Simple Guide To Crafting A College Essay On Technology And Society

Are you new to the college essay game and want to start with an essay on the relationship between technology and society? First of all, congratulations on being new to the college essay game, and second of all, know now that your first choice of college essay topic puts you in a very select and specific group of people. Second of all, realize that there are a few pitfalls and hoops you need to jump through on both levels of this specificity. Here are two tips on writing college essays, and two tips on writing on technology and society, that you should follow to receive the best grade possible.

  1. Your thesis needs to be arguable, but not obvious.
  2. No matter what your topic is, you need to stay in the debated grey area of study. It is a misconception that arguing for something that might be wrong gives you less security as an author. In reality, the contested areas of your subject are so because the argument about it is ongoing, and now you are a contributor. If you have an inkling of a feeling that your professor may feel strongly one way or another, though, you might want to consider arguing for his side if you aren’t perfectly sure which side you identify with yourself.

  3. Your organization needs to be on point.
  4. The best thing you can do when writing the first draft of your essay is to create the paragraphs as little encapsulated bits of information that would work both in the grander scheme of your paper and on their own at displaying the data that you are trying to get across. This way, once you are done with your first draft, you can reread and re-decide which paragraphs should go where in order to create the most educating and argumentative experience for your reader. This displays preplanning and higher-level organization on the part of you, the author.

  5. When it comes to technology and society, stay objective.
  6. In 1986, you might have gotten away with a damning and fear mongering paper about how kids back in the day used to play outdoors instead of play on their iPads all day long, but this is no longer the case. With this technology comes increased educational and social networking opportunities that are no longer seen as a necessarily harmful, guilty-pleasure kind of phenomenon by the masses. That being said, you should also not glorify current technology as the harbinger of all the good in the world. Stay objective, and reason and logic will follow.

  7. That isn’t to say that the glory and amen of academia doesn’t have a place.
  8. If, in your point of view, there is an ultimate singularity towards which modern technology is reaching, then you should be sure to make it an integral part of your argument.