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Valley Bowl comes to UTPA

November 7th, 2013

The cold crisp air gave way as team after team took the field in the 11th annual Valley Bowl Nov. 2, on the fields behind UTPA’s Wellness and Recreational Sports Complex. The Valley Bowl is a Valley-wide flag football competition between area universities.
This year the participating schools were UT-Pan American, UT-Brownsville, South Texas College, Texas Southmost College and Texas State Technical College.
The competition is held at a different location every year and this marked the first time UTPA was given the opportunity to host it.
This gave the UTPA teams a home field advantage. Despite the total of 10 men’s teams and five co-rec teams (co-ed) that participated.
These three UTPA teams, comprised of UTPA students, made it to the Valley Bowl: men’s teams The Really Hot Guys, Nemesis and Gang Green, a co-rec outfit.
These three were chosen to represent UTPA by a ranking system. In order to play, each team had to win their respective school-wide flag football competitions.
Amy Lynn Trevino, a junior who plays for Gang Green, was grateful for the tournament’s move to Edinburg.
“It’s better than going to Brownsville or Laredo,” Trevino said. “It’s pretty cool and everyone is competitive, but the sportsmanship is there too.”

Despite the fact that schools from all over the Valley were represented, the top spots were earned by the three participating UTPA teams.
First place in the all men’s division went to The Really Hot Guys and second went to Nemesis. The co-rec team, Gang Green won second in their section losing only to UTB, The Hustlers.
Now the UTPA teams are allowed to compete at the regional level and have the possibility to move on to nationals at the University of West Florida on Jan. 3-5, 2014.
One of the University teams, The Really Hot Guys, aka Team Slow goes all over Texas to compete, explained Fernie Salinas, a sophomore at UTPA and a three-year flag football veteran of a team that’s played together for about six years.
“We travel on a select team outside school,” Salinas said. “We have a pretty good sponsorship and we travel to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio (and) Laredo. (We do it because) it’s pretty fun…we all are friends and we just ended up getting good.”
He, and those on teams Nemesis and Gang Green, predicted they would sweep the competition, and they did, ending most of their games by mercy rule. Which is when a sports event is ended early because one team has a presumably insurmountable lead over the other team.
In total, The Really Hot Guys played five games until facing the UTB, the Hustlers, who forfeited the title game due to personal reasons.
“We have a lot of experience and we know how to play with each other (as a team). We just know the game a little better,” Salinas said.
Meanwhile, the Nemesis team has been attempting to make the Valley Bowl for four years, according to captain Robby Nieto, former Donna High School football player.
According to Nieto, UTPA had previously only allowed the top team, usually The Really Hot Guys, to attend the Valley Bowl, but this year UTPA allowed the top two clubs: Nemesis and The Really Hot Guys, to compete. Now that his team has broken through and placed, Nieto looks forward to the future of the intramural sport.
“Only positive benefits can come out of the Valley Bowl,” Nieto said. “We are hoping that a lot more teams come out to represent Pan Am and our league. Ideally, we want it to stay here, ‘cause we are the home team, but as long as we get to represent Pan Am here or anywhere else, we think it’s just going to be beneficial to the University.”

The main prize to the winners of the Bowl, aside from medals and plaques, was a spot in the region VI regionals in Lubbock at Texas Tech University.
In total, there will be 150 teams and 1,800 athletes at the event, which happens Nov. 22-24.
After regionals, 48 teams and 580 athletes will advance and receive an automatic bid to participate in the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association Championship Series National Flag Football Championships at the University of West Florida in Orlando.
With regionals closing in and the three UTPA teams searching for sponsorship to continue their season, Nieto looks back grateful for the competition overall.
“We appreciated the opportunity to play, finally,” Nieto said with a laugh. “You know, we were just looking to represent Pan-Am pretty well.”

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Valley high school qb breaks neck in accident

August 8th, 2013

Photo courtesy of the Pray for Isaiah Facebook page.

By: Marco Torres

Mercedes High School endured a blow when the Tigers quarterback Isaiah Garza suffered multiple neck fractures due to an car accident Aug 8.

