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Bronc invasion

August 27th, 2013

After graduating in May 2012, Mike McCarthy’s plans were to move to El Paso, live out of Vinnie Mejia’s garage and the pair would go out to baseball tryouts in the hopes of continuing their baseball careers.

“(Mejia’s) dad was setting up the garage for me to stay there, work out and go to tryouts,” the Connecticut native said. “But then I planned on going home. Once this came up, I decided to stay down here throughout the spring semester and work out.”

As fate would have it, both players, along with two other former Broncs, found themselves on the roster for the Roswell Invaders of New Mexico, part of the Pecos League, and reported to the team in May.

According to Mejia, playing for the Pecos League was not something he planned. He was originally going to continue his education at UTPA, but when the team called asking him to play, Mejia couldn’t refuse.

The men faced an unexpected opportunity, but despite this, the men enjoyed their time spent on the Invader’s field.

While with the team, players are set up with host families to provide a place for them to live during the season. Roswell officials worked it out so all four could live together. According to McCarthy, they all stayed in one room and he and Mejia even shared a bunk bed.

“I remember getting there and getting introduced to our host family, and looking at our home from the summer, to winning our first championship,” Mejia said.

Although the former Broncs suited up with Roswell on a whim, the four men were soon turning heads.

The Invaders finished their season July 29 as the Pecos League Champions, while second baseman Mejia earned regular season MVP honors and catcher McCarthy earned postseason MVP honors.

“Honestly, it’s pretty cool. It feels good to be MVP of a league; I don’t care what league you’re in,” said 23-year-old Mejia. “It’s not only for myself, but for my dad and family. After years of baseball, it all felt worth it.”

Not only are these men recognized by their current league, but they are also fondly remembered by their friends and old teammates. Adrian De La Rosa, is close friends with all four alumni.

He played alongside them as Broncs and his baseball roots with Mejia go back to when they played high school ball together in El Paso.

“Vinnie (Mejia) is unbelievable,” De La Rosa said. “He can hit for power…he hits the longest home runs that anyone one has ever seen here at the baseball field in Edinburg.”

Though he is closest with Mejia, De La Rosa considers all four men his compadres.
“We roomed together here at Pan Am for the last couple of years,” 24-year-old De La Rosa said. “We grew to be like brothers. We made a deal to stay in close contact, being the close friends that we are.”

All four players finished their collegiate baseball careers in 2012, when the program finished with their first winning season in 12 years. It was quite a stepping stone for then-four-year Head Coach Manny Mantrana.

“All four of these young men were outstanding baseball players and more importantly they were all quality people,” Mantrana said. “They were instrumental in moving our program forward and really contributed to our success. All four of them will be successful in whatever endeavor they choose in the future.”


The players may have plenty of close ties to the Valley, but that isn’t stopping them from showing off their skills with the Invaders.

Bernal played shortstop for the Invaders and was hitting 0.31. In his rookie season he’s had five double plays, one triple, one home run and 49 runs batted in. He stole a total of 14 bases in 66 games.

McCarthy played catcher with the Invaders and was hitting .328 with 13 doubles, one triple and five home runs to his name. This includes 34 RBI in 52 games.

Mejia played third base and was 19th in the Roswell league in hitting at.396. In 255 at bats he hit 19 home runs and had 88 RBI. According to the team’s website, Mejia was one of the best offensive players on the Pecos League’s Best Team (the Roswell Invaders).

Right-handed pitcher Sa was second in the league with a pitcher score of 200. He struck out 54 in 73.1 innings.


Four other Bronc alumni are also currently playing professionally.

Right-handed pitcher Dusten Knight was drafted in the 28th round of this year’s MLB Draft by the San Francisco Giants. Right-handed pitcher Michael Zouzalik signed as an undrafted free agent by the Texas Rangers last summer after completing his eligibility with the Broncs.

Third baseman and Sharyland alumnus Angel Ibañez was selected in the 28th round of last year’s MLB Draft by the Houston Astros.

Frank James Jr., a left-handed pitcher who played for the Broncs from 2001-02, was drafted by the San Angelo Colts.

