Experts Guide To Selecting Impressive Anthropology Essay Topics

It is the interest and dream of every student to write an A grade paper to present to their supervisor. There can be no great essay without a good topic. Therefore, to write a good research paper, you must first develop a great topic. According to experts, if you choose the right topic, you will have solved half of your writing problem.

The following is a brief guide to selecting impressive anthropology heading for your paper.

  • Avoid the common and general topics:
    There are many topic ideas online. If you pick anything you come across, then chances are that it is the same idea that the other researcher will find and write, and you may end up writing similar papers.
  • Avoid the temptation of rewriting online content:
    If you want to get value from your paper and present unique and interesting ideas, avoid rewriting the content you find online. You may get information online and in authoritative anthropology books but do not take someone’s idea and present it as your own. Worst, do not rewrite the work of another person. Although online plagiarism checkers may not detect plagiarism of ideas, your supervisor will find not the paper interesting if you present something they have heard or read elsewhere. Whenever you use somebody else’s, acknowledge it. In fact, you can come up with great paper by critiquing someone else’s work if your finding disproves their findings.
  • Do not life topics directly from guidebooks:
    An essay guidebook is basically to guide you on how to come up with good topics. Some topics may be suggested but do not copy them. It is important to keep in your mind that other students have access to those guidebooks and thus may end up choosing the same topic to write on. In any scholarly work, there are marks awarded for uniqueness and creativity and you should not lose them on reason that you cannot come up with a good, unique and interesting topic when there are so many things about anthropology you can write on.
  • Read ‘A’ grade anthropology essays:
    The best papers share the characteristic of having unique topic and are generally interesting and informative. By reading these papers, you can see how their authors came up with something interesting and scooped high grades. Read as many as possible and you will expand your knowledge and ability of coming up with unique topics.

Below are some 10 suggested anthropology topics.

  1. Should transgender be recognized as the third gender?
  2. Evaluation of the importance or role of women at top positions in the corporate world.
  3. The impact of social media on culture change.
  4. Abortion debate vis a vis the roles of gender in our society.
  5. Is terrorism a cultural, religious or politically motivated act?
  6. Racism and how it has shaped world politics.
  7. Gender perception and how it impacts on U.S. elections.
  8. Is illuminati real, and are popular celebrities and powerful global leaders its members as alleged?
  9. An anthropological view the unpopular outcomes Brexit and Election of Trump As U.S. President.
  10. The changing perception of gays and lesbians across the world – is it a culture change?