He was rushed into surgery after the roll over where doctors confirmed that his fourth, fifth and sixth vertebrae in his neck were broken.

Garza was driving, with Lisa Ramirez in the passenger, seat when the car rolled over on the Vermont Ave. exit of U.S. Highway 83.

Ramirez was placed in ICU but her condition are still unknown. Both Garza and Ramirez were wearing seatbelts, according to Mercedes police.

Mercedes Superintendent Dr. Daniel Trevino, Jr. met with both of the victims’ families, along with the teammates of Garza on Wednesday’s morning practice. According to the Superintendent the team is trying to remain focused on practice.

Late Tuesday night a tweet with the #PrayForIsaiahGarza was sent from Heisman trophy winner and quarterback for the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III.

On Aug. 7 a Facebook page was created by a family member to show support for the students in this accident. Since the page has been up it has already registered over 6800 likes and climbing.

A prayer gathering for both Garza and Ramirez will be held at the Valley Baptist Medical Center Gazebo area at 8:45 p.m. in Harlingen on Wednesday.

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Reward Yourself

May 28th, 2013

It is finally over.  Summer is in full swing. I hope you did awesome in all your classes, and for all who are graduating this semester or in the summer, my best wishes!

After all the brain power that was used and the lack of sleep due to the millions of hours spent studying, I think now is the time to reward yourself. Rest from this stressful week and reward yourself for all your hard work.

Usually I would suggest a cute manicure or pedi, but that is something you could get any other day. So this time around I am suggesting other types of goodies. Below is a little collage I made of all my favorite items this season that I think would be a great way to repay yourself for the numerous hours spent in school.

I mean, getting a cute manicure could really do wonders, but I think it is a lot more thrilling to add new items to your closet and be able to reuse them over and over again. Plus, who doesn’t like new shoes?

So for this term of after-finals-rewards I am suggesting a couple of items that could be of great help during this time of the year. If you notice, there is a similar color scheme that is followed within all the items, and that is because “nude,” “beige” and “coral” are colors that are rather popular this spring and summer season.

Below the collage I have add a brief description of why you should consider getting them or how you could wear them.

I hope you enjoy it.



Reward1 Reward Yourself


1. Machine Leopard Combat Boots

- I am a big fan of this particular animal print, I am crazy in love with leopard. Boots are no longer just for the winter. This time around combat boots are conquering the sunny days, please notice “combat boots” not Uggs. So why not invest in lovely cheetah ones? You can practically wear them with anything, high-waisted denim shorts, black skinnies, or flowy summer dresses. However, I do suggest you keep the same color scheme and that you don’t mix prints.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer: “Dulce de leche”

- OPI is one of the best nail lacquers you could purchase. They might be a bit on the pricey side but the color definition and the strength of the nail polish itself is worth paying. Natural or light colors are best for your nails since the chemicals don’t damage them as much as the darker colors.

3. Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccion

- I am an avid cold coffee drinker and usually get pretty excited when new flavors are added to the Starbucks menu. The “Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frapp” is the newest cold beverage to kick start the summer. I think it’s time for a quick try!

4. Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” moisturizing lip blam

- I actually own this lip balm in this particular color and I love it. If you want to have a natural makeup look or a simple light, splash of color, Maybelline’s Baby Lips is the ideal lip balm. It is light, doesn’t leave weird dry color around the lips, moisturizes and is not expensive, around three to four dollars.

5. BCBG’s Zoey Platform Wedge Sandal

- If you’re not a great high-heels walker, wedges are the easiest heels to wear. They are easy to walk in and friendly on the feet because the wedge and platform help balance the foot. For colors, nude is the new black – elegant and wearable with anything. As a matter of fact if you’re on the petite side nude shoes help your legs appear longer.

6. Asos Nude Round Sunglasses

- Round sunnies are “thee thang” this summer. Whether they are a small frame or a larger one, this season you cannot go wrong with cat-eyed or round sunglasses. Want more? Check out my blog on “Round Sunnies and Eyewear.”

1 Corintios/ 1 Corinthians 15:58

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It’s over…officially.

December 20th, 2012

¡Estamos oficialmente libres!

