Picking Up Strong Essay Topics On The Effects Of Social Media

Looking for a strong essay topic on the effects of social media? Tired of researching and writing about topics that have been overly discussed to the point of absolute boredom? We have got several great ideas written by academic experts who scour the latest news for updated topics. Use these eight topics or buy essay online for inspiration to develop your own or to use as they are for your assignment on this interesting subject:

  1. Explore and describe how social network sites and apps have impacted the way young people communicate. Do you think social networks make people more or less social? What should adults do about the way young people spend their time on social media?
  2. What are the negative effects of social media sites for students who visit them during school hours? Should schools take a more active approach in banning the use of social media at school (e.g., monitor students’ behaviors on these sites) or is this largely a private parental issue?
  3. What positive or negative effects do social network sites have on families? Are families generally closer or more distant as a result of these sites? Do you think parents should ban the use of these sites for children of a certain age?
  4. Has social media led to more community-led law enforcement? For instance, are people more active in providing police with information that could lead to the identification and capture of crime suspects because of ease in which it can be done online?
  5. How has social media changed the way major networks report on the news? Have they adapted their own communication efforts in response to more and more people utilizing social media sites for real time information reported from reliable and unreliable sources?
  6. Do social networking sites violate the privacy of people who have material posted about them without permission? Should these sites be held liable or does it fall on the person(s) who shared the material in the first place?
  7. Should students’ academic grades be a factor in whether or not they can open accounts on social media sites? Why wouldn’t social media websites want to participate in such an initiative that ultimately aims at improving students’ educational performance?
  8. In what ways has social media encouraged businesses to exploit or take advantage of consumer’s shopping habits? Is it okay for businesses to target consumers based on the information found on private profiles?