8 Inspiring Ideas For Writing An Essay About Gender Roles In Society

If you want to get an interesting essay about gender roles in the society, you may wonder how you can come up with interesting topics. There are many interesting things you can write on in the topic of gender roles in our society. Here are some 8 interesting ideas –

  1. Visit Gender Affirmative Action Websites And Get The Real Statistics Of Gender Inequality.
  2. What is the state of gender inequality in your state? What is the level of affirmative action in the society? Are women represented in the levels of government? Why is it that most of the elected people are men? By the time you get answers to these questions in these sites you will have found so much to write in your paper on gender inequality.

  3. Think About How The Differences Between Males And Females Affect Their Ability To Perform Various Roles.
  4. Gender roles in the society are primarily due the physical, emotional, structural and psychological differences between men and women. These differences make some members of one gender more suitable to some roles than members of the other gender.

  5. Think Of The Exclusive Roles Of Your Mom And Dad In The Family.
  6. In every family, the dad is considered the breadwinner while the mom is more concerned with household chores. The father leads a relatively busy life fending for the family while mom takes care of the family. This is the classic example of gender roles in the society because the roles the father and mother play in the families seem predetermined by nature.

  7. Think Of How Your Gender Puts You In Advantageous Or Disadvantageous Position In The Society.
  8. If you are a male or female, do you have the feeling that it puts you at advantage or disadvantage? While men are accepted in physical activities such as military, women are more accepted in some jobs such as nursing and counselling.

  9. Think Of Why Women And Girl Child Are Considered Disadvantaged And Marginalized Groups In The Society.
  10. In most societies, women are considered disadvantaged or marginalized group hence the clamor for affirmative action. Could it be that the status of female gender in the society does not prepare or prepares them for some roles? Similarly, could it be that the status of male gender in the society does not prepare or prepares them for some roles?

  11. Think About This; Are Women And Men Equal?
  12. Are men and women equal? Why is that men perform better in some tasks than women? Why is that women perform better in some roles than men? Are some genders naturally prepared to take on inferior or superior roles in the society? From this, you can come up with amazing topic on gender roles in the society.

  13. Think Of Men and Women Leadership
  14. These days, we have women heads of state and presidents, CEOs of multinational companies, female pilots, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc., but still men take the lion’s share of the positions. What could be the reason for this? Discuss it in your dissertation on gender roles in the society.

  15. Read Gender Books Far and Wide
  16. As a researcher, you want to come up with unique ideas but it is important to read other books about gender roles in the society and expand your knowledge on the subject. More knowledge will make it easy to generate more and better ideas about this topic.

The above 8 ideas are just some of the many things you can think of in the society and come up with interesting topic on the gender roles in the society.