Este semestre ha llegado a su conclusión, y créeme que estoy realmente agradecía. ¡Gracia Dios, eres maravilloso! No se tu,  pero para mí este semestre estuvo muy pesado. Pase por muchas experiencias nuevas en lo académico, mi carrera, personal y hasta emocional.

Sin embargo, me halago en contarte que gracias a Dios terminé el semestre con honores. ¡Vaya que valió la pena el esfuerzo! Ahora me toca recuperar las miles de horas que me faltan por dormir (y algunas otras cositas más).

Y aun si este semestre no fue tu mejor, ¡ya termino! ¡Así que a celebrar sea dicho!

¿Y tú, Cómo te premiarás?

Si te faltan ideítas, déjame te regalo algunas de las mías.


(*Ojo, estas fotitos son de cómo YO me premié por mi gran esfuerzo y mis buenas calificaciónes. Todas los fotos son de mi Instagram: @sairatrev./ Note, these pics are how I rewarded myself for my great effort and my good grades. All of the pictures are from my Instagram: @sairatrev.)

2012 12 18 01 11 59 11 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Un manicure siempre es necesario/ A manicure is always necessary
(A mi gusta ir a un salón que se llama “D Nails & Spa” porque aparte de hacer un muy buen trabajo, tienen buen servicio./I like to go to a salon named “D Nails & Spa” because aside from doing a really good job, they also provide a great service.)


IMG 20121201 154515 300x300 It’s over…officially.IMG 20121012 004258 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Un Cafecito-date (una cita de café ) o una visitadita para un tapioca/ A coffee-date or a visit for a tapioca
(¡Uff! Si no has probado el “Caramel Macchiato” no sabes de lo que te pierdes. Lo tienes que comprar YA./ Uff! If you haven’t tried the “Caramel Macchiato” you have no idea what you’re missing on! You have to buy one NOW.)


IMG 20121217 171530 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Cómprate tus bebidas favoritas/ Buy yourself your favorite beverage
(Soy una abuelita total y el café me hace feliz.  ¡Si soy adicta a la cafeína y que!/ I am a total grandma and coffee makes me happy. Yes I’m a caffeine addict, so what!)


IMG 20121217 171353 300x300 It’s over…officially.IMG 20121214 155713 300x300 It’s over…officially.

Y lo más importante: ¡ZAPATOS NUEVOS!/ And the most important: NEW SHOES!
(Y obviamente que esto no faltaría, déjame  recordarte que no hay tal cosa como “ya tienes muchos zapatos.”/And obviously these couldn’t  be forgotten, and let me remind you that there’s no such thing as “you have too many shoes.”)

We are officially free!

This semester has come to a conclusion, and believe me I am truly thankful for it. Thank you Lord, you are marvelous! I don’t know about you, but this semester was very challenging for me. I went through many new experiences in my academics, career, personal and even emotional.

However, it makes me proud to share with you that I was able to end the semester with honors, thank God. All of my effort paid off! Now, it is time to recover the millions of hours I lack of sleep (and a few other things).

And even if this semester was not your best, it’s over! So it’s time to celebrate!

How will you reward yourself?

If you need ideas, let me give you some of mine.


Galatians/Gálatas 5: 22- 23

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Scarf it up!

November 24th, 2012

¡Feliz día de acción de gracias (pasadas)!

¡Espero que hayas comido mucho, mucho y que hayas dado gracias por todas tus bendiciones!

2012 11 22 18 39 11 298x300 Scarf it up!

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I hope you ate tons and that you gave thanks for all your blessings!


Tal parece que la Madre Naturaleza y el frio están jugando a las escondidas con nosotros. Lo siento  por  las personas, como yo, que todos los días oran por frio y no logramos encontrar su escondite.


Pero bueno, mientras el clima del Valle se trata de actualizar con el resto de Estados Unidos y decide regalarnos un poco de descanso del calor, yo te daré unas cuantas ideas para estar a doc a este clima bipolar.

También tuve la oportunidad de participar en un video de cómo hacer tu propia bufanda—¡y debo admitir que ha quedado muy padre! Muchas gracias a Elizabeth Marie Espinosa y a Dimitra Hernandez.