As of Aug. 3, Mejia was traded to the Lake Erie Crushers of the Frontier League. Mejia will continue the rest of the season with the Crushers and will most likely have his contract extended to 2014.

Although Mejia is continuing his baseball career, players can never be certain of what’s in the future. According to McCarthy, all they can hope to do is continue playing.

“I have no idea what’s in store for next year. I’ll see if another team calls, another league. There’s a lot of factors,” McCarthy said. “I’ll just go one step at a time.”

Former Broncs Mike McCarthy (left) and Vinnie Mejia (bottom) were recruited to play for the Roswell Invaders of New Mexico, along with Jonathan Sa and Roger Bernal. Mejia now plays for the Lake Erie Crushers as of Aug. 3.

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Runner earns spot on 2013 all honors team

August 1st, 2013

The University of Texas-Pan American Department of Intercollegiate Athletics announced Thursday that men’s track and field runner Andy Lopez is part of the men’s 2013 Division I All-Academic Track & Field team.

The McAllen native was selected by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association to join the Division I track team because of his grades.

Lopez was one of 448 men to earn USTFCCCA All-Academic honors this year. This is the second straight season that Lopez has earned his title.

In order to be chosen for the team, the student athlete must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25.

Besides the GPA requirements, the student must also meet one of the following athletic standards: for the indoor season, a student athlete must have finished the regular season ranked in the national top 96 in an individual event or ranked in the national top 48 in a relay event on the official National Collegiate Athletic Association POP list provided by Track & Field Results Reporting System.

For the outdoor season, the requirement states that the student must have participated in any round of the NCAA Division I Championships.

Lopez finished 19th out of 24 in the quarterfinals of the 800 meter run at the NCAA Championships West Preliminary Round at Mike A. Meyers Track Stadium May 24.

He qualified after posting his season-best time of 1:49.80 at the Texas State Invitational April 5.

“I am very proud of Andy,” Broncs Head Coach Xavier Richardson said. “It is great for him, as well as the program and athletic department as a whole, to receive recognition for his accomplishments in the classroom and success at the national level. It is exactly what we want for our student-athletes. Our hat goes off to him.”

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Reward Yourself

May 28th, 2013

It is finally over.  Summer is in full swing. I hope you did awesome in all your classes, and for all who are graduating this semester or in the summer, my best wishes!

After all the brain power that was used and the lack of sleep due to the millions of hours spent studying, I think now is the time to reward yourself. Rest from this stressful week and reward yourself for all your hard work.

Usually I would suggest a cute manicure or pedi, but that is something you could get any other day. So this time around I am suggesting other types of goodies. Below is a little collage I made of all my favorite items this season that I think would be a great way to repay yourself for the numerous hours spent in school.

I mean, getting a cute manicure could really do wonders, but I think it is a lot more thrilling to add new items to your closet and be able to reuse them over and over again. Plus, who doesn’t like new shoes?

So for this term of after-finals-rewards I am suggesting a couple of items that could be of great help during this time of the year. If you notice, there is a similar color scheme that is followed within all the items, and that is because “nude,” “beige” and “coral” are colors that are rather popular this spring and summer season.

Below the collage I have add a brief description of why you should consider getting them or how you could wear them.

I hope you enjoy it.



Reward1 Reward Yourself


1. Machine Leopard Combat Boots

- I am a big fan of this particular animal print, I am crazy in love with leopard. Boots are no longer just for the winter. This time around combat boots are conquering the sunny days, please notice “combat boots” not Uggs. So why not invest in lovely cheetah ones? You can practically wear them with anything, high-waisted denim shorts, black skinnies, or flowy summer dresses. However, I do suggest you keep the same color scheme and that you don’t mix prints.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer: “Dulce de leche”

- OPI is one of the best nail lacquers you could purchase. They might be a bit on the pricey side but the color definition and the strength of the nail polish itself is worth paying. Natural or light colors are best for your nails since the chemicals don’t damage them as much as the darker colors.

3. Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccion

- I am an avid cold coffee drinker and usually get pretty excited when new flavors are added to the Starbucks menu. The “Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frapp” is the newest cold beverage to kick start the summer. I think it’s time for a quick try!

4. Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” moisturizing lip blam

- I actually own this lip balm in this particular color and I love it. If you want to have a natural makeup look or a simple light, splash of color, Maybelline’s Baby Lips is the ideal lip balm. It is light, doesn’t leave weird dry color around the lips, moisturizes and is not expensive, around three to four dollars.

5. BCBG’s Zoey Platform Wedge Sandal

- If you’re not a great high-heels walker, wedges are the easiest heels to wear. They are easy to walk in and friendly on the feet because the wedge and platform help balance the foot. For colors, nude is the new black – elegant and wearable with anything. As a matter of fact if you’re on the petite side nude shoes help your legs appear longer.

6. Asos Nude Round Sunglasses

- Round sunnies are “thee thang” this summer. Whether they are a small frame or a larger one, this season you cannot go wrong with cat-eyed or round sunglasses. Want more? Check out my blog on “Round Sunnies and Eyewear.”

1 Corintios/ 1 Corinthians 15:58

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Feeling Green

May 2nd, 2013

According to Alexis Bay, co-president of the Environmental Awareness Club, it’s not that students don’t care about environmental and social issues, it’s just that they aren’t aware of them.

The EAC celebrated this year’s Earth Day April 22 with various events throughout the week, from April 22 to 27 in order to bring awareness and personal change to the student body, said Ricky Fuentes, EAC co-president.

“Our cause is a very humane one, it’s not just about tree hugging and petting animals,” Bay said. “It’s about how everyone deserves a beautiful planet with many resources.”

Although this year’s international Earth Day took place April 22, Bay said there are too many issues to bring about in just one day out of the year.

“We are talking about environment,” said the 22-year-old political science major. “We are not just talking about trees, we are talking about food, energy — the way we live our everyday lives. We are a future-oriented kind (of club).”

To kick off the weeklong festivities, the EAC held an informational session outside the Student Union to talk about the harm plastic bags pose to the environment.

Bringing the message to life, Sammy Denny, a philosophy major and member of EAC, dressed the part as the ‘Bag-It! Monster.’ Denny donned a costume made out of 512 plastic bags courtesy of the local Rio Grande Sierra Club. According to Bay, the body suit symbolizes the average number of bags people use per year.

“Plastic bags are not biodegradable,” Bay said. “All these bags, if we didn’t have them on this costume they would probably be in landfills or you see them all over the Valley and it looks gross.”

With the city of Edinburg recently approving a natural gas power plant, the EAC featured a free screening of the documentary Gasland in the Social and Behavioral Science Building at 7:30 p.m. that same day. The film takes a look at hydraulic fracturing, a technique used to extract petroleum, and how it can affect communities, such as contaminate water supplies. The fracturing process involves millions of gallons of water pumped through underground drillings in order to break apart the rock and release the natural gas.

“South Texas is covered in these fracking sites, especially in McCook which is outside of Edinburg,” Bay said. “We just want to make people aware of what fracking entails, what it does to the communities that have to be next to these facilities and it’s really ineffective.”

With finals coming up, the EAC hosted an anti-stress pillow fight by the Quad and offered an informational session about natural gas and petroleum to mark the three-year anniversary since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Students stopped by armed with pillows, ready to release some academic stress.

“Greatest event ever — we just finished a test and released the demons,” said Marina Chazco, a member of the EAC.

The cold front and drizzle didn’t get in the way of for the EAC’s highlight of the week, EarthFest. The event was held April 25 at the Library Lawn from noon to 1 p.m. and featured live music, art activities and food.

For EarthFest, the club sold tie-dye T-shirts for $2 each. Proceeds went to Recycled Rovers and Friends, a no-kill animal shelter in the Valley. In addition, they displayed a cardboard banner at EarthFest with students’ written thoughts on what makes the planet beautiful. Fifteen student organizations with information and activities promoting environmental awareness were also present at the event.

The Pre-Law Society pitched in at the EarthFest by collecting plastic bottles and plastic bags to be taken to the Edinburg Recycling and Educational Center.

“Inevitably there is so much trash that is dumped in the oceans, it creates a really bad environment for sea life,” said Mark Allen, a history graduate student. “Global currents creates basically a dead zone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so all the garbage from around the world goes to this spot. We are just trying to do our part to let people know we have the opportunity to recycle.”

