Simple Directions For Crafting A Great Persuasive Essay On Social Media

Persuasive essays (also known as argumentative essays) are among the more common types of writing assignments you will see. To write a great persuasive paper on the subject of social media you will need to take a firm stance on an issue and gather great pieces of evidence in support. The following are some simple directions for crafting a great assignment:

  • Choose a Good Social Media Topic
  • The first step in writing a good persuasive paper on social media is to choose a good topic. A good topic should be interesting and original. It should be something you are already familiar with while exploring some new issue that poses a challenge for you and informs the reader on a new area.

  • Conduct Background and In-Depth Research
  • You should always do at least two levels of research: background and in-depth. The former can be done simply by looking up current information online. The latter should be done at the library where you have access to government and academic resources.

  • Draft a Thesis Statement and Outline
  • Gather your notes and develop a good thesis statement draft. Your thesis should be a clear and direct sentence stating exactly what you will be arguing for in the assignment. Organize your main discussion points and supporting evidence in an outline to use during the composition of each draft.

  • Write the First Draft Quickly and Efficiently
  • When you write the first draft try to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your aim isn’t to get the words down perfectly at this point, but to get your ideas down as fluidly as they show up in your mind. Refer to your outline frequently to stay on track.

  • Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Paper
  • Set your paper aside for a couple days before you start making your revisions. This way you will be plenty rested and focused when you rethink the strength and logic of your argument. Next, edit for language, ensuring to use clear and direct sentences, phrases, and word choice. Finally, proofread the entire paper carefully, to make sure there are no mistakes in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.