Fundamental Rules for Composing an Anthropology Essay Conclusion

There is no great paper without an equally great conclusion. In order to know how to write a great conclusion for your research work, you need to understand its purpose. The conclusion serves the purpose of restating your main argument. It should remind the essay reader of the strength of your main argument. In other words, the conclusion should reiterate the greatest evidence which supports the main argument of your paper. However, in writing the conclusion you need to ensure it is not just a mere repetitive summary of the paper.
A well written conclusion provides forum in which the author succinctly and persuasively restates the thesis, now that the reader has been presented with the necessary information about the topic. In anthropology, in your concluding paragraph you may also include a brief reflection of the evidence you have presented. Also included in some anthropology concluding paragraphs is the essay’s thesis.
The extent and nature of reflection in your concluding paragraph depends on the topic you have chosen, but in general questions which you may have to consider including the following

  1. What exactly is the significance of the findings in your anthropology paper?
  2. How does your conclusion impact on your topic and for the wide anthropology field?
  3. Do you identify any limitations to the approach you have chosen?
  4. What are some of the other factors which have impact on your anthropology topic, but which are not within the scope of your paper?
  5. What suggestions can you make for future research on your topic?

It must match the introduction:
Your anthropology conclusion should match the argument put forward and the ideas presented in your introduction. In some instances, you may discover that the writing process ends up changing your arguments and thus you will have to revisit the introduction and edit it by rewording or getting rid of some ideas completely.
Do not introduce new ideas in conclusion:
Avoid introducing new ideas or information in the conclusion. These should be introduced in the body and discussed there. Thus, the conclusion should sum up what is in your anthropology paper.