Recuerda, !al mal tiempo buena cara (y ropa jeje)!

P.D. Durante estos tiempos nunca te equivocarás con una bufando o pañoleta.

Do It Yourself: Scarf Edition


IMAG2650 146x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2651 146x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2652 149x300 Scarf it up!

Bridget Osuna

“I felt a little sick today and wanted to be warm and cozy. And the scarf, well, I wanted my dreadlocks out of my face. I like it because it’s a different style.”

IMAG2571 146x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2572 146x300 Scarf it up!

Mandy De la Fuente

“I am actually the model for my painting class right now and I really put thought into this. I wanted something different, so I pinned my skirt. The scarf, well, I just thought it was interesting to wear it that way.”

IMAG2568 140x300 Scarf it up!IMAG2569 1 245x300 Scarf it up!

Cindy Gomez

“I actually saw a girl here at the Annex wearing a scarf around her head and I thought it looked interesting. I tried it, but I didn’t dare to wear it like that, so I tried different ways and like how it looked around my shoulders, so I wore it that way.”


It seems like Mother Nature and the cold weather are playing hide-and-seek with us. I really am sorry for all the individuals, like myself, who pray every day for cold days and can never seem to find its hiding place.


And while the Valley weather tries to actualize itself with the rest of the US and gifts us with a break from hot temperatures, I will give you a few ideas on how to be ready for this bipolar climate.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a do-it-yourself video on how to make your own scarf. And if I must admit it, it came out really cool! I’d like to thank to Elizabeth Marie Espinosa and Dimitra Hernandez.

Remember, at bad times put your best face forward (and outfits hehe)!

P.S. During these times you can never go wrong with a scarf.


Salmos/Psalms 100: 4-5


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One point away

November 8th, 2012

Bianca Torre doesn’t know how many points she’s racked up in her past three seasons at UTPA, nor does she really care, but tomorrow night the University’s women’s basketball season tips-off and, with it, a new record will most likely
be made.
Eight months ago, as the women’s basketball season was coming close to an end, Bronc basketball fans packed the Field House to see history in the making. Then-junior guard Torre started the game 16 points behind the all-time leading
scorer record.
All Torre wanted to accomplish that February night was to beat Utah Valley, who had proceeded to talk smack about the Broncs since they last beat the Broncs 66-51 on the road.
After forcing the game into overtime and coming within one point of breaking the 9-year-old record, it seemed the audience would get their wish.
Just as Torre stole the ball from UVU and exploded across the court to complete a routine jump shot, she crashed to the floor. Although her teammates secured a win against the Wolverines (71-70 in overtime), Torre was unable to return to the game and had to sit out the rest of the season.
“My hamstring had been bugging me and I remember (Coach Downing) called a timeout and I didn’t even go to the huddle, I went to the trainer, and they stretched me out,” Torre explains. “I went back in and, a couple of seconds later, that’s when I got the steal and I was dribbling down and just did a jump shot and it gave out. Something just didn’t feel right.”
Although Torre ended the season three games earlier than planned, and one point shy, due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament, ACL, she has undergone surgery and extensive therapy and is determined to leave it all out on the court her senior season. The Broncs start the season on the road to play UTSA, and should be the game where Torre shatters the record.
The Harlingen native, who has been playing basketball since the second grade, remembers watching her brothers Michael and Albert play hoops with his friends across the street and wanted to join in, but they would brush her off.
“I always wanted to play (with them), but they always told me that I was a girl and couldn’t play,” Torre recalls. “So I wanted to prove them wrong.”
The Bronc guard took it upon herself to seek help. A family friend, Frank Hernandez, who played basketball in high school and lived across the street from Torre, agreed to coach the 7 year old so she could play with
the boys.
Torre would get up early in the morning and wake up Hernandez so they could practice and after school they’d go back at it, attacking the court.
Once in middle school and high school, Torre participated in other sports, like softball, volleyball and track, but basketball was still her passion.
Even though Torre’s mother never played any sports and money was tight at times, she registered Torre at The Boys and Girls Club and both her parents made sure to attend as many games as they could.
“Basketball was always different. I had a different feel for it,” Torre explains. “It just made me feel complete. I’m alive playing, nothing matters.”
Torre’s skills on the court drew the attention of South Alabama University, but something about living in the Valley always made her want to go to UTPA. After being rudely told by other high school coaches that the University’s basketball program wasn’t up to par, she decided she wanted to once again prove the naysayers wrong.
And that she has. Besides her assault on the record books, the program is on their winningest stretch of three years.
“I just want to be an inspiration, help people out. Especially, being from the Valley, they probably think that they can’t do things,” said the 5-foot-5 guard. “Like sports-wise too, because of their height or something. I just want to be an example that, whatever you want to be, you
can achieve it.”
BiancaTorre 283x300 One point away

