A List Of Interesting Topic Ideas For A High School Essay On Social Media

Writing a high school essay on the subject of social media becomes a much easier task when one has a great topic idea with which to work. Some instructors will provide their classes with a dozen or so options when their students can’t come up with ideas of their own. But if you want to go outside the box and write on something really interesting, consider these topic ideas from professionals:

  1. What kind of impact has social media have on the way people receive their news (political, local, entertainment, etc.)? Do traditional news outlets change their reporting based off of this new media platform?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages for businesses using social media as a primary way of connecting with customers? Can businesses establish personal connections with short pieces of writing as is the standard practice?
  3. Many research studies suggest that social media have already negatively impacted and will continue to negatively impact the way young people read and write. Do social media companies have a responsibility to change their formats to encourage better writing?
  4. Does the use of social media in business give more advantages to small or large entities? Should smaller businesses make social media strategies a larger priority in their initial startup investment and how much should they devote?
  5. Will social media continue to preferred method of communication by future generations? If not, what do you think will be the next way to spread ideas and can companies capitalize on it before their competition does?
  6. How has the use of social media given consumers more options when it comes to writing or making complaints for a company’s poor service or products? How have companies in turn responded to this new method of consumer commenting?
  7. What social media platforms are set up to provide more instantaneous emergency information? Do you think all social media platforms should coordinate some method for disseminating information that would be useful for citizens?
  8. What are the main ways social media studies and surveys can be used to measure the way information is shared between individuals? How can politicians capitalize on the information gleaned from these measurements to run campaigns?
  9. How should entrepreneurs utilize social media tools to establish themselves and their businesses to both investors and potential clients? What are the different messages they would need to send out to each type of recipient?
  10. How are businesses using celebrity endorsements as a means to do more than just raise brand awareness but also to make connections with younger audiences who otherwise would not be interested in specific products or services?