Choosing Winning Middle School Essay Topics about Social Problems Among Youth

Writing a middle school essay can seem quite challenging at first, since it is often among students’ first attempts at academic composition. More often than not students are given an assignment prompt with several topics, yet there are times when they are encouraged and given the freedom to develop their own. We know this can be tough, so we’ve collected these winning topics written by professionals:

  1. What are some of the major social problems faced by America’s youth in today’s world? How is this different from what occurred a decade ago?
  2. Should parents take a greater role in preparing their children for the sort of social challenges they will face upon entering their early teenage years?
  3. Should middle schools be held responsible for issues such as bullying? Or is this largely an issue that should be left for parents to handle privately?
  4. How can parents protect their teenagers from some of the social pressures they might encounter from the use of social media sites or applications?
  5. What defines the term “social problems” as it applies today? Has the public opinion – particularly that of youth – changed over the course of the last 25 years?
  6. How does youth living in different socio-economic areas respond differently to social problems? What are the biggest problems found in different areas?
  7. How are male victims of sexual abuse viewed and treated differently from society? What should be done about bringing greater awareness about this kind of abuse?
  8. What are the biggest challenges for youths who have been transferred between foster homes and communities? Are social workers doing enough?
  9. Are high school counselors given the appropriate amount of resources to provide their middle school students with the proper services?
  10. How are schools handling the increased number of school shootings? Do you think there should be more attention paid to counseling or the protection of a school’s population?

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