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Mourning a legend

October 25th, 2012

Sam Williams, pioneer of collegiate basketball in the late 1950s, the “Father of Broncs Basketball,” UTPA Hall of Famer and men’s basketball head coach emeritus, passed away Monday due to natural causes. He was 88.
“Williams was at the forefront of integration and presided over the most successful period of Broncs men’s basketball so certainly he’s meant a lot to the program. He also gave the community a team to rally behind,” Athletic Director Chris King said. “It is important to remember that Williams also taught for more than 30 years at Pan Am, so between his former players and students, there are countless people in the Rio Grande Valley today who were touched by Williams.”
Williams’ best-known legacy is that of his team winning the NAIA National Championship in 1963, drawing attention to Pan American College. He was also awarded the NAIA National Coach of the Year award. The next year the Broncs played their way to the title game before losing, their third post-season appearance in a row.
The Field House center court was rededicated in Williams’ honor and he was named head coach emeritus, Nov. 20, 2010. Williams and UTPA Hall of Famer Al Ogletree are the only two coaches in school history to earn that exalted status.
“Sam Williams is one of the greatest coaches that ever worked at this institution. He’s the Father of Bronc Basketball,” King said. “He helped to lay the foundation that got this program to the NCAA Division I level and allowed us to expand to where we are today.”

Williams’ players always saw their coach, who guided Pan American from 1959-1973, as a father figure, the one to go to when they had problems on and off the court. He was respected by all.
“He was always there when you needed him, whether it be just a little bit of help with your studies or just with your family,” said Jim Board, who played for Williams in the mid-1960s.  “He was always a big help. He helped my wife get a job.”
Board, who graduated from Pan American College in 1965 and was part of the ’64 title game finalist, credits his late coach for helping him finishing his college education at Pan American after Board decided to leave St. Edward’s University.
Williams brought players from all over the nation, hailing from New York, Indiana and from different parts of Texas, such as Houston.
“He just put it all together. Everyone bought into his program,” Board said. “That made a bunch of guys just play together.”
According to Board, Williams was ahead of his time. The UTPA Hall of Famer was one of the first coaches to integrate his team, welcoming black players onto the court in the late 1950s. Board recalls making a trip to Dallas with the team and not being allowed in restaurants because of the black players.
“It just seemed like he did the right thing all the time,” Board said. “I’m sure there were some mistakes that he and everybody makes in their lifetime, but he put everything together.”

Memorial services for Sam Williams will be held Oct. 26 and 27. Friday’s gathering will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Kreidler Funeral Home, located at 314 N. 10th St. in McAllen. The memorial service will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. also at Kreidler Funeral Home.
UTPA Athletics will host a special celebration in Williams’ honor during homecoming at the Field House Feb. 16, 2013.
In lieu of flowers, Williams’ family is asking that donations  be made to the Sam Williams Endowed Scholarship fund. Interested parties should make the check out to the UTPA Foundation, with “Sam Williams Endowed Scholarship” in the memo and send it to UTPA Athletics at 1201 W. University Dr. in Edinburg, 78539.

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Update on UTPA student kidnapping

October 11th, 2012

Photo courtesy of UTPA Public Affairs

The University Police Department and local FBI officials arrested Miguel Angel Navarro Tuesday afternoon for the alleged kidnapping of the UTPA student from a parking lot Sept. 25.

The 35-year-old appeared before a judge in the Edinburg Municipal Court and was charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping and has his bond set at $500,000, according to The Monitor.

