Helpful Guide To Creating A Good Essay Introduction About Effects Of Technology

Any introduction need to be based on self-researched ideas, information, arguments, and concepts. This must be acknowledged through references but you don’t have to copy other people’s work.

  • Significance of an introduction
    An introduction prepares the readers on what the written work presents. You need to remain focused on your topic about effects of technology and keep it simple. Background information need not be extensive but it should concentrate on the relevant issues about technology.
  • Contents of an introduction
    There is no silver bullet to writing an introduction and one formula could lead distorted introductions. Whatever method is used, an introduction should not lack an opening statement or question, supporting statement, and a thesis statement. But generally, this is what you should include:
    1. Introduce technology and state its importance: the opening remarks must capture the reader’s attention. In other words, the first statement or question acts as a hook.
    2. Write a supporting statement that links the opening remarks to the thesis if the essay. A thesis statement explains the main objective of the paper.
    3. Define complex terminologies and concepts of technology so that readers don’t get confused on certain terms.
    4. Highlight the main impacts of technology and explain how to tackle them.
  • The length of an introduction
    The length of an introduction has no hard or fast rules but generally, it should take 5 to 10 percent of the entire essay. Details to be included depend on the word limits of the essay. Shorter essays should contain concise points.
  • Example of introduction on effects of technology
    Technology influences the world in a major way. It is a paramount aspect of life as it comes with countless merits. This agency has positive impacts on areas such as transportation, education, medicine, and entertainment. Most people think of positive impacts when we talk of technology is concerned but as far as the laws of nature are concerned, everything has a negative and positive side. In as much as technology is crucial for human, it also presents some drawbacks. For instance, it brings convenience in our day-to-day lives but encourages sedentary lifestyles which cause obesity.

An introduction on effects of technology explains the subject matter of the whole essay and its development. It can be as simple as two sentences or as long as the given example.