I’m not going to take a stance on this. As a result, The Pan American won’t do so either.


Look, I love UTPA and the four years I’ve spent at this institution are ones I’ll end up treasuring for the rest of my life. Because of this I’ve decided that the social media section will abstain from supporting the Bronc and the other mascot options.


As the guy seemingly in charge of how the public will view our newspaper, I feel as if doing anything to visibly support any of the options would cause the public to incorrectly think The Pan American is being bias when it comes to reporting any news related to UTRGV. It’s not as if we plan on ignoring any news about this issue. As you can see with last week’s article and video on UTPA reacting to the mascot options, we understand how important this topic is to the community.


Besides,isn’t it fascinating to see how the public has been using social media outlets to voice opinions on the UTRGV mascot?


When wefirst shared the news on the 10 proposed mascots Aug. 20, comments on our Facebook post about it were mostly filled with people angry at the options and wondering why anyone would dare get rid of Bucky. UTPA alumnus Alex del Barrio would later create a petition with the intent of convincing officials to keep UTPA’s Bronc mascot.


Even more interesting, though, are the reactions from students at The University of Texas at Brownsville. Let’s face it, UTPA students have been dismissive of UTB and it’s almost as if they don’t care what their neighbors have to say even though we’re merging with them. A Sept. 4 article from UTB’s The Collegian discussed how several people in the UTB community find the attempts to save the Bronc “unfair.” A Facebook comment attached to the story summed it all up by saying “UTB already lost its mascot with the separation from TSC, the last thing we need is to be taken over by UTPA.”


All these opinions and more are signs of how everyone is handling this issue personally, which I think is awesome. After all, I am the one observing those reactions.

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