Choosing Strong Illustrative Essay Topics About Social Networking

When it comes to finding essay topics, you can always try out this service to look at sample essays ripe with strong topics and thesis statements. Depending on your major or the subject of your course, there is a menagerie of very different possible essays about social networking. Social networking is a particularly interesting topic to write on due to its ubiquitous nature in most fields, including computer science and sociology. Here is a short list of six topics you can touch on in your illustrative essay.

  1. Sociologically, what patterns visible in the pre-internet world are made more visible by social media? Does the increasing interconnectedness of the global internet-using population display any social patterns unique to this time period? What precepts of sociology will have to be rewritten for the modern world?
  2. Assuming computing and information/data sharing technologies are still in their infancy, where is social media headed? What can consumers and investors expect of social media in the near future? Towards what singularity, if any, is social media travelling? How can social networking be molded or built upon with recent technological developments in mind?
  3. What untapped business opportunities are present in modern social networking? Analyze software and applications that are already trying to merge social media and the marketplace. Is ad revenue a stable source of income? Will it remain a stable source of income in the coming years?
  4. How does one quality control social media? How much of the social media experience to the consumer is derived from the website or software itself, as opposed to the personal experience of the consumer? By which standards has the quality of social media been defined in the past? In what direction are these standards headed?
  5. How does the success of developer-heavy social media differ from laissez-faire internet networking sources? Which roles do each of these play in the broader internet profile of consumers? Which side of this spectrum is more likely to dominate in the future? Which side is currently able to generate more revenue off its user base?
  6. Is social networking made easier or more difficult to the average worker by way of social media? What responsibilities do potential employees of a company now have due to the internet that were not in play before? What factors is this offset by, and what does this say about the impact of the internet on the business landscape?