He was “picked up” Tuesday afternoon at a McAllen business, according to the news release.

The student, a female whose name was withheld by officials for her protection, was forced into a vehicle in Lot T-2 Sept. 25, with one of the three suspects allegedly covering her mouth with his hand according to student witnesses.

The UTPA police officials believe Navarro and the other two men kidnapped the student for ransom and according to the news release, the suspects released the student two days later without pay. The case is still under investigation.

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All over the road and to the Valley

October 11th, 2012

Smoke drifted through the air as people clamored toward the stage at the McAllen Convention Center Oct. 7, wide-eyed with excitement in anticipation of Easton Corbin. Joe (JoJo) Cerda and The Patchman, local radio hosts for 100.3 KTEX-FM, were ready to present the artist everyone had been waiting for.

Corbin’s performance was in celebration of South Texas Country’s 30th Anniversary Concert Series during the Palmfest Festival.

Opening act Roger Creager, an award-winning Texas country singer and songwriter, wrapped up his performance. With booming applause and high-pitched screams from the audience, Corbin ran on stage, smiling broadly, guitar in hand. He kicked off the night with his new song “All Over the Road.”

Born in Trenton City, Fla., Corbin made his appearance in the country genre with the release of his self-titled album in March 2010. His first single, “A Little More Country Than That,” reached No. 1 on country music charts a month later, making him the first male solo artist to get a debut single to number one in seven years.

To promote his album, Corbin began touring May 2010 as an opening act for Brad Paisley’s H2O World tour. The album sold 43,000 copies in its first week of release, making it the highest first-week sales for the label, Mercury Nashville, in seven years.

On Sept. 18, Corbin debuted his sophomore album, All Over the Road, with his first single, “Lovin’ You Is Fun,” hitting the top ten on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart.

Corbin walked across the stage, reaching out towards the crowd to shake the audience hands or lean his foot against an amplifier and aim his microphone towards them so they could sing the chorus of his songs. It was one of the things Corbin enjoyed about performing.

“I love, I think it’s one of my most favorite parts of this business, the live audience,” Corbin said. “You get to see you’re making people happy all the time. That’s one of the most important things, I think, especially if you’re a singer.”

Corbin is no stranger to the Valley. He has performed at the Pharr Convention Center and State Farm Arena in the past two years-plus.

“I have a really good time down here,” he said. “You know, everybody is so nice to us down here and they love country music. It’s important. Especially since it’s what I do and people are so passionate about it.”

Corbin was dressed in a blue V-neck shirt, jeans, boots and donning an orange baseball cap with the word Florida stitched onto it. With a water bottle in hand, he waited with relaxation to take the Sunday stage, inside his tour bus at the McAllen Convention Center.

Corbin leaned back on a sofa, arms stretched out and one leg crossed over a knee, remembering what influenced him to sing country.

“I’ve loved country music all my life,” the 30-year-old stated. “My grandparents loved older country music and that’s how I grew up.”

His grandparents introduced him to the music by showing him country music-themed television programs such as Hee Haw, an American TV comedy from the 1970s and 1980s that featured country music.

Influenced by country legends such as Merle Haggard, George Jones and Keith Whitley, Corbin believed that his contribution to the business involves a more traditional style. Traditional country music has its roots deeply placed in rural America, containing a mixture of folk and blues. Though often inspired by heartbreak, traditional country artists like Johnny Cash would also sing of loss, drinking, cheating and loneliness.

“It’s what I do and there’s not a whole lot of that out there,” Corbin said. “Everybody has their own style of different music they do. Everybody does contribute something.”

The speakers vibrated as the crowd cheered Corbin on by singing along, nearly competing with his voice. Freshman Daniela Covian, a mass communication major at the University, said she felt lucky to see Corbin up close.

“For me, it was my first country concert and I was right in the front towards the middle and it was a perfect view,” the 18-year-old from Austin said. “My favorite part was when he sang songs from his new album. I liked ‘Roll With It’ and ‘Lovin’ You Is Fun.’ It was a really good concert.”

Corbin described his preparation of his own mix of religion and musical influences before tackling the stage.