Another student organization present was the Biology Club, whose proceeds from a T-shirt sale with dolphin logos will go to the Oceanic Preservation Society.

“This is not only to help dolphins,” said Tanya Fabian, a 21-year-old biology major. “(Consuming dolphins) also deteriorates the health of humans who eat them in other parts of the world, such as in Asia.”

To end the weeklong Earth day festivities April 27, the EAC did their part to help the local environment by cleaning up at the McAllen Botanical Garden. UTPA students and EAC members worked together to remove invasive plant species, such as canes found throughout the park.

“I got cut a little by the thorns but we got a lot done. We cleared up a staircase and sidewalks in a park that has been left alone for 20 years,” Bay said. “We are thinking we should do this regularly.

Environmentalism isn’t just for the planet but for the people, Bay said, pointing that a lack of natural resources will deplete the planet to “bare and bones.”

“It’s important to keep our forests, they’re the lungs of the Earth and to preserve species,” she said. “It’s part of the circle of life and sometimes we forget that.”

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Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

January 22nd, 2013


IMG 20130110 205022 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20130104 165150 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121230 021728 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121223 195304 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121223 013641 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121226 174010 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121220 152608 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121217 171530 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121126 104836 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

IMG 20121118 202049 300x300 Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

Te invito a que le des un vistazo a mi vida.

Sígueme en mis nuevas adicciones,

Instagram y Twitter: @Sairatrev

P.D.  Si buscas inspiración e ideas para vestir puedes seguir estos sitios en Instagram, a mi me gustan mucho:







SairaTrev Instagram, a sneak peak into my life

I invite you to take a sneak peek into my life.

Follow me on my new addictions,

Instagram and Twitter: @Sairatrev

P.S. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for dressing you could follow these sites on Instagram, I like them very much:







Jeremías /Jeremiah 17: 7-8

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Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

December 31st, 2012

El año nuevo está por venir y todos esperamos ansiosamente mejores oportunidades y aventuras nuevas. Y si es que atreves de los años no has logrado saber qué color de prenda es el adecuado o que usar Y su significado, pues aquí te van.

La verdad no soy una persona muy supersticiosa. Pero por si es que tu si, aquí te van los significados de cada color de ropa interior que supuestamente debes de usar para el resultado que buscas.

Así que atención y con lápiz en la mano.

¡El año nuevo está por llegar y hay que conquistarlo!

Te deseo lo mejor, mucha felicidad, amor, paz y prosperidad. Que Dios os bendiga con un hermoso año nuevo.

¡Mis mejores deseos!


*P.D. Para todas y todos los fashionista: Si es que en este año nuevo estás buscando tener un guarda ropa repleto de ropa nueva, entonces tienes que seguir esta recomendación. Lo que tienes que hacer es usar tu ropa interior al revés. Sip, leíste bien, lo que tienes que hacer es usar tu prenda interior de abajo al revés y arreglarla dentro de unos cuantos minutos en cuanto el reloj haya marcado las 12:00 en punto. Es tan simple.

(*Todos los puedes encontrar en Victoria Secret/ You can find them all at Victoria Secret)
AMARILLO: Es para los que están buscando prosperidad, riquezas y éxito para el 2013.

V290552 RC24Y1 300x186 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

YELLOW: Is for those who are looking for prosperity, wealth and success for 2013.


ROSA: Quiere decir un año lleno de suerte para encontrar el amor.

V290552 RCT82 300x191 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

PINK: Means a year full of luck to find love.


VERDE: Es para tener un año de mejor suerte.

V290552 RCAY9 300x190 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

GREEN: Is to have a year of better luck.


AZUL: Será para un año lleno de buena salud.

V290552 RCJ55 300x187 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

BLUE: Will be for a year full of good health.


BLANCO: Para tener una año lleno de paz, harmonía y felicidad.

V290552 092 300x190 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

WHITE: To have a year full of peace, harmony and happiness.


ROJO: Para los enamorados que buscan un año lleno de pación y romance.

V290552 RC2FR 300x183 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

RED: For the ones who are in love and searching for a year full of passion and romance.