“I definitely pray. Me and my band members will get together and we’ll go over what we will do for the night,” he said. “Sometimes I’ll listen to older country music and it kind of gets me in the mood, kind of powers me up a bit.”

As Corbin readied himself for fans, he explained the meaning his songs carried and why his fans listened to them.

“The message that I think is the most important is about being real, being authentic and sincere in what you do,” Corbin said. “The reason I make this music is because I love it. The songs I record are ones that I can relate to. My fans can also relate to them as well.”

Kathryn Hinojosa, a senior general rehabilitation services major, recalled the experience. She liked when Corbin sang “Hearts Drawn in the Sand,” a song about a young couple having a summer fling, because she believed it is a song that is relatable for college students in general.

“He outshined the other country singer concerts because his interaction with the audience was more personal,” the 21-year-old said. “His performance was breathtaking.”
Easton Corbin 2 300x224 All over the road and to the Valley

Photo by Lea Victoria Juarez

Screen Shot 2012 10 11 at 3.41.16 AM 300x127 All over the road and to the Valley Screen Shot 2012 10 11 at 3.41.05 AM 300x274 All over the road and to the Valley

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For the Artsy Type (2)

October 6th, 2012

! La segunda parte de “For the Artsy Type” comienza!

Cuando tuve la oportunidad de ir de vacaciones a Europa quede completa y totalmente enamorada de una moda en particular—los Harem pants.

Por un tiempo los veíamos por todos lados y literal en cada esquina alguien los tenía que tener puestos.

Aparte de ser súper cómodos y fashion, tengo el presentimiento que los veremos de nuevo más seguido. De Psy los uso durante una de sus conferencias de presa y  claro que obviamente gracias a MC Hammer.

Y como el blog pasado fue de arte, ahora digo que tu deberías de ser una pieza de arte andando con pantalones Hermes o Parachute.


IMAG2231 1 190x300 For the Artsy Type (2) IMAG0008 164x300 For the Artsy Type (2) IMAG0009 177x300 For the Artsy Type (2)
Pantalones negros/ Black pants: Warehouse503 (old) Pantalones grises/ Grey pants: H&m (old)
Unos similares/ Similar ones: Forever 21Asos, Romwe


IMAG2168 167x300 For the Artsy Type (2) IMAG2166 153x300 For the Artsy Type (2)
Xiomara Anzaldua
“When are we going thrifting again? Vintage shopping relaxes me.”
Pantalones/Pants: Forever21


IMAG2237 151x300 For the Artsy Type (2)
Griselda Muñoz
“Horita una chavo grandotote y gordotote me dijo que si quería ser famosa que porque él conoce a gente en Los Ángeles.”
Pantalones/ Pants: Target


IMAG2320 169x300 For the Artsy Type (2)
Jose Treviño
“Dude but they’re torn…”
Pantalones/ Pants: H&M (old)


The second part of “Fort the Artsy Type” is starting!

When I had the opportunity to go on vacations to Europe I completely and totally fell in love with a particular style—the Harem Pants.

For a while we would see them everywhere and literally on every corner someone had to be wearing them.

Aside of them being super comfortable and fashiony, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing them more often. As a matter of fact Psy wore them to a recent press conference, and ofcourse, obviously thanks to MC Hammer.

And since the last blog was about art, now I say that you should be your own master piece with a pair of Hermes of Parachute pants.


7295571 300x193 For the Artsy Type (2)72960553 300x193 For the Artsy Type (2)


*Si es que no te atreves o no sabes cómo los podrías usar, aquí te va–espero que esto te ayuden:/ If you don’t dare or don’t know how to wear them, well here you go–I hope this helps:

  • Escoge la tela correcta/ Select the right fabric
  • Aprende que corte va mejor con tu cuerpo/ Know what finish goes best with your body
  • Mantén tu outfit simple/ Maintain your outfit simple
  • Las blusas se ven mejor fajadas/ Tops look better tucked in
  • Los accesorios te ayudara a que se vea mas femenino/ Accessories will help it look more feminine
  • Los cintos y los Harems son mejores amigos/ Belts and Harems are bestfriends
  • ¡Tacones!/ Heels!



Salmos/Psalms 32:8

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