The New Year is right around the corner and we are all anxiously waiting for better opportunities and new adventures. And if throughout the years you have yet to know what garment is the proper one to wear or what to even wear and the meaning of its color, well here ya go.

To be honest I’m not a very superstitious. But if you are, here are the meanings of the color of undergarment you should wear and their supposed meanings for the results you are looking for.

So pay attention and be ready to write.

The New Year is almost here and ready to get conquered!

I wish you the best, tons of happiness, love, peace, and prosperity. May the Lord bless you with a beautiful New Year.

My best wishes.


*P.S. For all the fashionistas: If this year you’re looking to have a closet full of new clothes, then you have to follow this recommendation. What you have to do is wear your underwear backwards. Yup, you read right. What you have to do is wear your bottom undergarment backwards and then fix it within a few minutes that the clock strikes 12:00. Is that simple.

Ya que sabes que usar abajo, ahora la pregunta es… ¿qué me pongo arriba?

Aquí te van mis Top Tres looks:

So now that you know what to wear on the bottom, the question now is…what do I wear on top?

Here are my Top Three looks:


Rojo/ Red

image4xxl 640x8161 235x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year


¡Metálicos!/ Metals

marcjacobs 183x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year nastygal 161x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year CamillaandMarc 157x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year



JCrew 172x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year Black Sequin LongSleeve Dress4 large 200x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

Encaje/ Lace

Chiara Ferragni 200x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year DolceVita 232x300 Undies and Outfits to welcome the New Year

Hebreos/ Hebrews 4:12






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Finals week is almost over

December 13th, 2012

Carla Cisneros, an 18-year-old freshman biology major, knows that she will have to focus on her studies in order to pass her finals. With the knowledge in her head, the Mission native is ready to tackle and pass the tests.

“I got it in the bag,” Cisneros said confidently, books in hand. “I know my material.”

Finals week begins Dec. 10 – 14 for students on campus. Though some finals may have started earlier, students are preparing to take the tests that signify the end of a semester and for some, the end of their college career.

Knowing what’s at stake should she fail her exams, Cisneros has been using her free time to study. She looks forward to her exams.

“It’s kind of the feeling that you want to get over it,” Cisneros said. “My main worry is maybe not passing a class.”

On Dec. 6 and 7, also known as “Dead Days”, UTPA was closed to allow students to prepare and study for their exams. Jennifer Vallejo, a 20-year-old senior majoring in biology and psychology, claimed she put in every second of her time into studying for her tests, going as far as to take two days off of work.

Though Vallejo sees the benefit of the “Dead Days”, saying that they give her more time to study, she faces one of the issues that comes with taking finals: stress.

“I’m very stressed,” the Weslaco native said. “More than I have ever been before and it’s because of the timing (of the exams).”

With four tests in two consecutive days a week before finals, Vallejo wishes that her professors would give the exams on the planned dates rather than on their own time. She said this is her one irritation.

“It’s what’s pissing me off,” Vallejo said. “I really wish (the exams) were on finals week. It would make taking the exams a lot easier.”

Though the 20 year old is putting up with the issue by pulling off some all nighters, she still maintains excitement as she readies herself to finish the semester.

“I want the grades I want,” Vallejo said, looking at a journal of notes. “And, when I’m done with the finals, I’m looking forward to getting some sleep.”

Vallejo, who has been dealing with the stress for the past few years, can understand what some freshmen might be going through. She understands what this means for some of them and doesn’t mind sharing some advice.

“Try as hard as you can,” Vallejo offered. “Try really hard to get the best grade possible and put in all that you have. Stress as much as you can.”

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UTPA likely to merge with UTB, new medical school

December 6th, 2012

The University of Texas-Pan American may soon change.

The University of Texas System Board of Regents unanimously voted to merge the University of Texas at Brownsville and UTPA, with the addition of a new medical school in Harlingen.

“This is more important than passion or emotion. This is literally about saving lives, about the future of America,” UTPA President Robert Nelsen told the Board of Regents Thursday morning. “We will create bi-cultural, bi-literate researchers. We will transform the Valley with your vote today.”

Right now, the university is being referred to as The University for the America’s in the Rio Grande Valley, but the name has still not been decided, according to Nelsen.

This merger would consolidate the RGV universities into one, according to UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa’s presentation to the board this morning. The new consolidated universities would have locations in Edinburg, Harlingen and Brownsville, plus an administrative headquarters in McAllen.

However, the decision is not official until two-thirds of the Texas state Legislature approves the proposal in the next session in January.

It is very likely that the Texas Legislature will approve this new university, according to Nelsen.

The current enrollment at UTPA stands at about 19,000 students, but the predicted enrollment of this new University is about 28,000 students. Altogether, it would also have 1,500 faculty and 3,800 staff positions.

The Board of Regents will allocate $100 million total over 10 years for the development of the health science center in Harlingen, specifically the four-year medical school. The medical school will be open to the first class of students tentatively in 2015, although Nelsen said in a phone interview after the announcement with The Pan American that he would like to see it open earlier, possibly in 2013.

Additionally, UTPA will not move the programs it already has, such as the Physician’s Assistant program.

This university will be considered an emerging research institution on par with The University of Texas at Arlington, The University of Texas at Dallas, and The University of Texas San Antonio, according to Cigarroa.

The merger will save about $6 million in total, for both universities and the new health science center, according to Nelsen. Additionally, he expects the merger to result in more university jobs than layoffs.

“There have been no talks about (layoffs) at all,” Nelsen said. “I see it growing under this really, because we are going to have access to more students, have more buildings, more research and we are going to need more faculty.”

Nelsen also added that he did not expect the merger to affect UTPA tuition in any way.

“Instead, this is bringing in funds so we don’t have to increase the tuition,” he said.

UTPA currently only receives Higher Education Resistance Funds from Texas, but if the new university is established in the Valley, then it will qualify for Permanent University Funds. The Permanent University Fund is a public endowment included in the Texas Constitution in 1876 that provides financial support to institutions in the University of Texas and Texas A&M University systems. A two-thirds vote by the Texas Legislature is required for a new university to access the PUF.

“We have support of the delegation (of state legislators),” Nelsen said. “And more importantly, there is no fiscal note with this legislation, meaning it doesn’t cost the state anything.”

Permanent University Funds are a larger quantity of money than Higher Education Resistance Funds, so this new University will have more resources.

“We’ve known from the very beginning we had to get the PUF funds for the Valley,” Nelsen said. “Now we will be able to.”

Nelsen said that the administration started planning on how to get PUF six months ago, and two months ago is when they finalized the plans of how they were going to do it.

UTB President Juliet Garcia told reporters in a press conference held after the announcement that PUF funds would put the new University for the Americas on the same academic level as the other UT schools.

“It hurts President Nelsen and I when we see ourselves on the charts with the other universities and Nelsen and I see that but there’s not an asterisk saying ‘They don’t do as well because they don’t get PUF moneys,’” she said. “It’s like we’re barefoot, but give us the same pair of tennies like everyone else and watch us run.”

Cigarroa will visit the Valley Dec. 7 to hold town hall meetings at UTPA and UTB, and press conferences to discuss the new university and the health science center with Board of Regents Chairman Gene Powell, Executive Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs Pedro Reyes, Nelsen and Garcia. There will be a townhall meeting in the UTPA Student Union at 1:45 p.m.


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The new black

December 3rd, 2012

¡El invierno está por llegar! El 21 de diciembre le damos la bienvenida al inicio de los supuestos “días de frio”. Ahora la pregunta es… ¿estás listo/a?

Y si por alguna razón estas un poco atrasado/a en las noticias más recientes del invierno déjame te las digo— ¡lo militar es el  nuevo negro!

Si usas el negro con todo, pues ahora también con lo militar. Así que  ya sea chaquetas, pantalones o blusas, ¡con este estampado no te puedes equivocar!

Dale una oportunidad y prepárate para entrar al campo de batalla.

¿Eres suficientemente salvaje para esta temporada?

Saira 4 129x300 The new black picture4 164x300 The new black

Saira 6 300x212 The new black

Fotos por:/ Photos by: XiomaraDenisse Photography

(Puedes encontrar de este tipo de chaquetas en la Pulga de Alamo o en la intersección de las calles Jackson Y Dicker en la ciudad de Hidalgo, regularmente hay un señor que las vente allí./ You can find this style of jackets at the Alamo Flea market or on the intersection of Jackson street and Dicker in Hidalgo, there’s usually a man who sales them there)


IMAG2584 169x300 The new black IMAG2585 169x300 The new black

Yessy Flores

Chaqueta/ Jacket: Rockstar Vintage

“I stayed with a friend and didn’t like how the shirt looked like so I added the jacket. I actually bought it at Rockstar Vintage here close to school. And well the headband, I was a rockstar ballerina [for Halloween] so that’s why I’m also wearing the flats.”


(Me gusta como Yessy le da un toque especial a su chaqueta al agregarle el look femenino con los mayones floreados, las zapatillas y la diadema de diamantes. Los colores que utilices son muy importantes ya que son los que determinan el estilo que le darás a tu outfit. Si  buscas algo mas girly este es el look adecuado ya que contiene colores tenues y flores. /

I like how Yessy put a special touch to her jacket by giving it a feminine look with her floral leggings, the ballet flats and the diamond headband. The colors that you use are very important since they will determine what style you give to your outfit. If you’re looking for something more girly this is the ideal look since it contains light colors and flowers.)

IMAG1950 146x300 The new blackIMAG1951 169x300 The new black

Chaqueta/ Jacket: Vintage
(Es de un blog pasado/ It is from an previous blog: “Better (super) late than never“)


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Winter is almost here! On December 21st we welcome the beginning of the so called “cold days.” Now the question is…are you ready?

And if by any chance you’re running late on the latest news, let me break it to ya—military is the new black!

If you wear black with everything, now you can with camouflage as well. So whether it is jackets, pants or tops, with this print you can’t go wrong this winter season!

Give it a try and be ready to enter the battle field.

Are you wild enough for this season’s must-have?


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1 Juan/ 1 John 5 :14-15

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Tourney ahead, 

November 15th, 2012

The Broncs (10-18), who have had the best record since the 2007 season, are gearing up for the Great West Conference Tournament Friday and Saturday in Utah.

Head Coach Brian Yale used these last few home practices to fine-tune a few kinks within the team. He believes their side out game hasn’t been as effective as it was earlier in the season.

“We can take care of that first ball on our side and then slow down the other teams on their first ball swings,” Yale said. “We’re willing to rally, we’re capable of rallying, and that’ll keep us in a few more points here and there. It’s a side out game on both sides.”

First, the Broncs will face the GWC No. 2 Utah Valley University on Friday. According to Yale, the Wolverines (16-8, 7-1 GWC) are a big, tall, strong team that like to hit and block.

“If we can get the ball past the block more consistently then we’re going to keep ourselves in the match and have a great opportunity to win,” Yale said. “I think we match up pretty well, we just didn’t play as well as we could the last time we were out there, so we get another shot at that, which is good.”

The first time these two opponents faced off, it was taken to five. Backed up by 406 fans in the bleachers, the Broncs took the first two sets, but ultimately dropped the match 3-2. According to team captain Juri Franzen, the team wants revenge for that night, because they came so close to winning.

“When we play a good team we play really good also. It helps us out and we have just got to keep working hard at practice- keep having the energy we’ve been having this week because we’ve been doing really well,” Franzen said. “If we are all in, on the same page and leave everything on the court, we should come out with the win for sure.”

Although the Broncs are entering the tourney following a loss, libero Franzen is leading the team with recently earned honors and accolades.

The senior broke into the top 10 in career digs (948) and leads the 20+ digs matches with 16. Franzen was also named GWC Defensive Player of the week, Tuesday morning due to her 71 digs in the past three games.

“It was my second time making it so, you know, it’s a good way to end regular conference play you know,” Franzen said. “It keeps me motivated to kick ass.”
Coach Yale believes, had Franzen been here four years instead of two, she could have accomplished even more and build on her record. He understands how vital Franzen has been to the program and is working on finding her replacement.

“She’s done a great job for us in the two years that she’s had, and I’m looking forward to a great weekend for her,” Yale said. “All those individual things are great, but I know she’d love to hang a banner in the gym and get the championship ring and all that, so that’s our goal.”

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